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10th Story! · 10:14pm March 2nd

Finally, after over six years on this site, I've published my 10th story! I can finally check that box off my earlier goals list blog haha.

This was also my first time dealing with writing emotionally, so I spent a bit more time on this to make sure I got Starlight's behavior as right as I could imagine. More than half the story was written in one burst, then slowed down once I got to the more emotional bits.

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Another Update Post · 8:19pm February 28th

Heyo everypony, figured I should do some sort of monthly blog perhaps to help keep me from sinking too deeply into writer's block or from putting things off for too long. :twilightsmile: No idea if anyone even reads these, but given that my last one has "64 views", I'm guessing someone is...

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Update Post! · 6:42pm February 7th

Hey everypony! After tons of writer's block combined with the stress of college and work, I've finally gotten myself back into somewhat frequent writing! That being said, I've started a new series called "Behind the Shower Curtain", a cute little first-contact scenario between an unknowing human and pony!
Updates will be here and there, but guaranteed at least one chapter every 2-4 weeks. Hope everyone enjoys the premise^^

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NEW STORY SERIES!!! · 10:45pm Dec 31st, 2019

I'm working on a new series, in addition to a few one-shots I have planned as well! Make sure to check it out, it'll be a long-term project for me and I hope everyone enjoys it!^^

Edit 2022: yeah no
Edit 2023: yeah not even any of those one-shots got finished hahaha

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Happy Hearths Warming!!! · 7:15am Dec 25th, 2019

Happy Hearths Warming to everypony!!^^

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E · 7:09am Nov 15th, 2018

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MLP Infinity War project · 6:00am May 7th, 2018

So, I've been very inactive...

Why am I saying this nobody reads my shit lol

Anyways, with the release of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, I think I finally found something to keep me active.
First I'll determine the Infinity stones, then character match-ups, then scenes. Although I'll keep the scenes and characters more or less secret, I'll post a list of what I plan on using for the stones.

Power Stone (red): Alicorn Amulet
Reality Stone (green): Inspiration Manifestation spell

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Compare your stories to the top · 10:45pm Dec 6th, 2017

I'm just making this out of boredom in all honesty, but I am curious to see how some of the stories I read (and my own as well) compare to the top 10 rated stories. I'll update it every so often as a way to keep myself active here as well.

  1. The Lazy Dragon of Dragonvale] - 186.2


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List of Goals · 5:51am Mar 30th, 2017

[X]Publish 1st Story (3.2.17)
[X]Publish 5th Story (3.17.19)
[X]Publish 10th Story (3.2.23)
[X]Publish 20th Story (7.30.23)
[ ]Publish 50th Story (
[X]First like on story (3.2.17)
[X]Get 10 likes on a story (3.21.17)
[X]Get 50 likes on a story (3.18.19)
[X]Get 100 likes on a story (11.16.19)
[X]Get 200 likes on a story (3.9.23)
[X]Get a story ranked in the top 10000 (2.9.23)
[X]Get a story ranked in the top 5000 (7.11.23)
[X]Story with over 1k views (3.29.19)

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On hiatus and What else I'm doing · 5:51am Mar 22nd, 2017

Seeing how I haven't had much motivation for my "Visions of the Inevitable" story, I'm placing it on hiatus until summer probably. Unlike my other, shorter stories, that project of mine is based on a story I have written in the past. One that is VERY FAR from ever being completed. Until I can figure out how to connect the first chapter to the four chapters of action I created in the middle of the plot, I believe it will be seriously difficult to continue. After all, one can't immediately embark

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