• Published 18th Mar 2012
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Make a Wish - Perpetual Lurker

It's always nice when someone's wish comes true, but what if everyone's did?

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Scootaloo's Wish: Part 2

"So, let me get this straight. You didn't wish for anything?" Rainbow Dash gave her sister a puzzled look.

"I really didn't, I swear!" Scootaloo replied. "I... I thought making wishes was, well, stupid. So I didn't." At least that's partly true, the filly told herself. She didn't like having to lie to Dash like this, but she didn't really have a choice. What am I supposed to do, tell her that we're only sisters because of some magic comet? She needed to change the topic. "What about you, Pinkie Pie? What did you wish for?"

"Can't tell you!" Pinkie Pie said, breaking out into a ridiculously wide grin, even for her.

"What? Why not?"

"Because, if I tell you what I wished for, it won't come true, duh!"

"But our wishes already came true." Dash said to her friend. "Telling other ponies about them didn't make them go away."

"Mine's different!"

"Alright then..."

"Hey, Rainbow?" Scootaloo spoke up.

"Yeah, what is it, Scoots?"

"I promised the Crusaders I'd meet them at the clubhouse this morning, so I'm going to head down there now."

"Sure thing. Just make sure you're back home for dinner, because there's no guarantee I wont eat it all myself if you aren't there to stop me," Rainbow Dash said with a wink.

"You bet! See ya!" The younger pony shot her sister one last grin before wrapping what was left of her breakfast up in a napkin and stuffing it into her saddlebags. She then hopped back on her scooter and sped out the door, leaving the two older ponies alone once again. As she left, the smile faded from Rainbow Dash's face, and the mare slumped in her chair.

"What's wrong now? She said she didn't wish for anything, didn't she?" Pinkie Pie asked the pegasus.

"Yeah, that's what she said."

"Then why the long face?"

"She's lying."

Ponyville was a mess. While most ponies' wishes were harmless, there were a lot that bit of far more than they could chew. At least three times on her way out of town, Scootaloo nearly got floored by pegasi that obviously hadn't had wings the day before and had no idea how to fly straight, and she saw quite a few new unicorns whose attempts at telekinesis resulted in the objects they were trying to lift exploding, imploding, spontaneously combusting, or turning into potted plants. An argument had broken out in the street over a house that had grown into a fabulous mansion overnight, engulfing the space where at least four other houses had been in the process. The residents of each building were disputing the ownership of the now merged property. Scootaloo was also pretty sure she saw at least two different ponies dressed up as The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well running around and trying to curb the chaos, only managing to add to it as they went.

Everything will be okay in the end, Scootaloo thought, remembering the numerous disasters and monster attacks that had devastated the town in the past. Compared to those, this was nothing. Besides, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell wouldn't wish for anything stupid... right? A feeling of dread washed over the young pony as she thought of all of the terrible things her friends could have wished for, any number of which had potential to be dangerous. I need to get to the clubhouse, fast! Putting as much energy into her wings as she could muster, she took off for Sweet Apple Acres.

Thankfully, it only took a few minutes to reach the clubhouse at Scootaloo's speed. Fixing up the old, worn out building had been a labor of love for the trio, especially Apple Bloom, and all that work had certainly payed off over the last few months. Now they had a place to hang out and plan their activities. One where they wouldn't be bothered by the adults, bullies, and overall strangeness that seemed to follow them around everywhere else. Hopefully, none of that would change. Taking a deep breath, Scootaloo walked up the stairs and pushed open the front door.

"Scootaloo! You're okay!" Within seconds of opening the door, the other two crusaders had their friend in an inescapable hug, squeezing her as hard as they could.

"Can't... breathe..." the pegasus gasped, prompting her companions to let go and give her some space.

"Sorry," Sweetie Belle said with a embarrassed grin.

"We were just afraid that you'd... well..." Apple Bloom stammered a bit, "wished for somethin', uh... stupid."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, girls," Scootaloo chuckled, "but I guess it's only fair. I was afraid of you two doing something stupid too, like wishing for cutie marks."

"After what happened to Apple Bloom with that Heart's Desire flower? No way! Besides, why wish for something that we're just going to get eventually anyway? We still have tons of things to try!"

"Yeah!" Apple Bloom chimed in. "That's why I wished for somethin' practical!"

"Like what?" Scootaloo asked.

"A whole mess o' candy!"

"What." the other two fillies deadpanned in unison.

"It never goes bad, tastes amazin', and is great to share with your friends! What's not to love?"

"I guess you're right." Sweetie Belle said, "My wish worked out pretty well, too. I wished I had a permanent room at Rarity's place, so I could stay there whenever I wanted."

"Why would you wish for that?" Scootaloo could hardly stand to be around Rarity half the time. It was always "Fashion" this, or "Stay away from my scissors" that. She and Sweetie Belle had gotten really close these past few months, though, so the pegasus didn't dare say any of that out loud.

"Well, you see..." the unicorn filly looked at the floor, awkwardly sweeping one of her front hooves in a pattern across the ground. "I was actually kinda jealous of you and Apple Bloom. Especially you, Scootaloo."

"You were jealous of me?"

"Yeah... You and your sister get to have so much fun together, and that's because you live together. No one to force you to be apart. No parents to march you around like some sort of wind-up toy. I wanted to be able to do that whenever I wanted. "

No parents? What is she talking about? I have parents. They're... They're... Where were they this morning? The whole morning had been so confusing, she didn't notice that she hadn't seen her mother or father since the night before. And Mom's an earth pony, so she wouldn't be able to stay in the cloud house...

