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Vinyl Scratch is mortally injured during a terrorist bombing, and as a result becomes a Cyborg.

She’s… open to the idea.

But others aren’t. Soon, she finds herself in a battle against a shadowy organization that threatens to topple the technologically advanced Lunar Division, and bring the nation to its knees.

>>Name comes from HERE.

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Interesting, but I'm really looking forward to the EDM Death Machine part.

7030280 It'll come soon:twilightsmile: Thanks for the fav, too!

Pssst... Pleas consider dropping a like! Every single one helps!

GRRRRREAT! Idea! Why am I suddenly getting Legend (by Marie Lu) Vibes?

Nice Story! I look towards for the next chapter!


FYI there is a total of only three stories that involve vinyl scratch and cyborg(s) that I could find

PS. The like button/counter is broken I have no idea why

7375735 It's not broken. Until had story has a total of ten votes, the counter stays hidden. It's been that way for a good while now.

Knock knock, seven-month checkup.

7632820 Well, hello there Mister Impatience! I don't think we've been introduced. I'm Mr. Very Busy. Nice to meet you! (Don't take that too seriously. A joke was available so I made it.)

For real, don't do that. It's rude to 'check up' on an author. And a little disrespectful. I am a busy man. I have a full-time job, a wonderful boyfriend, a life outside of FiMFiction. Not to mention, I'm also working on a novel.

Regrettably, not every fanfiction writer can sit on their butt all day a type. Try to be considerate, and just be patient. Trust, there's plenty of other stuff to read on this site while you wait.

Besides, next chapter is almost finished. Just hold your Technicolor horses. With consent, of course.

7632930 It was not my intention to sound negative.

7633031 I didn't think it was. Trust me, I'm not mad. But there are authors that will get mad because they will hear it all the time. It's just polite not to ask after updates. It might hurt the author's feelings, because something might be going on in life that keeps them from making their fans happy.

Just, remember that, okay? I'm not mad. But this is something everyone needs to learn.

What does EDM stand for? I checked the link and it didn't tell me anything.

Colts with no Bonnets


When you think about Fluttershy in a relationship with Tree Hugger, well, she did once say "I'd like to be a tree."

PM'd you the code.

7655818 Electronic Dance Music. The story is just named after the song. The song EDM Death Machine combines several subgenres of EDM into one song. It's a pretty cool concept.

Comment posted by Flame Heart deleted Oct 20th, 2016

7656479 You didn't follow the rules. I said PM me the answer. Sorry, but imma have to delete that comment.

Yeah, the last bit was a bit rushed and hard to follow, but the rest of the chapter was very interesting to read. I suppose now we finally get to see Vinyl's "transformation," eh?

Colts with no Bonnets

Ah yes, Men Without Hats... my arch nemeses! :flutterrage:

Not sure what was up with Star Drift... what, is she a pedophile or a secret terrorist or something else?

Ah well. Congrats on your new guy, by the way! You hadn't mentioned such good news before, but I'm very happy for you, my friend!

7657400 SSSSSHHHH!!!! She's both... You'll learn a bit more about her next chapter.

Also, new guy's gone, Hatsie. I'm single. I usually wait a few months before I publicly announce that I'm in a relationship. You'd have liked him. He wore lots of hats. Nice hats. Expensive hats...

agh I would try to catch up on mobile

I'm... Sorry? I'm afraid I don't understand...

I think I know the code, but my phone keyboard doesn't have the keys in the same place.

Oh I see! Well, when you get to a computer, be sure to PM me your answer!

8672422 No, not quite. I've been focused on so many other things (life and my original novel, mostly) that I just haven't had time to work on it in a long while. I know it's been a while. BUUUT, I did write a little bit for it last week and I will say that the next chapter is maybe 3/4 of the way done. It's at 4.5k words.

I promise, I'll get some more of it written in the near future and hopefully put out a chapter. Please be patient with me. I know my updates are extremely slow. It's a serious problem, and probably why I don't have many followers.

Your response just gained you a follower!

Well, glad to have you aboard! Thanks for the support!

I'm really enjoying this story, mostly the world of the story but i really hope the next chapter will be coming out soon but you simply can't rush good creativity can you?:moustache:

This is a really cool story. I started reading it yesterday and i will say i cant wait for the next chapter! Please do keep up the good work, your keeping my attention! :D

Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it! I'm amazed you found this. I haven't updated in a long time. I've been busy with life and my own original projects that I just haven't worked on this in a while. I did get a bit done recently, but alas, this story is not a major priority.

Comment posted by DTFB deleted Jun 17th, 2018

That is to bad because the story flows really smoothly and to be honest I have no idea how i found this story but do keep it up i think its amazing

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