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enargeia or: the unbearable brightness of being


Zipp packs up her now-obsolete flight lab.

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Howdy, hi!

Ooooooh, I like this. You were talking about this one earlier and I was excited to read it, and I'm glad it's finally up. This was a fun echo of Zipp/Rainbow and Twilight/Sunny. It's always interesting seeing an argument with the same root but played out differently between two sets of characters. That even a hundred or how many years between generations happened, there's still the same worries and same reassurances being told back and forth.

Anyways, I like the characterizations, I like the conversation, and I like your stained glass mirror reflection of said conversation. Good fic, take my thumb and hope to see more ~!

Loved this, mushroompone! Always happy to see another contribution to G5's growing library of fanfics.

I wanted to make a small observation. Most stories of this sort, I would imagine, would have had some kind of section break or horizontal rule right as the story shifted from Zipp and Sunny to Twilight and Rainbow, but I note that no such a thing exists--the story simply moves into it. I think that's rather effective at conveying a sense that time is being played around with, and that it fuels something implicit in the conversation between Twi and Rainbow. Whether or not that was intentional, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed that feature. :raritywink:

A wonderful story.

I loved what you did with Sunny here, that almost-there bit of magic lingering about her was the perfect touch on this introspective piece. The atmosphere here, you absolutely nailed it.

You, there aren't too many stories that focus on Sunny and Zipp, which after reading this, I think is a bit of a shame. Also, I really liked how Twilight and Rainbow Dash's conversation mirrored Sunny and Zipp in the end. Nice touch.

“And, y’know, there’s still some pegasi who can’t,” Zipp continued. “F-fly, that is. They don’t know what the problem is—if it’s genetic disorders or mutations or illness… unicorns, too. Some ponies just can’t.”

If that's the case, then Zipp's flight lab would be far from obsolete - her studies in aerodynamics could be very helpful to those ponies. If G5 were to give us another handicapped pegasus (early drafts of the movie starred a pegasus with a half-functional left wing), that could make for a lovely story.

Well-spotted!! This is actually a concept I've been giving a lot of thought - I myself am in the business of designing disability aids, so it's something that's on my mind a lot (and something that sneaks into my writing semi-frequently). Unfortunately, as much as I love the concept, a captivating plot to go with it hasn't come to me just yet :) maybe one of these days!

Thank you! I'm personally a bit of a SunnyZipp shipper, and there's simply no content for them yet! I'm hoping to get some fluffy one-shots out there and kickstart the ship

Zipp arched a brow in Sunny’s direction. “Has that line actually worked on anypony?”


As far the G5 ships go, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Brilliant characterization on Sunny and Zipp. I really like the idea of Sunny being a more reluctant leader and explorer and having her help Zipp train an ENTIRE civilization in an essentially ancient skill. I like that Zipp is nervous about those who already are getting left behind, but there are also those who trudge along and pull ahead to admire/worry about, as they might think to serve their own interest first before helping others.

Their dialogue felt natural and heartwarming, though I find myself just wanting to read more about them and not that much about Twilight and Dash. Not because you wrote the latter wrong, but because it felt like two different stories clashing together for space. I know the common theme is the "Worry about the future," but Twilight and Dash's conflict is completely different to Zipp and Sunny's.
One worry about the collapse of something they built and the other's worry about how to develop something new they found out.

Add to it that the transition was a bit jarring and I don't see these two meshing together in such short notice.
Still liked it! Thank you for writing it!

TL;DR: Loved the first half, why couldn't the story just be about the first half. Jarring transition to the second half, didn't emotionally or rationally connect the conflicts together


I myself am in the business of designing disability aids

Do you have any blog posts talking about your experiences doing this? I'd be real curious about what sort of things this entails

Sorry, no. Frankly I write enough about it at work, I wouldn't wanna come on here and write about it all over again :rainbowlaugh:
I'm sure someone out there is talking about it, though!


I myself am in the business of designing disability aids

I myself have looked into getting into prosthetics (my background is in mechanical engineering), but it seems nearly all the companies doing anything cool are in other countries.

For what it's worth, that's why it's kind of bothered me that back in G4, nopony ever introduced Scootaloo to any of the examples of aeronautical engineering shown off throughout the show - I look at her and I immediately think "plenty of thrust, not enough lift - easy fix".


For what it's worth, that's why it's kind of bothered me that back in G4, nopony ever introduced Scootaloo to any of the examples of aeronautical engineering shown off throughout the show - I look at her and I immediately think "plenty of thrust, not enough lift - easy fix".

I can see it now: Scootaloo climbs into a cannon. The fuse burns down... Boom! Off she flies in
a beautiful ballistic trajectory. Down down down until splat! She pancakes into a brick wall. Either she falls off looking squished into an actual pancake of she just kinda oozes down the wall like goo.

Or maybe like this?

I was thinking more along the lines of that glider thing from issue 81 of the comic (that helped an earth pony get into the Wonderbolts). Prosthetic wings might also be an option when she's fully grown. Even a modified version of Tank's propeller would work.

Oooooo I like the prosthetics idea. That sounds like a sensible option as well as a great way to test how far, high or fast they can go.

I was just playing up the cartoon stereotype for a laugh. I hope it got a chuckle out of ya.

Wow this was actually a pretty interesting story and yeah sometimes the future can be very scary not knowing what's going to happen but somehow we all have to go through For Better or worse and all we can do is to move on and I really did like the talk between Sunny and Zipp and going to the past of Twilight and Rainbow having the same conversation this was a pretty good one keep up the good work

5.3333…E−6 Seconds

Sun in an Empty Room is one of my favorite songs, this story really matches that vibe well.

only partial credit; units are not in time/distance

Oh this was really sweet.

First off, just saying you nailed the characters. Everything Sunny says sounds exactly like something she'd say in the show when it comes out, and moody Zipp is one of the best things I've ever seen. I really appreciate how genuine you made their friendship, and that there are times where neither really knows what to say. It really adds to the story a lot for me.

The big concept here is stunning. Zipp and Sunny going through the same thing that Twilight and Rainbow did in the past is such a brilliant mirror, and I also really like how it's kind of a role reversal. Zipp is Twilight and Sunny is Rainbow.

One thing I noticed about the story is that, it's not really just one thing that Sunny and Zipp talk about. Instead of just the flight lab it's about the magic and leadership and exploring new horizons. It's a flowing conversation about their lives, no set talking points, and it really adds to the friendship point I mentioned earlier.

The phantom limbs are a fun little tidbit, and it's also a sneaky way of including both possibilities of how the alicorn thing turns out. The way it's almost like Twilight is helping Zipp with Sunny is a beautiful moment, and it leads into the twist really nicely too.

In short, the main selling point of this story are the excellent characters and fun world building, and it really exemplifies the themes of friendship in the new series. Wonderful work!

Hello! Have a review. Okay, I know you've seen it already, but I like to put the comment in as well, so that I remember to dish out the upvote! I'll simply note here that my favourite aspect of this story was the great characterisation -- considering this story appeared before Tell Your Tale started, and Zipp didn't get much to play with in the film, hers is particularly satisfying.

I feel for Zipp, and it's part of why I admire pones.

I only wish I could have the same faith that Sunny has/Rainbow has in our world. But it's overwhelming and depressing seeing how it seems for every step forward we take fifteen steps back. I could sign a million petitions and feel like we've gotten nowhere.

In any case excellent story, the reflective nature was well done, and as others have already said, this feels like something that could actually be in an episode.

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