"What's wrong, Scootaloo? " Apple Bloom asked.

"Nothing. I'm fine." Scootaloo replied as she figured out a plan of action. They must still be living in our old house. I'll just go see them once were done here. At least they slept through the comet last night, so they couldn't have wished for anything...

"If you say so. What'd you wish for, anyway?"

"Oh, nothing," the pegasus lied again.

"Nothing? Really?" Sweetie Belle wondered, looking rather perplexed. "Why wouldn't you wish for anything?"

"I just thought it was stupid, okay? Shows what I know."

"Ah, don't feel so bad 'bout it, Scootaloo. You can have some of my candy!" Apple Bloom said, placing an encouraging hoof on the orange filly's shoulder.

"Yeah! At least you didn't wish for something that seriously messed things up like all those ponies in town. No wish at all is way better than that."

"Thanks. You girls are the best!" Scootaloo smiled at her friends. I just hope they're right...

Eventually, the group had to go their separate ways for the day. Sweetie Belle left early and was helping Rarity decorate her new room, and Apple Bloom had a lot to take care of at home thanks to her own family's wishes.

"Ya see, Applejack wished for an 'extra set of hooves to help 'round the farm,' " the yellow filly explained, "so she woke up this mornin' with eight legs. She's in the hospital 'til the doctors can figure out how to fix it, so me and Big Mac have to split her chores 'till she gets better." Scootaloo tried to force herself not to laugh, but the image of Applejack with that many limbs was just too silly. "Hey! This is serious!" Apple Bloom glared at the pegasus for a moment before turning and gazing out a nearby window, a forlorn look coming across her face. "Sorry... I'm just worried 'bout her, that's all."

"No, I deserved that. Things are a little crazy right now. For all of us." Scootaloo said, trying to comfort her friend.

"Not for you. Everything's just fine with you and Rainbow Dash."

"Yeah... maybe. But you're my friend. Your problems are my problems, and I'm there for you if you need me."

"Thanks..." The filly smiled as she regained her composure. "I need to get goin'. Those apples won't collect themselves."

"Alright, then. Tell Big Mac I said hi."

"Can do!"

The two fillies waved goodbye and set off toward their homes. In Scootaloo's case, however, she was going to her old home. The one she had fallen asleep in just the night before.

I need to know exactly what happened, Scootaloo thought as she rode her scooter away from the farm. She was slowly starting to figure out exactly how her wish worked. Everypony she had talked to that day acted as if she and Rainbow Dash had always been sisters. This meant that the wish changed the past, but Scootaloo could still remember things the way they used to be. If she wanted to continue on with her new life, she needed to know what she had missed. She had a whole life with Rainbow Dash behind her, and she couldn't remember a moment of it. The only ponies who were there for all of it were her parents. They would have a photo album, or a story about when she was younger. Once I have this figured out, everything will be perfect.

Scootaloo's family lived in a modest wooden house on the edge of town. Nothing fancy, but her parents had always been extremely proud of it. Sure, it wasn't as big as some of the houses in town, and it didn't have any of the fancy decorations, bright paint, or intricate craftsmanship that made them stand out, but it was theirs, and they took very good care of it.

Just one more hill, the filly told herself as she strained her wing to get up the last slope. She normally wouldn't push herself so hard and take the easier route up, but she was in a hurry. Soon, her scooter crested the hill and coasted down the other side, right into the stand of trees that enclosed her house. Alright! Scootaloo sighed with relief as she neared the clearing where the house stood. I'm... Her own thought was cut short when she actually entered the clearing, though. ...Home?

The small, familiar meadow was empty, with no sign that there had ever been a house there at all.

"Mom? Dad?" the orange pegasus called out. She was only answered by the chatter of squirrels. "Anypony?" she tried again in desperation. This... This can't be happening... Scootaloo got off her scooter, letting it fall over in the grass. Exhausted from rushing up the hill, she was too numb to care. Why? Where are they? Everything was wrong. She concentrated on her parents, on every memory she had of them, hoping that she might be able to make another wish...

"Did I ever tell you the story about how we came to live here, Scootaloo?"

"No, Mom. What is it?"

"Well, it all goes back to not long before you were born. I lived here in Ponyville with my family, and your father lived in Cloudsdale. I met him when the pegasi moved the cloud city over Ponyville one summer to use our reservoir to offset a particularly bad drought. He just happened to eat lunch at the same restaurant I worked at, and we talked for a while. Pretty soon we became good friends."

"Friends? You mean you didn't get married right away?"

"Well, maybe a bit more than just friends, but we weren't quite in love yet. That kind of thing only ever happens in fairy tales. In fact, your father almost left and went back to Cloudsdale when it moved elsewhere."

"But you got him to stay?"

"No, I didn't convince him to stay."

"Then who did?"

"It was you."


"Yes. Once he knew we were going to have you, your father dropped everything. We couldn't live in Cloudsdale, so he built us this house with his own four hooves. He got a new job doing local weather, and worked as hard as he could to make our new home a happy one... Thank you, Scootaloo."

"Why are you thanking me? I didn't do anything."

"If you hadn't come into our lives, who knows where we'd be right now... You brought us a new life together and made us a family. I couldn't wish for anything more than that."