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I'm reclusive.  It's right there in the name.  

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  • T Historical Gaps

    There are gaps in Equestria's historical records. Few know of these lost eras, and the monster hidden therin. Daring Do is one of those few.  · The Cyan Recluse
    6,076 words · 128 views  ·  19  ·  0
  • T Family Matters

    Prince Blueblood. Last of his Noble line. Canterlot's most eligible bachelor. Aristocratic, affluent, and arrogant. But, surprisingly enough, a stallion who knows what is truly important in life: Family.  · The Cyan Recluse
    7,785 words · 2,864 views  ·  531  ·  10
  • E The Lighthouse and the Sea

    A short tail of love and lighthouses, seas and sea ponies.  · The Cyan Recluse
    1,042 words · 255 views  ·  52  ·  1
  • T Guilt

    In an empty dive bar at the edge of Canterlot sits a mare and a long line of empty shot glasses.  · The Cyan Recluse
    1,039 words · 617 views  ·  52  ·  1
  • E Coming Home

    Chrysalis is beaten. Her invasion of Canterlot? Failed. Her hive? Scattered to the winds. The future of her people? Bleak, grim, and hopeless. But change is in the air, and something is calling Chrysalis north, to the birthplace of the changelings.  · The Cyan Recluse
    4,324 words · 5,687 views  ·  810  ·  8
  • E Fallen Foes

    Ahuizotl stands above the remains of his mortal foe. Mrs. Do’s sudden passing evokes a great many feelings in the ancient immortal. Triumph is not one of them.  · The Cyan Recluse
    1,039 words · 2,015 views  ·  242  ·  7


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Soooooo...  It seems that Coming Home has somehow made it into the top 10 fics on the site.  It was actually third for a little while.  :rainbowderp:

I'm quite honored!  And quite surprised!  And quite sure that there must be something horribly wrong with how FimFiction calculates its rankings, because there are loads of much better stories out there.

Still, I know exactly what this means!  

It means I can never post another story, because there's no possible way anything else I write will be half as successful as Coming Home was!   :raritycry:

Okay, maybe that's not quite true.  And I suppose I'll eventually get around to posting some more stories, since I do have a backlog of stuff I've written for the Write-Offs.  

Even if none of it is likely to be anywhere near as good.

Ah, what a sad life I lead as a fan fic writer.  To have peaked so early in my career.  :moustache:

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Thanks for the follow!

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Thanks for the favorite on  Into the Black :twilightsmile:

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Thanks for faving A Second Chance :pinkiehappy:

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I have never seen, a story ranked so high. 5th on the site?  That's amazing.  I appreciate you checking out my little scribble.  Appreciate the support!

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Thank you for adding This Isn't War to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

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