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After being rejected by Rarity, Spike falls into a state of depression. There he becomes friends with an unlikely pony, Diamond Tiara. As they become better friends, Spike finds himself drawn to Diamond Tiara in more sinister ways.

Spike x Diamond Tiara ship. No foalcon.
Officially approved by the Diamond Cutters!

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Okay.. first pass. I like this concept; depending on how you develop the characters, this could become a very interesting story indeed. If this were a first chapter, I would definitely follow.

second pass: details:

The sparkling gem was cut flawlessly into a pentagon, each face polished to a mirror sheen.

It's actually impossible to cut a diamond into a pentagon, the basic geometry of carbon won't allow it; basically all angles have to be multiples of 30 degrees. So, hexagon.

He had thought about this moments for a long time now,

*moment (singular)

The silence around him screamed at him what he had done wrong, but it was soon broken by a more horrible noise, that of hoofbeats.

Maybe change to 'The silence screamed at him what had he done wrong?, but soon...'

He wasn't a sea dragon, but he knew how to swim instinctively.

How's this for nitpicky: I think you could leave out "instinctively" here, and just say Spike knew how to swim. Extra words can be unhelpful.

I think you may want to re-consider the whole rescue sequence. Saving a drowning person by going into the water is extremely dangerous, to the point of being damn near suicidal. If Spike knows a lot about swimming, he would find something that floats to throw to her so she can stop panicking. If he has to go out there, he might want to come up beneath her, or use his tail to give her a handhold. In real life, people try to climb on top of their rescuers, often dragging them under as well. Even a rope can give a drowning person something to latch onto, and get them to calm down enough to swim themselves ashore.

I'm also torn in my own head about whether you want to give more background to Diamond Tiara's feelings. In other words, do you want to show what kind of morning she had? Where she is emotionally when she gets to the bridge? Or would it be better to address that through dialogue later? I'm honestly not sure and it depends on whether you, the writer, can imagine them having that conversation.

Yup, I'm definitely following this project.


SpikeXDiamond Tiara?

You have my attention...:moustache:

Loving it! Faved and thumbed up!

Though I have a suggestion for the story title. It Takes A Dragon To Love A Bitch

Just seems to fit Tiara's personality perfectly.

I'll never get tired of that pic of DT. :rainbowkiss:

"You probably couldn't even get that colt Snails to ask you out."

Or could she?

Hey, you can tell Spike's a dragon from all the epic burns he unleashed on Diamond Tiara on the bridge :rainbowwild: Seems a little extreme, but then it's understandable he'd want to lash out at someone after getting rejected.

Still, I'd be very interested to see where this goes. I'm looking forward to seeing how you develop the relationship, and also how you reveal Diamond's more sensitive side. I don't think I've ever seen her being affectionate in the slightest in the show, so it'll be good to see where that comes from.

Also, as a side note, do you use the Sphax texture pack in Minecraft? That's pretty much the only place I've ever seen a pentagonal diamond...

Well Diamond and Spike have something in common. None of there family spends time with them.

Lookin' good so far. Withholding my rating until I can better gauge where this fic is heading.

So Spike got any ornament for the burns you gave Diamond?





2430590 Spike doesn't has a real family, Celestia was the one who take care of him when he was a baby, so shes like her mother but obviously doesn't spend time with him anymore. We don't even know if his real family is still alive :applejackunsure:

2430682 No, it was enjoyable.

Congrats on getting featured. But Jeez, only 46 likes? That's luck right there.

SpikeTiara, or DiamondSpike

I'm liking this a lot can't wait to see more

Kya:heart:! I was just thinking about find a shipping fic for these two too and you've answered my call! It's like... you knew or something:pinkiecrazy:.

Must read... now...

I aim to please.:twilightsmile:
DiamondSpike. Or my personal name for this: Greedyshipping.:pinkiecrazy:
Wha? This got featured?! :pinkiegasp:

The pink filly looked ready to burst into flames, like Twilight did when she was angry, before shouting antagonist"Like you know anything, crybaby! I could've gone on twenty dates today!"

What? Spelling mistake.

2430680 TWILIGHT* took care of him when he was a baby.

Had a typo there.


LOL yeah this got featured! Thats how i found this gem.

this is very interesting, spike rebounds pretty quick :moustache:

Ah, I see.

Diamond is actually jealous of AppleBloom because she has a family she can spend time with, unlike herself. DOES make a lot of sense.

This is the first time, I've ever seen this ship. Diamond Spike, it does have a great concept with the whole dragons being able to shape diamonds and gems angle.


2431108 No, it was stated by Lauren faust that Celestia took care of him when he was a baby, the idea of filly twilight taking care of spike its ridiculous enough, shes more like a sister or REALLY close friend.

This ship does not lend itself to particularly good portmanteaus. We've got
>Spitiara, and

That's just- no.

I never thought I see the day spike and diamond get together:pinkiegasp:. Seems like opposites attract. :raritywink:.

No foalcon.

Well fuck, see ya later.

Well that was nice and all, but I was hoping they would have been in there teen years in this, o-well. Still good, will keep reading.:moustache:

Looks good, keeping my eye on this.:moustache:

* think i can see these 2 as a good cuple realy. Spike is more or less a well educated nobale from canterlot by all counts. and he eats gems so he has to have some bits or just can find them fast. And DT is in need of a strong male figure in her life that can say no to her. There a realy good match.

Like the song goes opasites attract... lol now i got the image of the 2 singing that song togeather lol

2431761try this dimondspike and its not a bad ship if you cant do that wird name mix thing....

I know there's the cover art, but is this story placed after a time skip?:rainbowhuh:

No, certainly not. And I was being facetious, anyway. If I truly believed ships only work if their slash name sounds right, I couldn't ship Blueblood with anypony- since any ship would end in ~blood (no pun intended).

A good fic so far, and this ship isn't really something I've seen before

2432301 Of course that was pun intended, you liar.

It's going to have them get older. I'm starting here to build their relationship instead of it being a flashback.

Act 2 has them time jump to their teenage years.

Nanny Sweetums is best OC.:pinkiesmile:

Pretty unique story here, uh MOAR! :flutterrage:


My little grammar nazi?

Worst. Fic. Ever.

You would not believe how hard it was to write her. Her name alone took me hours to come up with.

or so he though,

thought [/pedantry]

Really nice, and I like you characterization of Diamond. Someone who we can sympathize with even though she's still not very likable.

Good show old bean! :scootangel:

Only you sir, could think of such a ship and execute it. I will be reading this MUAHAHAHAHA

Hey, you're my proofreader. I will be adding your name to the summary shortly.
I actually thought it was a common ship for him since Diamond Tiara is more like Rarity than Sweetie Belle is.

2432784 Well I'll tell you... it isn't and is quite uncommon. Although now that you mention it, I can see the though process behind it.

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