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Time to write some fanfiction! Yay! If you have any thoughts comment! I find reading them fun!


Rainbow Dash crashes and is tended to by a mysterious stranger. A mysterious stranger that is still watching over her but refuses to show themselves. That doesn't mean that Rainbow Dash is going to be content sitting and waiting for her wing to heal.

Written for May Pairing Contest 2020, yay! Go join it!

More of my weirdness because each chapter is exactly 1k words.

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bet its apple bloom
wait in the description it says a stranger, so scratch that
my brain is too small

Hehe, why Applebloom?

idk, apples?
also apple boom x rainbow dash is somewhat unheard of
prove me wrong

Is it… Is it that old dude from the episode where Fluttershy and Twilight have to find a cure for Zecora?

Hehe! You'll have to keep reading to find out!... (But no. :D)

Ok, good. That would have been quite strange.

Good job of establishing the intrigue. A great amount of detail so I don't feel lost, but none of the details do anything to ruin the reveal. Not as polished as your stuff usually is though, you might want one more quick edit.

Dang, a new chapter and all I had to do was refresh. Could have read them both at once, now I gotta wait until after work.

well that aint apple bloom.
its a female unicorn (related to apples?)
I'll say its... fleur de lis? (Im gonna ignore the apple now)
prove me wrong:rainbowwild:

What is this (really?...)
Chapter I'm seeing in my notifications. It just sends me to an error screen

I kind of accidentally published chapter 3, but that is supposed to wait until tomorrow. Chapter 2 is out now.

It's obviously Sweetie Belle.

You would say that. *Snickers*

This is probably so far from the truth it's funny but I'm going to toss my shity crackpot theory into the ring. The hosstes is someone that has been displaced as God teir Caliope. The refusing to show herself, the fact that she made both a cute femine giggle and a intmidatig growl, the magic. It makes sence in my manic mind.

*looks at profile picture*
sure haha

The Greek muse?

My hope is for worlds most adorable ent.

... *Quickly goes and starts rewriting chapters!*

More specifically a charachter from a webcomic named after said Greek muse

So I guess it has to be an unicorn now. I think they're the only ones who can physically manifest magical auras. Unless it's an alicorn I guess. No wait got it! Changeling!!!!! An unreformed changeling hoping to be accepted as they are by not reveling themselves. That's why she can't see them, they keep changing into stuff. It's chrysalis. Nailed it.
( I feel like I was changeling my inner Ken Jeong there for a minute.)

Is it Vinyl?
Flurry Heart?!
Hank Hill!?!
Tom Petty?!!

I think I’m going insane…

Should have spoilered Hank Hill... :( :D

The lack of speech does kinda point toward Vinyl, but she’s never been particularly focused on nature. I’d say Treehugger with some odd nature powers beyond normal ken, but she doesn’t seem the type to be hidden and silent given her willingness to confront Discord.

no doubt its donald trump
all in on that

*Maniacal laughter.*


Interesting story, but the "mysterious saviour" gimmick is quickly wearing off.

My own guess? Probably one of the Kirin, in a universe where they never got their voices back.

Well, that's good, because the reveal is soon!

And I'm surprised you're the first one to guess that, since this literally has the alt-universe tag.

Comment posted by Lame Joke deleted May 6th, 2020

well, i called it
its donald trump

Dang it, I totally forgot about the Kirins! The magic, the large tree, the somewhat mute voice...it makes sense! But now the question is which Kirin is Rainbow communicating with. Since the Kirin has amber eyes and is okay with communication in general, I originally thought it was the one and only Autumn Blaze, but this Kirin has a dark brown mane while Autumn Blaze has a more orange brown mane.

Hehe, yeah, while in the show they don't make -any- sound, that would be just terrible to try and write well.

*Cough* Go reread the passage I totally didn't just edit because I made a mistake... *Cough*

Well, it's a good thing I caught that detail, or more people would have been confused! :rainbowlaugh:

Well, you didn't even remember the kirin. I have a feeling most won't remember what exactly Autumn Blaze looks like. :D

Fair enough, I guess I was too invested in figuring out who it was after reading it! :twilightblush:

Hehe! Well the name will be actually said next chapter. But I'm glad you were invested! :D

Unexpected. Didn’t think she was quite that far afield.

Dang. Kirin would have been my second choice. I honesty am not caught up far enough in the series to know if they could use magic like that.

Knowing what she is now at least does explain the great majority of how their dialogue became this interpretive.

wait until Dash and Blaze plays Connect 4

Dash will kick herself when she eventually concludes she’s a really heavy sleeper.

Stay, or you know, visit. Don't have to move in together right away.

I like to imagine whenever people nod at each other dramatically with no explicit explanation that some grand misunderstanding is playing out.

Hehe, more or less!

nice and cute:pinkiehappy:
also i thought you were gonna add the autumn blaze tag or smth i smol brain

Yeah, I decided to do that when it's "completed."

Curious as to the alt ending.

Both endings are sweet in their own way and I honestly like the potential implications of each. I was also hoping she'd get to hear her voice before the story ended. Now I feel like I need to read more autumn blaze stories.

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