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I’d heard rumors of people going missing while attending conventions around the world. Never crossed my mind until I’m whisked away to an anthro Equestria as one of my favorite anime characters after buying said anime ship in a bottle. Now I travel across space to protect my new home and the ponies I care for from both outside threats and within. Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!

Crossover with Mlp:fim and Space pirate Captain Harlock.

Mlp is owned by hasbro

Captain harlock is owned by leiji Matsumoto.

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I love this story keep on writing I know you can make this better maybe his costume transitions in when he becomes a pony to make them look really cool that's just my opinion I'm sorry if it sucks keep the good work:,-)

Okay I like this one too but how does he get there though what location and maybe I could see a good friendship between Celestia and Fetlock it still racist some questions how did he know that there's going to be assassination and how does he know it's blue blood I mean in the first story gets transported in My Little pony so maybe build chapters before explain how his adventures and up to the into this I think this should be like a later chapter for this one and just keep on introducing the character by giving out different chapters of him and his adventures of where he was where he's going next that's all but I am interested in the story keep up the good work :-)

Thank you very much. As I write this I’m watching the anime on tubi so my mind is in two different places but I plan on explaining the things you asked about soon

Interesting to see how this plays out.

Thank you. I’m actually educating myself on Harlock as I write this by watching the anime in English subtitles.

This, could be fun. I am gonna keep an eye on it

Don’t worry more is coming :3

Why the timeskip it was to fast in my opinion

fetlock is a joint in a horse

I’m sorry I plan on working on this chapter further and expanding on it.

….what? This seems like a interesting story but what the fuck? How did we go from here to there then Timey wimey here again? My point is that is so damn confusing I’m absolutely lost…AND I JUST STARTED READING IT! I don’t mean this as rude or anything but damn dude slow the hell down and actually give us story to how we ended up at this point.

There is absolutely no story building nor character development it’s just a cardboard cut out. So please before you post more chapters I ask you to lengthen these chapters and actually show us (not tell) how we even ended up in this wacky timeline. A few time skips here an there is alright but you basically skipped months worth of development and told us “oh by the the way Nyx exists here MOVING ON” completely skimming over the fact as if Nyx is not important enough an is just a one time pop up in one chapter and that’s that. So please rewrite this and actually give us a coherent timeline and story building with development in world and character I mean you didn’t even tell us HOW THE HELL him and Twilight came to be together at all just a small side note basically saying “oh Twilight and him are together no bigy” THATS HUGE she is a main character in the MLP infact THE main character not some background pony like Carrot Top. I don’t hate carrot top just used her as an Example. Also the fact you have what seems to be a new enemy already coming to Equis when we haven’t even seen how Blueblood and him came to be enemies an thus his vendetta against him. Of corse it’s pretty obvious but it’s still an important bit of world building that doesn’t even exist just one day “We are enemies now. Now how to get rid of ya”

So again please give us details an a story of how we even ended up here. I wish you luck but with it as is I can’t find enjoyment in this cause I don’t even know what the hell is going on.

Like I said to another comment on this story this chapter isn’t finished yet and I plan on explaining everything you pointed out. Life has kept me busy since I uploaded this chapter so I’m trying to find time to work on it.

I hope ya do it justice cause as I said it seems interesting but in its current state it’s unreadable to me. I wish ya luck mate!

Thank you very much. As I write this I’ve been watching space pirate Captain Harlock in subtitles so it’s my attempt at writing the storyline of that anime in the Mlp universe

nice I can't wait too see more soon:heart:

Felt a bit rushed, and there wasn't really any explaination to where the ship was but I'm guessing it's high in the sky. Considering it's total length is 400m, overall width is 290m and height is 160m, somepony must have seen it.

This felt very rushed and a bit undetailed, the timeskip itself felt okay, but there was no details on the overall characters, like Twilight, Nyx and the CMC. What were they wearing, how tall are they, stuff like that felt like it could have helped with building the atmosphere.

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