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Welcome to the group of lazy writers, just kidding. This group is based on giving the readers of your stories influence on the stories progression, details, or any other miscellaneous aspects.

When you want to post a story please put it in the folder that best describes what input readers have on your story, those folders are;
Progressively generated; these stories are written one chapter at a time and rely on the audiences input on how they want to see the story progress, think of these stories like chose our own adventure games but where the decision that is made is final.
Idea gift; these stories allow the readers to send in ideas and possible situations to the writers where those ideas might be seen at a later point, when writing these stories make sure you give credit to the individual who first gave you the idea that you used

this will be used by me and the moderators to get input on how you would like the group changed and updated, in the forums please keep the topics on the basis of the groups purpose, threads that don't follow this rule are subject to deletion.

Now that the rules have been established lets see some good stories made with the help of the much loved readership.

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