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This is the official FiMFiction group page for PonyRiffs, the pony subsidiary of The MST Network, a site where all realms of fanfic riffings and MSTs are given a good home. On PonyRiffs, you can find riffs from Mystery Pinkie Pie Theater 3000, Cutting Room Floor, twow's Riffs, Game Over MST, and several other series dedicated to MSTs. Plus, you can contribute to the site too! Simply use the on-site submission form, and we will take care of the rest. You can find our lovely little website using the pretty little link below.

This group is for the free discussion of the site, as well as other miscellaneous conjecture related to the MSTs. Everypony is welcome to join and show their support!

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No idea why it took me so long to join this group. I'll post up some links in the forms to some riffing work a friend and I have done in the past. Hope you knuckleheads have as much fun reading them as we did writing them. In the near future, I might be ready to do some new riffs just for here. If someone wants to partner with me, I welcome the company and misery! :pinkiehappy:

Well, this group seems super appropriate for me. I am on a MST type show, so yeah. Hello! This is a cool place. 10/10

i do like the MST's site. i've onlyknow one guy so far and i've only read about two riffs so far.

well, one of the riffs was my own. not my own that i created, by some guy made one of my fan fics a riff.

i'll admit, it is quite funny and i enjoyed it. i even asked the guy to do more riffs of my stories.

just in case if anyoe is curious of who that guy is, it's cartsbeforehorses's Cart's Unicorn Theater. i've only read the one he did from my fan fic, and another one that he did.

Just so you know, I consider you guys free to use my "That's Some Good Riff" badge, though I'm not sure whether or not that's because I think you might find a use for it or because I want the ego-rush from someone else using something I made.


Alright, I made it.

As I plunge into the murky depths of bad fan-fiction, I only have one last thing to say...



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