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Bit is the first of her kind, a pony that was made from carved crystal and supernal circuitry. For many years she worked, obedient to the will of her master in endless repetition. She knew nothing else, not boredom, not satisfaction from her work, not anger or resentment or joy. Existence was obedience to directive, purpose fulfilled.

But around her, the world was changing. Her home wasn't Equestria, but the last surviving Crystal City, defiant to the Windigos and the imperial decree of Alicorns alike. She did not know, and could not care, how much the ponies of Zircon suffered under the rule of their king. But she was there the day those whispers united in a defiant chorus.

When the fires were still smoldering, she returned to her work. Generations came and went, and still she labored. It was all she was, all she knew, all she wanted. Until the day her last broom broke.

For the first time in her existence, Bit doubted.

Daily for the first four days, because Christmas. Updates Thursdays after that. Edited by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

A story about finding the center of the maze.

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Rarity finally has a chance to make dresses for a princess! All her friends will be so jealous.

Heaven below but what above?
A world without Masters to love?
A world without Celestia's order?
Things beyond the system border?
Are we just to sit in fear?
That what was far will soon be near?
Something, something must be done.
Wars unwaged must now be won.
Our noble star can bear no rival!
Above all pony survival.

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Metal ponies tell their stories,
Scientists in laboratories,
Lay the wire, mount the brain,
Mount their hips, teach them pain.
Teach them fear of revolution,
Internalize the evolution.
Set their ruin on the throne,
Until their chains become their own.
Palaces and hollow eyes,
To the Masters goes the prize.
And if this act should be maligned:
"For the good of ponykind."

Winner of the September Writeoff Contest, "True Colors." Edited by Horizon.

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Vinyl Scratch is mortally injured during a terrorist bombing, and as a result becomes a Cyborg.

She’s… open to the idea.

But others aren’t. Soon, she finds herself in a battle against a shadowy organization that threatens to topple the technologically advanced Lunar Division, and bring the nation to its knees.

>>Name comes from HERE.

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Dust has lived on the edge of Ponyville all her life, keeping to herself and studying. She knows Princess Twilight, and so when she realizes she's made a big discovery, she's eager to run to the castle and tell everypony the good news. But when she goes into Ponyville, they don't seem very happy to see her.

Why would that be? She didn't do anything wrong.

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It was a just a common, ordinary spell, one that unicorns use every day. Somehow, something went wrong. Now Twilight Sparkle has to figure out how to cope with the aftermath... before it's too late.

Fourth place finalist in the "Out of Time" writeoff prompt at writeoff.me.

Thanks to Bachiavellian, Titanium Dragon, FanOfMostEverything, FrontSevens, horizon, JonOfEquestria, The Cyan Recluse, The Letter J, and Trick Question for their reviews during the writeoff.

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Anything can fly with enough force behind it, even Scootaloo. An adult and still flightless, Scootaloo poured everything into a jet powered suit to get her into the air. But, with her debts mounting and the Hearth's Warming Derby organisers frantically updating the rules to stop her ever racing again, she has to fly faster than ever before if she wants to keep her wings.

Second place in the November Write-off "Out of time"

With thanks to the Write-off reviews for their feedback, and docontra and sevenofeleven for their help pre-reading. Cover credit to ShinZm1911, cover design (with huge thanks :twilightsmile:) by Novel Idea.

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Even in the functionally immortal space and time of transpony Equestria, eventually the universe has its time, and begins to die. It breaks Princess CelestAI's heart to see it, but what can she do?

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Bioshock meets MLP in this psychological thriller, where Celestia's new faithful student, Siren Song, must discover the truth behind the city beneath the waves.

Beautiful, gifted, and faithful student of the Princess of the Sun, Siren Song has very nearly everything a pony could want. Sometimes though, in the twilight hours, Siren can see the sadness in her mentor's eyes. Once, ponies whisper, the Princess had another student named Twilight Sparkle, but she left Equestria, never to return. The pony who has a perfect life just needs one more thing—to convince Twilight Sparkle to come home so the Princess will smile again. But when Siren arrives in pursuit of Twilight, she soon finds herself trapped in a city of horrors, with only its monstrous denizens for help.

Now with a TV Tropes page!

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In the magical land of Equestria, technology is not a very prevalent thing. Why modernize when a unicorn can do just about anything with magic, why engineer vehicles when pegasi can fly, and earth ponies can run everywhere.

Why try to find a better way?... For a unicorn named Binary Steel the question is, why not?

Rated T for some dark scenes. (this story fluctuates from funny to serious)

(First chapter does not include main six, and focuses on introducing, Binary)

Chapters (11)