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Help: Want More Prereaders! · 4:53am Nov 8th, 2017

I'm looking for even more input on the story I'm working on to get inspiration! Many chapters have already been written and are ready to be looked over. It's a very plot driven and character-focused slasher story. One with a good hook.

Please shoot me a personal message here if you're interested and can handle a story with gore, horror, and adult situations. Feel free to be a harsh critic. I can take it.

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I followed you then Safari crashed. What a great way to start off the day!

If by "there" you mean "not dead", then yes. I'm just up in the air about reworking TPR or continuing with a new story I have.

Yo... You still here?


You are awesome!

Don't let any pony tell you other wise!

You deserve a big hug! with a bunny!

Hug me?

All for you from

The Pinkie Pie's Smile Association.

Be sure to fill out a welcome to the party invitation, if you decide to join us!

Hug me cheer up and smile, Today is your Day! Don't let sadness have any sway. Come on over to the party and play!

I'm pretty much the same with LPers. I watch some others occasionally, like Robbaz or BrigirPall, but I find myself mostly visiting youtube to see if TBFP added another continuation to one of their full LPs.

I always appreciate having readers and honest comments, so go for it. I'm mainly looking for input on my Pinkiemean story, but TCCC is a quick read that might be enjoyable if you catch all the pointless references. I wouldn't ask you to waist your time on NotBS because, well... it's pretty shitty and isn't going anywhere.

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