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I used to not watch MLP much, but after reading fics on this site, I had to write my own. Today, I'm a passionate fan with few complete fics, but a firm desire to finish all of my fics.


This story is a sequel to The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: Through the EarthGate

Book 2A: Corporal Zachary Jenkins of the Clerisiac army was captured by Princess Birthright in the battle of New Hoofington, and is now the bratty princess' personal prisoner. The ponies need a Protean test subject to create a ponification potion that can overcome the Proteans' immunity to the original potion, and it looks like they're going to be using Zachary. Can he hold out until he's rescued? Will he even be rescued? Or will he eventually succumb to a successful serum and become the first former Protean newfoal?

And so begins the second installment! This is branch A, with more branches to come in the future. There's now a group for this Saga, and it's right here! Check the forums for information, join if you wish to be alerted whenever a new fic is added to the saga, and if you want in on the project, join and PM me with a request to become a contributor, and I'll gladly promote you to that status!

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On the day of the national forum, even a politician’s voice is no greater than that of a college student working at a burger joint!

Great quote!

The implant was pulled through tissue, then burst through his skull, causing him to lose control over his shapeshifting abilities as his body changed into random shapes and colors as he let out a blood-curdling scream of “AHURA MAZDA! SAVE MEEEEE!”

Ouch. Poor guy.

Comment posted by The REAL Mister Pkmn deleted Dec 23rd, 2015

Dang I was hoping that the proteans would be totally immune to anything the ponies tried. By the way can I ask when Twilight and the others will show up?

6778557 Actually, the writer of Book 2B plans on including Ponyville in the first chapter of their fic. I just need to find some time to go over it, since the writer of that fic has been known to have a sub par writing style when it comes to certain things, and I don't want anything ruined.

Total immunity overridden in matter of days.


6778821 As Frothy himself said, it isn't perfect. It's incomplete. As i wrote, his immunity was no longer "total". I didn't say it was completely gone. The main chemical source of it was countered, but the cells will still fight back on their own. The chemical that is the original source just makes fighting off anything a walk in the park.

We'll there scuwing up :ajbemused:
( PLZ insert dumb fabric calestea joke here plz :scootangel: )

“Ever hear of bacteria, Doc?” Zachary chuckled through the pain as he focused on expanding the cell walls to coat the rebellious cells to isolate them from the influence of the potion. “They’ve got cell walls, just like plants do. Your new brew can get through a cell membrane, but it can’t get through a cell wall, so I converted every cell that hadn’t been affected yet into Protean cells with walls, blocking the potion from doing further damage!”


Why is he retarded? He is supposed to be a superior being...

6803265, I'll chalk that up to his ego and smugness getting the better of him.

Pretty good. It looks like if they break the dark magic that's got Celestia, everything will work out just fine.

6803280 That's exactly what i was going for. You hit the nail right on the head. It is him being smug and stoking his own ego.

It would be an interesting twist if one of these experiments ends up turning the prisoner (forgot his name) into Discord (or a draconequus (don't know how to spell that) with chaos powers) because of genetic material getting mishmashed together which causes different parts of him to change making him the new Discord (I don't know if Discord is dead or not). This could be what allows him to escape (assuming he does escape). Please let me know what you think of this idea.

6803700 That's an interesting idea, but I've already written Chapter 4, and it kind of makes that impossible, sadly. Still quite an interesting idea, though.

6803265 Nobody's perfect, you know. It probably just slipped his mind.

That was smart of him to make them think it worked, cant wait to see what you come up with next:rainbowkiss::heart:

that was funny they were so gulable:rainbowlaugh:

You know... since his last name is Jenkins... think he could be descendent of Leeroy Jenkins? :p Please?

6831891 But there's one problem: Leeroy is such an idiot that I don't think even 6100~ years' worth of generations could dilute his stupidity enough to create someone like Zachary.

