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This is great. I’m going to get a good grade in horsefic, something that is both normal to want and possible to achieve,


The planet Equus will be inhospitable in just a few short years. All the creatures on it are preparing to leave for greener pastures. All, that is, except Spitfire.

This fiction is canon compliant. It takes place several years after "The Last Problem".

An entry into Science Fiction Contest III.

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Howdy, hi~!


Anygay, love the start of this. Love a super flawed protag with room to grow. Like the setting and world as well this idea of effectively carbon dioxide in the form of magic. Super cool concepts and loving the direction of this so far. I also like this counterbalance of individual freedom versus collective societal duty and the pain of just being forced into something that you never really had any control over.

Looking forward to more chapters!

Ooo I like where this is going. As a big Spitfire fan it hurts to see her like this but it does make sense. Super intrigued by the premise and this whole destiny counseling thing! It's crazy how you draw so much from little tiny aspects of the show and manage to expand them like this! Will definitely be following this closely!

I like the character driven parts of this so far. Spitfire just being a stubborn fool who refuses to change as the world evolves rapidly around her only to be forced to due to circumstance is compelling. But as an analogy for our current overuse of fossil fuels, it falls flat because in real life the world is also just as stubborn in that regard. We can mitigate and reverse the effects with enough effort and collaboration, but those in power are too selfish to let that happen.

This story really isn't intended to be an analogy about fossil fuels and climate change. It is inspired by climate fiction, yes! But I'm not trying to "say something" about climate change. This worldbiilding is a backdrop for character-driven drama. The problems may be similar in some respects, but are very different in practice - that is the "what if?" question this story is built on.

Oh, I like this a lot.
I love the idea of Spitfire, and maybe some other people, trying to survive and adapt to a world without magic, creating a lot of Human-like technology to replace their lost magic.
Well written, word-smith!

Ah, ok. I've just got too much politics on the brain, I guess, and I was reading into it too deeply. 😅

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Really like this, excited for the remaining chapters


It might not have been intended, but I think almost everyone is gonna read that into it

I'm sure that they will! I mostly want readers to know that this is not the focus of the story, but rather the impetus of the plot. I'm not trying to make a statement about climate change - in fact, Thought Prism's grievances with the analogy are directly addressed in a later chapter. Just don't want anyone disappointed that I'm not tackling the problem directly! I also don't think MLP fanfiction is a supremely productive place to have a conversation about climate change anyway... Lol

Really hoping she fights back every step of the way and doesn’t let herself be bound

Fascinating way of putting Equus in a situation that fairly resembles Earth's troubles.

On the one hand, yeah, don't expect deep conversations in a place like this necessarily.
On the other hand, fanfiction is art, and art is the greatest medium to say something political. Probably even better than politics itself.

While I do think that Spitfire is being rude and selfish, I sympathize with her. And I completely understand why she does not want to go with the counseling, and agree with her reasoning on that particular issue. Changing your cutiemark is literally changing your active skills and talents, your personality. It is like changing your very soul.

Ironic, that she ended up changing it herself.

I wonder how much magic gets burned flipping through hypotheticals of destiny like a rolodex. Mark-manifestation is big magic, divination is big magic, putting the whole entire population through a mulligan sounds like some pretty gorram big magic.

It would be hilarious if this lean magical economy scheme is accelerating the decline.

For that matter, I also appreciate the irony of Apple Bloom espousing an opinion of specific Marks not mattering because a different more convenient one can be gotten just like that. I wonder if she's shuffled her Mark...

mush entered the contest :ajsleepy: everyone pack up. go home. it's over!

Mare Forced into Magic Chastity Cage by Intolerant Left!

*double checks the tags to see if self-harm is there*

Well ok then.

Oooooh, love this character focus. That throughline on the emotional resonance on inertia without the push to change is incredible. Loving this so far and looking forward to the next installment ~!

Love it as always. I really love how the counseling works, it is extremely interesting. Spitfire is just as lovable and stubborn as before.

I did hope we could get away with not shipping any of the main characters together, but it does not seem like it is going to take away from the main story, so it`s fine.

Great job, word-smith!

Ough, this hits. How Fleetfoot and all of them talk to Spitfire really reminds me of how old friends and family talk to addicts. Spitfire keeps just ignoring everything thats wrong and is just so willing to die, and its clear her old team still cares a lot about her, but they just dont know how to get through to her. They want to help her but she keeps ignoring them and they have to watch hopelessly as an old friend basically kills herself slowly by letting herself go

“How is this even legal?” I demanded. “This is magic, isn’t it? It feels like magic.”

Dr. Bloom chuckled tensely. “You can’t feel magic,” she said firmly. “And… yes. There’s a bit of magical waste involved. But it’s an approved part of Last Gasp efforts. We need ponies to prepare us for the next step, and this is the best way to find ‘em.”

Hah, called it.

Just keep mulling, maybe you'll hit a winning hand before you end up with no hand at all.

I also wonder what happens if/when we hit the bricks of Spitfire not having a Talent/future that doesn't involve magically-intensive flying. Because behind all this fancy therapy-talk there's also the implicit demand that whatever the result is it needs to be socially useful. Low-magic too, but useful is the sticking point.

And it will stick too; after all, no pony is going to refuse their own Mark, so when you (Bloom) finds an acceptable Mark the pony who owned that Mark comes along for the ride. Hence the entire Wonderbolts squad being happy and fulfilled going from adrenaline jockeys to physicists.

Loving this so much. Can't wait to see how this all ties up. The different versions of spitfire were so much fun.

What I find really interesting is the one thing that all of these parallel worlds have in common.

None of them are dying of massive thaumaturgical buildup.

Which means that someone in this timeline specifically, kriffed something up. I blame Twilight.

For I adored this. It was so poetic in the end and I love love love that you ended this on such a hopeful message. I also love the resolution of spitfire joy just jumping the bandwagon but actually deciding to take responsibility and help clean the mess they made. This was just banger start to finish. Thanks for the read 😃

Now I have to wonder if in some future all the cutie marks are in a sort of superposition state and ponies just observe themselves a new talent anytime they need one... :rainbowlaugh:

This was a masterpiece. I feel privileged to have read it.

A reminder that I need to comment on your many other stories which I have enjoyed. Thank you.

Spoilers Ahead!!

Contrary to what other readers might think, I enjoyed the mild shipping in this story, and I think it really serves its part well. The contrast between what could have happened vs what actually happened is prevalent in both Spitfire's and Fleetfoot's relationship as well as the ponies' and their planet's relationship. They fucked it up but now they have the chance to restore it. At the end they decide to stay and fix their relationship and their planet :-)

I know my review is a little 'college board reply' but I really enjoyed the fic!!! And I'm always the biggest fucking sucker for love that never was but might be one day.......

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