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One of these days we'll form a union, and get the fair and equitable treatment we deserve. Then we'll go too far, and become corrupt and shiftless, and the Japonies will eat us alive.


Spike always thought that his love life was simple: chase Rarity, eventually win Rarity. But a surprise confession from a friend complicates matters in a way he never could have expected.

Cover art by the very talented Magello!
Further thanks to Setokaiva for lending his discerning eye.

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I'm really liking this so far. The character development is nice and it's well-paced so far.:twilightsmile:

Though why do I have the sinking feeling that going to Canterlot is going to complicate things even more

Wonderful as always. All the little touches like the notes hanging up in the castle, that stuff makes your stories feel thoroughly lived-in and vibrant. You build worlds, worlds with characters that I like (Twilight in this is particularly lovely) – places I can't help but enjoy spending time exploring.

I'm quite interested in seeing where you take this... And whether it'll grow even more tangled. Your stories work for me - and in a way that most Spike shipping totally fails - because he's more mature and adult while still being recognizably himself. But this time, he's... right at the point of young adulthood, with a growing maturity but also a kind of uncertainty and doubt that's relatable. It makes the pairing with an equally more grown-up and reserved Scootaloo intriguing, but I'm all for seeing more sides of the situation too.

This was an excellent way to start off this piece of work. With Drama, Emotions, Shocking turn of events, and a plot so dense and full of intrigue, I was thoroughly entertained and thought-provoked.
You sir are a grand inspiration to romance writers out there. I will continue to read more on this, and hope that you have fun with this........


Seems pretty interesting. I can't wait to see where this goes!!:pinkiehappy:

Well dude, you have the set up of another greeat story that could go either way.:pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp: Personally I'm rooting for ScootSpike.:scootangel::heart::moustache: The drama is quite good and the interaction feels real. Though I do hope you give an explanation for Rarity's little white lie.:raritydespair: For everyone sake's lets hope this does end in disasters. While little light lies are okay everyone once in a while those things have been known to snowball from time to time. And sometimes those snowballs can get pretty freaking big.:twilightoops:

This... intrigues me, carry on good sir. :moustache:

Rest assured things will be getting more complicated from here on out.

I heavily look forward to the insanity of it all. :pinkiecrazy:

This was hilarious and cute! I always love the funny little details you sprinkle throughout your stories, like the issues with Twilight's "kingdom." :rainbowlaugh: This looks to be the start of a grand journey!

I hope the introduced conflicts get some more attention, despite all the additional attention that is no doubt coming Spike's way.

Very interesting how it played out in this first chapter. I also like the nods to other little quirks that you mentioned in other stories (like the letters from their mom!). Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said "surprisingly complicated.":twilightoops:
I think, if things had been different, if Spike had first come to Rarity as he is now and not five years ago, he would have almost certainly had her.:moustache:
But like she said, she's been... not terrible to him, so much as too complacent; content with the status quo, letting his attentions go on without a definite yes or no for far too long, until the status ceased being quo and neither answer could be given without pain.:raritydespair:
As it stands, I think she took the best course she could have; choosing to give her love to another and take the pain of rejection for herself in a shining display of true generosity.:scootangel:
And judging by the update schedule you've given us, assuming future chapters are about the same size as this one, we've got a month, two at most, until impact.:twilightoops:

This is great! I have high hopes for a nuanced look at the Spike/Rarity dynamic; most fics tend to trend to one extreme or the other about whether they have romantic potential. There's nothing wrong with that approach, but it's nice to see a fic exploring the issue in a bit more depth. Following.

Oh man. This is going to be good. And a 14k first chapter that is incomplete? What, are you Akumokagetsu? :derpytongue2:

For a long time, I have searched for a decent story shipping Scoots with Spike...or anyone else, really. But I have never been able to find one. It almost seems like there's something about Scoots that makes her practically unshippable. But I've long thought that Scoots and Spike had potential, even though I could never find a story for it.

But now, I think that I might finally have found the story I've been looking for. And it's not just decent. It looks like it's actually good.

I will definitely continue to watch this one.

Why is it that in all of your stories you make the characters sound way smarter than they seem in the show. Oh, I guess it's the smart writing. Whatever, looking forward to seeing where this ends up. :ajsmug:

Welp time to follow this one.

It's rare that I read a fic these days with virtually no spelling or grammatical errors to speak of, but this one pulls it off so far. I seriously didn't notice any whatsoever, and on that point alone I am impressed.

The 'ship intrigues me as well; ScootaSpike is a rare one, indeed. The only other time I can recall seeing it was background flavor at best in a fic I really didn't care for. Generally speaking I'm much more of a Sparity fan, but failing that, I've always liked any Spike/CMC shipping as well, and I'm glad that this fic is still acknowledging and addressing Spike's affections for Rarity, rather than simply hand-waving away canon to make room for the Author's Preferred Ship. And so far you seem to be handling the 'ship well; you've really taken the time to properly lay down the groundwork and give the scenario some depth and authenticity that makes us care about the characters before you jump into the romance aspect. I have to admit, when I saw the lack of cover art and sort of generic/lazy winning-verse-style title and weirdly brief summary I wasn't sure you cared enough about the idea to give it this much effort, but when I saw the word count, for just the first chapter no less, I knew that was not true.

So yeah, I'd say you have a follower for this story. And I don't follow too many non-sexy stories, so that's really saying something for me. :raritywink:

Keep up the good work.


I love a good Spike ship-fic, and this one looks like it's going to be great indeed. The dialogue is engaging and the prose smooth, so I look forward to the rest. :pinkiesmile:

“Your face looks like how I felt the day that my flight camp instructor shoved me off a cloud and shouted ‘dodge the lightning bolts’

I'm so sorry , i couldn't resist .
anyway great chapter , it was enjoying to read , have an upvote and a fav:moustache::scootangel::raritywink::twilightsmile:

Mind if I add it to my new group I am starting called Scootapike?