6832401 AHAHAHA! Yeah! but hell it'd be funny :p

I just had a thought, is it possible that Sunset Shimmer could play a part in this series? Probably not but it seems to me like she would be the most pro human since she chose to live in the Equestria girls universe which is populated by humans, and I think something interesting could come out of this, again if it's possible to do of course.

It would be interesting if someone could teach that fake alicorn brat a lesson...and it involves a certain sentient Minecraft Orespawn Boss.

6875579 Huh? I play Minecraft, but I still don't get what you mean by "Orespawn boss." However, Minecraft can't be involved in this fic, for this is a Civ fic, not Minecraft. The ending of the saga still hasn't been decided yet, but Birthright will probably be taught a lesson in humility if the series ends with a Protean victory. (And even if they fail, they still could beat the crap out of her first).


I was talking about the FUDGEING King! (Can't swear lol) I was thinking that Mabye the Protens could be like "Hey lets build a huge dragon and throw it at them!" Oh and I was wondering when you can start up the crafters an ponys book again.

6875737 Ah. You mean the Ender Dragon (I think). Well, as for A Tale of Crafters and Ponies, that fic will one day be resumed, but I'm having extreme trouble with the next chapter for it right now. It's going to take quite some time, so you'll have to be patient on that.



That is the king and it has 20 times the health of the Enderdragon.

6875883 Huh. Why have I never heard of this thing before? Well, it still wouldn't fit in this story. Its existence may prove useful for getting my first fic on here back into the swing of things, though. It might help.

I think they would be in some deep crap if someone sent Jaygars at them from Pacific Rim.

6897969 Sorry, but this only uses Civ II: Test of Time Sci-fi tech. Nothing from Pacific Rim. I would appreciate it if people would stop jumping to conclusions and presuming that they can get me to throw in tech from other futuristic games. The answer to all of such requests will always be "no". I'm not throwing in the tech from any other game, and that's final.


*dumps out back back filled with tech from other games, like a Portal Gun* ok...

6898027 Well... maybe the giant death robots and X-COM squads from Civ V, but we'll see. If they're used, they'll be in the hands of the Martian humans.

As for a portal gun, that pales in comparison to the Instaporter, anyway. The Instaporter is a complex capable of transporting troops from one city on the planet to another, no matter how far away, in the blink of an eye. And to get from planet to planet? The Spaceport has a similar function, but only between maps. A portal gun may be usable for a single person and have more fine-tuned range, but I prefer mass transport of troops for such things. That, and Instaporters repair air units.


So all the aliens, tech, and other stuff came from a video game?!

6906795 Yes. The first fic in the series (Through the EarthGate) mentioned in its description that it's a crossover with Sid Meier's Civilization II: Test of Time. Specifically the Sci-fi mode. The sci-fi mode itself is a crossover between Civ and Master of Orion, and the klackons are one of the races in MoO. I almost chiefly use tech from ToT sci-fi, but I occasionally use things from real life that aren't quite past development yet (such as the LoFAJI from the first installment. Those things are still being developed, but they should see actual use in a few years, maybe a decade or two). Any tech that isn't from Test of Time's sci-fi mode would have to be from either another Civ game, or from a Master of Orion Game, unless it was reasonable enough to not be out of place when compared to the tech from ToT sci-fi.

Wait? Since it's been 6000 years, wouldn't that mean Mars has been Terraformed?

6920882 Possibly. There are pros and cons to terraforming Mars, and I haven't yet decided if Mars has been transformed into a second Earth or not.

6921019 Well, NASA is already making plans for Terraforming Mars, so it's a high possibility for the Red Planet to have become a second Earth, especially after 6000 years. Just pointing that out.:twilightblush:

6921089 Thanks for the info. I guess I'll be implementing that, then.

The genes missed Zachary but made up for it in his brother :trollestia:

6852462 i believe that the Equestria girls universe and our universe are both separate. Whilst their skin colour is bizarre and the universe did contain some sort of magic, ours does not have magic and our skin colour is more natural. So my head canon is that the humans in Equestria girls are another branch of humans who grew up in an alternate earth where magic exists whilst our universe still remain the same.

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