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Dolphy Blue Drake

I used to not watch MLP much, but after reading fics on this site, I had to write my own. Today, I'm a passionate fan with few complete fics, but a firm desire to finish all of my fics.


Byetkul. once called Equus in the West, Earth in the East, the name means "World we all share." Humans and ponies live on the same world, with humans having a different brand of magic than ponies. With human magitek, the past evils were all dealt with the first time with Great Machines housing the six Elements: Nightmare Moon was cured, Discord reformed, even the Changelings are a friendly power thanks to human intervention. All but a mythical "Great Nothing" were dealt with in full.

9-year-old Kenny Draper, a human boy from the Hominian Frozen North, is terrible at all magic that isn't Water, but is smart for his age: A total nerd. His life is about to change forever when a tragedy brings about a chance meeting to brighten his life forever.

EDIT 5:20 PM MDT 3/24/2019: Popular box! Not quite Featured yet, but yes! Thank you, everyone who has read so far, and especially those of you who left votes. Thank you all so much!

This is a fic based on a dream I once had and the notes I took on it. I tried my best to iron out as much weirdness as I could and produce a properly-flowing story, since I saw the potential for a great fic in that dream. It may start out seeming like a slice of life fic, but I assure you, that time will pass, and we'll get to the adventure parts. The Self-Insert tag is just there as a precaution, as the dreamer (me) was the main character in the dream, but he has some traits I never did, both in strengths and weaknesses. More character tags will be added when other characters become relevant enough to actually be considered part of the main cast.
Special thanks to my co-author, Theboxcatgamer for assisting with this so much. This wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you so much, man!
Additional thanks to Schattendrache and doomie-22 for the editing, proofreading, and supporting authoring (yes, I just made that term up. No, I'm not getting rid of it) you two have provided thus far. You've also been a big help!

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Thanks, but I can't take all the credit. My team did a really good job at helping give this some nice polish, but on behalf of myself and the team, thank you, so much!

So Kenny goes to comfort a stranger (Twilight), yet does not notice what his little brother Kelvin is likely going through because he doesn't understand much yet at the age of four. Then again, their mom probably will take care of comforting him.

Kenny himself is nine, and Kelvin's a side character who just harassed him in the last chapter, and in Kenny's mind, is the brat who stole Kenny's former position of youngest child. Why would a kid in that situation give a crap about his annoying brother he clearly has a negative relationship with? You're asking too much of a nine-year-old boy.

I suppose you're right. Side characters or no, Kenny's relationship with his family members should not be stifled in future chapters. Even if they are not the focus, they are still important to showcasing Kenny's growth as a character.

I like the concept for this. Here, have a 'stache. :moustache:

Comment posted by Dolphy Blue Drake deleted Mar 27th, 2019

Any scene(s) you liked in particular? I'd really like to hear your thoughts!

9531660 My favorite scene was the part when Kenny tried to help Twilight come to terms with his grandpa's death. At that point, only Applejack and her family know what he's been through and they haven't even met yet.

Glad you liked that part. It was a bit tougher to write than the rest. I cried several times writing Chapter 2, as it reopened the old wound of not being able to say goodbye to my favorite grandfather because even though the circumstances of death were similar (both having a stroke), my grandfather hit his head on a hard floor and died from the combination of stroke and impact. As I mentioned in the Author's Note, this was a bit of wish fulfillment, so I could through Kenny tell grandpa goodbye, which is all I've wanted for over twenty years now. So, I had Luna catch the expy for my grandfather before he could hit the floor, so he could be kept alive long enough to say goodbye.

So, writing Chapter 2 was an emotional roller-coaster for me, and I was tapped by that point. Glad to see it still came out great.

Thanks! Please leave an upvote if you haven't already. You'd like more people to read it if you like it, right?

Anyway, what was your favorite scene so far?

Please make more this is getting good.

I intend to, but I'm running out of spare chapters.

This is awesome. I love this

For the most part. It's just writer's block. I have as full outline, but sometimes, one can still get stuck trying to flesh out that skeleton.

That’s ok, and thank God you came back. I really like this story, and I don’t understand the dislikes.

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