Great story! :scootangel: I thought you were a one-shot kind of writer though? :duck:



What a great start to this. As others have said, your characterization is always such a delight to read, as was the bits of world building regarding life in the new castle.

If I might make a suggestion, however, you might want to add Scootaloo as a separate tag in addition to the CMC group tag. Proper categorization is important, after all, and at the moment there is nothing in the story tags or description that identifies the ships that are in the works.

Man, this is going to be one strongest of one history. Please, continue. Without hurry! Take it slowly.:pinkiehappy:

Feel to add to any group that is appropriate. Same with any of my stories.

Hey Fame! Yeah I made a blogpost about it last week. I had an idea that I really liked, that I knew was going to be long no matter what I did, so rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater, I said to hell with it. I mean I already wrote Diamond is Unbreakable, so what's another one of my rules being broken?

Bloom and Sweetie will be making appearances. Along with a couple of other characters (one of which doesn't even have a tag). Kind of have to work with the 5 tags they give me so I picked group tags where I could.

A Spikeloo fanfic? Crude but fun.

Oh I'm excited, this was amazing and I can't wait to see the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

This seems like a nice story. I don't know if I'll follow it, but I'll at least give it a thumbs up. Very well written.


“I’ve got enough to deal with without mom coming here to measure Scootaloo’s hips to see if they’re regulation birthing width or whatever else she might do!”


Oh, wow... I think I just found my next great Romance fic! :twilightsmile: Twilight, Spike and Scootaloo's characterizations were all perfectly solid, and I'm glad Twilight finally got Rarity flanks-down and eye-to-eye about Spike. This fic implies that she's been stringing him along for five years. I mean, seriously. Still, I'm glad that the ground has been laid for Spike to move on with his life. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes! Keep it up!

I like it :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

I look forward to the next chapter

“Good afternoon, King Twilight.”

So we've got Princess Digi and King Twilight. I like this trend.

This is a great start. Really makes me want more. I kind of hate you right now for adding another addiction to my life...

Great fic, never really been into ScootaSpike but I will definitely keep tabs on this one.

Knowing Spike's luck, Princess Luna will come visit while he's in Canterlot and confess her love as well.

In all seriousness though, I really enjoyed this story. Logic dictates that he'll wind up with Scootaloo, though I worry that her athleticism will get in the way of their bonding, as he's coming across as more of a bookwym (terrible pun, I know). Perhaps Spike should ask himself why, exactly, he feels so strongly about Rarity anymore. "She's beautiful," is only a valid reason to claim love if you're about fifteen or younger. In the show, he's often trying to act more sophisticated or mature (:moustache:, for example), to gain her interest. Is that still the case, or has he learned to relax and be himself around her? Anyway, your next chapter will probably answer one or both of those questions for me, and I look forward to reading it!

The Surprisingly Complicated Love Life of Spike the Dragon

So... both claws and his tail?

That's some top-notch writing you've got there, buddy.

I'm excited to see where you're taking this story.

Your portrayals of Spike, Twilight, Scootaloo and Rarity are all brilliant.:raritystarry:

Speaking of Rarity, have you ever read On Pins and Needles? Her emotional struggles in that seem to be a lot like what your going for here.

Thumb and added to my recommendation group.

It is an interesting concept, and the way you weave this is a truly fascinating thing!

You have my attention! :pinkiehappy:

My...undivided....attention.... :pinkiecrazy:

As usual I love your work, favorite author and all that. I've been waiting for this one, ever had informed us that you'd be releasing a multi chapter story for the first time. Spike is my favorite character and amongst the CMC Scoots is my favorite. I look forward to the rest of the story, whether it works out or not it seems that someone is going to get hurt, but that's life. All I have to say is keep up the awesome work, and I'm certain you will.

Well... consider me duly intrigued. I like where this is going so far and it is well done. Stay the course :moustache:

ScootaSpike is a ship that needs more pictures and stories. Glad to see some of it here. Loving the story so far.

Alright Spike, time to go on a real vacation. Go on that soul searching, feels trip.

Mmmm yeeees, this is good. Very good indeed.

Well written, good characterization, nice organic feel to the presentation of the time past since the show, deliciously comedic, and most importantly, proper acknowledgement of Spike and Rare's relationship rather then writing it as resolved some time in the past.

I always found that a lazy man's way out. There had to be a reason why she wouldn't shoot him down early and get the ill-fated romance out of the way of their friendship, or admit she liked him too and move forward that way. I love the fact that this is being handled in the story itself.

Not only that, but your potrayal of Twilight is also spot on, rather then falling into the usual pitfalls of focusing too much on one aspect of her behavior or another for the sake of humor.

These are all only some of the many reasons that I'm looking so very forward to your next installment.

I can't wait to read more. Definitely favoriting

Damn dude, you're starting to turn into my favorite author, I mean great descriptions, fluid dialogue and an actually believable world?

It's honestly a very uncommon thing to see all at once! Keep on trucking dude, I can totally see you be a professional writer! :pinkiehappy:

--Pyro The Utterly Stocked Reader

I didn't think I could be hooked by a conniving love triangle of the first chapter, but I have.

Spike... I do believe the universe, (or King of Beggars) just decided to give you a Discord-style slice of hell.

Oh, mister King, please do be a dear and continue the story! Since this is your first non-oneshot, I feel struck by the need to read over the others to appreciate your skill some more.

--/10 - Additional Supply Depots Required.
- Kenny's Log of Notable Stories

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