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The dragons have invaded Ponyville and war has been declared between the two species! With the dragons controlling all of Ponyvile fetching the elements of harmony from Canterlot is impossible, so the mane six are forced to fight back however they can. Will Spike help his friends defend themselves, or will he accept the invitation to rule with the dragons?

a little S/R and mild violence.

Chapters (10)
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"my hands…uh, dirty" Ponies have hooves not hands.

You missed capitalizing Rarity's name 3 times.

You should never have authors notes in the middle of a story, nor should you speak to the reader.

There were a handful of parts that could of been smoother I suggest finding a editor/proofreader there's a group of em on the site.

Over all, I liked it. The flower was well thought out. The funny parts made me laugh. And I wanted to snap a Pegasus's neck. Well done.

Pegasus is singular, Pegasi is plural.

can't wait to see the dragons attack ponyville

Ok, thanks. The first two were just... details. I'll get the A/N in the end of the chapters though

And finally someone explained me that difference :yay: ...seems kind of obvious now that i think about it:facehoof:

sounds to me like a dragon or more has just attacked Ponyville

Damn it Derpy! We told you not to play with fire, or go anywhere near it.

Rarity's name should ALWAYS be capitalized. Incidentally, it's only Rarity's name you ever seem to not capitalize.

I don't know why, but word automatically decapitalizes it, i corrected it anyways.

1063068 Strange. It would be a lot easier if Word's formatting crossed over into Fimfiction.

whens the new chapter coming out this is awesome!:pinkiehappy:

No, i haven't seen the film and if there's a fic about it, i haven't read it yet.

drama, what drama:rainbowhuh:

I have a feeling Rarity isn't dead :trollestia:

Anger against his assistant. her

he said pointing at himself with proud. pride

The plot thickens!

Good job with this chapter and the story so far with Spike actions with his new mentor and again his friends which will be sure to cause some more conflict down the road. I also get a sinking feeling that he was not totally honest in what happened to Rarity.


I have a feeling spike is working undercover and the only he could get into the dragon faction by faking the death of rarity and he was sending messages to celestia on the down low to retain his loyalty to the ponies:moustache:.......or he is a traitor:twilightoops:.......I gotta stop playing sleeping dogs:twilightblush:

1420824 I think that same thing. Is sleeping dogs any good?

thank god. i thought you became lazy:twilightblush:

1421036 I'm still lazy, but this time i have an excuse

I sure hope the dragons win... What?! I'm a huge spike fan, and I like dark stories

Nice. Good job fellow mexican


Seriously he has to be deep undercover
their reactions to finding out

i'm taking a wild guess now but.... wait


yea that's better, okay

First: That pony skull wasn't Rarity's, it was another pony's spike had planted there to remove all suspicion around him.:pinkiesmile:

Second: with the way you're writing you don't have to improve you'll pass anyway:coolphoto:

Third: if what i'm thinking is going to happen in the next chapter is true, i'll know how this end:eeyup:

Well that's a relief... I'll focus on reading then.

BTW ... your Pinkie comment has a 20% of truth.
Im not spoiling more than i had done before( the story was obvious), but here, have a mustache:moustache:

well let's see about that, i have eyes for these things :raritystarry:

...Bitch please Luna has an Ursa.

So… Spike is not evil? DAMN IT!


My man spike, I knew he was playing undercover since the beginning.
Now a pic

You forgot the moustache :moustache:

Pinkie, you crack me up.

Solid chapter, but it should be noted that Granny Smith is about 200 years old, as are the other Apple family aunts.


And once again pinkie destroys all sense in seriousness.

Excellent work. I did want to see Spike punch White in the face, though. Having Spike do what he did was quite well played, and it certinaly adds to the excitement and the feels.

Loved it:moustache:.

“Horseshoes! My favorite robe!”

I think you mean rope. Don't ya?
Unless AJ suddenly starts lassoing with a jedi robe.

Ah, It's a double edged sword, it can do much good, but can do just as great a harm:ajsmug::moustache:.

thank you this chapter was awesome just pumps me up for the FINAL EPIC BATTLE. :pinkiehappy: Have a mustache spike :moustache:

2767892 hey that's right! now he can make it himself! :moustache:

So Spike's dad is the infamous Black Dragon, former King Nebula!!! And that would make that when he's fighting King White, Spike is fighting against his uncle!!

Also completely awesome that when Spike broke from his greed growth thanks to Rarity's love, he had unconsciously started a revolution that would more than restore the Dragon Treaty--it would completely abolish it for unity and harmony!!

Just a quick question: Since Nebula is Spike's biological father (though he's dead), is it sort of all right that in a way like Twilight is his "sister", Princess Luna could be considered Spike's unicorn mother, or no? Probably a godmother, if anything.

Acording to Spike's birth certificate, his mother is Twilight. The one he hatched; but due to the fillie being too young for raising a baby, the custody was given to mr and ms Sparkle.:twilightsmile:

When Twilight Sparkle became of proper age(and her parents couldn't control a dragon) Spike was sent to live with his 'sister'...:twilightoops:

Seem's legit?:rainbowhuh:


For the sake of this narrative, I can see it, especially since both Celestia and Luna both raised dragons well before Spike came to be. You are probably hitting the right notes by having it that Twilight is Spike's sister (adopted, honestly). No matter how studious she is, she was still a filly herself, definitely no way in hell that she could raise Spike on her own.

I would say, however, that it would be more prudent that since the princesses had taken care of dragons before, having either one of them (more than likely Celestia) would be the "mom" to Spike until Twilight was old and mature enough to raise him. But then there is the conflict of how Celestia raised "Snowy" before (the fact that he is returning to conquer Equestria is a slight red flag), and that she would have second thoughts about taking care of another dragon.

I would love for Luna to stay as a sort of mom to Spike just like Twilight is now. Luna raised Nebula, and since Nebula is Spike's father, I could see Luna as a godmother.


"His name was… Snowy."

A cute name for a fearsome dragon.

The Dragons split into either Black or White followers, and what I think brought the attention from discord, was that these two groups had a severe fight."


You guessed what i was playing when the plot came to me
Now White's gonna be defeated by fairies :twilightoops:

I was hopping that spike would get some kind of power up from the elements when they hit him :fluttershyouch: but still realy great story so far :pinkiehappy:

"oh, it differs. It may stomp you, eat you, etcetera." Replied Luna

it will kill you no biggie

It was extraordinary easily to get around the city on the Ursa; not only she was faster than all of them (but Rainbow Dash), but since most dragons were afraid of her, and the ones that weren't, were busy with the mother who was causing a lot more havoc.

you can deal with the ursa minor... or you can deal with the ursa major...

i hope another chapter comes out soon

I hope the good guys win, I love dragons but these ones need to go down.

I have a feeling Spikes working undercover too, lets hope I'm right.

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