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enargeia or: the unbearable brightness of being


Rainbow Dash is determined to reclaim the top-scoring spot on her favorite arcade cabinet.

In the spirit of May Pairings

This was originally a Hearth's Warming gift (during an exchange organized by Quills and Sofas) for Writing Spirit, who requested a crackship! It's about time it found its way onto the site

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iamsinner systems: read engaged

And it's a comedy!! For YOU!!! :rainbowkiss:

oh my gosh flashback to me obsessing abt cheeridash on tumblr. can’t wait to read this!!

Howdy, hi!

Loved this. Has all the best aspects of your writing on display. Love this pairing and how you wrote their chemistry together. Cherokee and rainbow are just so much fun. Also the way you describe this restaurant gives me flashbacks and it is a trip. Anyways this nerd romance was top tier and I loved it.

Thank you for the read!

Yes!! I was inspired by your cheeridash posts when I was hunting for a good crackship to write :D

Rainbow Dash is a dork and a half and she needs to accept this fact or die by Cheerilee's sword

Thanks for reading my friend :)

Never really thought of this pairing, but you made it really work. It’s great that you gave the two something to bond over, with both of them realizing that they’re not the best and that they have to get over it. I really like the portrayal of the Hayburger as a place you go to when you want to get away from life. That trope, of having a respite which you always return to, is one that I really love, but don’t really see as often as I feel I should.

The characters felt very natural. I very much enjoyed them. Rainbow Dash would totally try and fight for the top after seeing she’d fallen from it.

I do have to commend this quote, though:

I did my best to let go of the perfectionism…

I love this quote in the context of the story, because earlier on, Cheerilee mentioned that a lot of the students’ essays were about perfectionism. Cheerilee mentioned that the essays were supposed to be about something they learned, and I really like this because in spite of Cheerilee mentioning a lot of the essays were similar, it was something that Rainbow Dash hadn’t quite learned yet. This implies that she’s always learning, and I really love that.

I enjoyed reading this story, and Rainbow Dash is now a gamer in my headcanon.

I'm so glad you caught that detail!! I always try my best to incorporate the special talents of ponies who, like Cheerilee, we don't get a lot of in the show. I find that this helps these characters ring true with readers, even when they depart from what little content exists of them in the first place. For Cheerilee, this means that a lot of her character revolves around guidance - both for her students and for Rainbow Dash.

Thank you for reading! I'm so glad you liked it!

It's always good to see Cheerilee get more love (both from the fandom and from other ponies), and it's nice when a reference to the comics shows up in someone's story. I liked reading this.

The only nitpick I have is that while Dash lives in a cloud house, she does live within the boundaries of Ponyville, not in Cloudsdale. (She and 'Shy are from Cloudsdale, that's all.)

Edit -- forgot to mention that I love the cover art. Very retro.

Starlight is best life coach, lol.

Pretty funny in a good way. Love the comedy.

"That was hard to watch," Starlight said, setting a glass of cola down beside my right hoof. "But a really good science experiment. We now know that it takes exactly two hours for video games to suck the social skills out of a pony completely."

Oh Starlight, have mercy.

I love the description of this place. It’s horrifying but somehow so real at the same time.

Also Cheerilee is great.

These two are so awkward with each other, it's great. Normally neither of them don't get nearly this lost for words.

Oh wait, you need to edit the cover so Cheerilee's sprite is taller.

This was a pretty fun story. It was enthralling seeing the interplay between Rainbow and Cheerilee, as their respective issues bumped up against each other and they eventually worked out their feelings. Also, as others have mentioned, you've described the restaurant in a very horrifically realistic manner.

oh man. i finally got around to reading this and wow do i wish i had done so sooner!! the palpable awkwardness between rainbow and cheerilee that slowly turns into a friendly rapport really sucked me in.
sidenote; as an avid idw comics fan (i think i’ve read the mlp run at least three times) i’m completely ashamed at how long it took me to get the reference haha.

Aw, thank you so much!! I'm glad you liked it - I really do wanna revisit this pair again. You just made me love it!!

It's about time it found its way onto the site

Damn right it does, I say, as I arrive super late to the comments section.

But yes, finally managed to find the time to reread this. And yes, it's still as cutesy and fluffy as I remember it to be. The dynamic you've crafted between Rainbow and Cheerilee was captivating as it was adorable. Really shines a light on so many parallels between the two that I never would've considered before. And though it was pretty clear how the story would turn out, I'm just so engrossed in their interactions that it doesn't really matter anyway.

Beyond our rare pair, I dig all the little glimpses we have of the diner they're in. Also loved the snappiness and bluntness of the prose—Dash's personality comes through so well, I could hear her voice doing the narration in my head as I was reading this! I could go on and on about the little details here and there, but really, this story was genuinely majestic as it is simple and I'm glad it's out here now for everyone to read. All I wanted with my prompt was to read a story someone enjoyed writing and you've delivered that in spades.

Once again, thank you so much for writing this, Mush. Hope to read more from you soon!

Wracked with agony, I cry out, "Nooooooooo!!"

Hello! I reviewed this recently, and I had a very good time with it. Been a while since I've chuckled that much at a shipfic. I adored the colour and atmosphere about that restaurant, even as I was glad it was in a different dimension. Ten million points too for actually making Cheerilee's feelings about the Twilight "I Do What I Want" Sparkle School of Friendship a (minor) plot point. Have a like and a fave!

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