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Time to write some fanfiction! Yay! If you have any thoughts comment! I find reading them fun!


Minuette's long had a crush on Twilight. While she knows a princess wouldn't be interested in her she still contrives a plan to tell her love about her feelings. While ensuring that it doesn't ruin their friendship.

More of my 1k word shorts! Have a good day all!

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Hehe, I'd hope so, I wasn't exactly hiding the buck. :D

Comment posted by shawny deleted Jan 22nd, 2020

So sweet.
l am rooting for you, twilight.

Saw it coming, and still wanted it to happen. Very sweet.

Adoooooorable and I suspected shenanigans of the sort with symmetry having been broken for no clear reason

Hehe! Yay!


Yeah. I wanted to avoid that but I just couldn't write Twilight accurately and have her be that smooth. She could recover quickly enough to put it together after a moment, but I don't think she could do it without any outward signs.

Understandable, and congrats on the FB!

"Anything you can do, Twi can do better.
Twi can do anything better than you."

Not sure if that was what the chapter title was going for but it's where my mind went.

No, she can't; yes, she can; no, she can't; yes, she can...

Surprisingly enjoyable. Cute things like these always get lost in the volume of crap that FiMfiction produces.

Surprisingly!? *Cries loudly!*

Hehe, thanks. ^.^

Time Travel magic is like Super Sayians in DBZ:

Used to be impressive, and now everypony can do it.

...ah, right, Minuette attended the "gifted unicorns'" school along with Twilight. Nevermind! Carry on!

(A pleasant read!)

Oh I hadn't seen this. Yay! ^.^

And I will always say Minuette has time magic! Always!

This is sooo short, yet it puts everything on the table it needs to. Sooo short, yet perfect! This is utterly underrated. And quite hilarious, too. I'm still grinning like mad... :twilightblush:
Thank you!

Okay, that was actually brilliant. That ending threw me for a loop. Imagine trying to mess with a pony who knows magic a lot better than you do.

Also, that was less time travel and more a time rewind...I'm not sure how your magic works in your canon, but that seems like a very powerful spell that could be horrendously abused. Or maybe I'm thinking too hard again. Who knows.

Minuette is so adorable that this story made her even more adorable.

A nice, short and adorable story!

Cute n' simple. Reminds me of one of my favorite shoujo one-shots called Game Over by Mizutani Fuuka.

Yay for cute and short! (Never read that, but I guess I'm just so good I can call to thought things I don't know. *Sage nod.*)

That was awesome, and a great ending. :twilightsmile:

All of my stuff is awesome! You should read it all :D

this was cute.

very very cute :heart:

This is so cute!! <3

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