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ATTENTION! All fans of Tales of Illumination, Books 1 and 2! · 1:23pm Mar 2nd, 2013

Greetings, and thank you for showing up.
First up on the agenda: I have been pondering for some time now whether to make a legitimate, original novel, based on my concept for Tales of Illumination, book 1.
Important notes:
1) I am NOT involving ponies in this version. Instead it is going to be a medival fantasy, with magic, maybe angels and demons, and a truckload of mythical creatures.
2) I am going to be following an actual story line, rather than just writing on instinct.

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Seems Cloud is a common Pegasus name...

368989 I know what you mean. :ajbemused:

Must be a damn common name in Equestria.

Nvm, then. I gotta start using my head instead of the pony name gen >.<. I've seen so many darn Cloud Novas it's not even funny!

315795 Huh. Well I had the 'Cloud Nova' OC for at least since midway through season 1. If anything, it is you who has copied me. Still, I changed my username anyway.

Comment posted by Mondays Dawn deleted Mar 12th, 2013
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