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This story is a sequel to Five Years Of Struggle

Five decades have passed since Celestia's proposal, and much has changed, the royal couple most of all. Though war, war never changes.

Check out the first in the series, here!

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I knew I should have changed my name to Putin and pretended to be a democracy,

Best line in the series. ^^

Okay, that was pretty damn funny. :rainbowlaugh:

Ok ok ...this series is getting better and better the longer it goes on!

Glad to see this series get more love.

Not gonna lie, Kinda expected one of them to pull a Chrysalis and hit themself before surrendering. Still a great chapter though.

I have to wonder what the twist is with the horn ring. There's something fishy going on here, and I don't think it's a real fish.



Earth Pony is Hitler, Diamond Dog is Napoleon, Dragon is Putin, so the griffon is...Mussolini?

This (to me) fixes my distaste of the previous fic where Celestia just pulled the rug out of Chrysalis out of nowhere.

You were so close. Dragon is Stalin. Griffon is Mao.

I think *Chrysalis* thinks that Celestia will stop loving her without the ring. But she is going to be mistaken.

They only question I have is where is Luna in all this? I'm assuming in this version Equestria remains a monarchy and does not revert to a Diarchy when Luna returns. Though I suppose it doesn't really change the story. This is a light hearted romcom after all, not a serious political drama.

Nice work.

“Now I’m only going to give you this one chance,” began a voice coming from within the smoke which billowed into the room. “Give up, or I will glue you to the walls of the city facing east so you may watch the last holdouts of your former kingdoms wither and die.”

"Mabe after this I'll let legate Chrysalis go on to conquer the land known as, Coltifornia." A quote from the mighty Cisar Celestia

I'm commander Shepard and this is my favorite comment on this story.

Surrender or we will make out in front of you.

“But that doesn't mean you aren't as annoying as Cadance can sometimes be.”
“Speaking of which,” Celestia began. “I’m quite surprised you two have become such close friends over the years. Sure it took you a while but I had bet that it would have been another decade before you finally accepted her invitations for tea.”

Chrysalis: "Yeah. I crashed her wedding once and she hates me like forever."

“It's Celestia, she's the weak one. Kill her!” shouted the earth pony.

Chrysalis: "See? Even this idiot knows the truth."
Celestia: "Shouldn't we care more about the fighting than this old argument?"
Chrysalis. "No!"
Earth Pony: "Hey! Don't ignore me! I'm threatening you right now, so notice me!"
Chrysalis + Celestia: "Just shut up."

Absolutly epic storyline with sequels. Next stop? Space?!

“Are you sure bac''kup' is coming'?” whispered a balding griffon who wore a simple grey shirt with a tall, stiff collar.

“Of course eet is coming. Zere were nearly sree companies in vait,” exclaimed a short diamond dog who was wearing a bicorn hat incorrectly.

“And don't forrrget about my ten zousand konscrrripts vaiting at docks,” yelled a stogey smoking dragon.

“Vu're armies are as veak as your peer. Arh ! As uzual it vill pe zuberior earth bony sdock vich zaffe zee day,” declared the earth pony.

“Pfft. Yur obsezion wiv blood and jenés eez a frui-tellz endeavair. Zo long as zey 'uld ze revulushe-on een zeir 'airt zey weehl be victairious!” stated the diamond dog in a triumphant manner.

“Hear hear!” added the dragon, who raised a glass of pungent clear liquid.

......sorry what? :applejackunsure:

Could you guys repeat yourselves, I couldn’t quite hear you over your continously worsening accents :moustache:

“It's Celestia, she's the weak one. Kill her!” shouted the earth pony.

Given who won the "fight" between Celestia and Chrysalis I believe this to be incorrect :trollestia:

“They had Raphael, portrait of a young man out there, the last Van Gogh, and even the amber room!” Celestia exclaimed. “I thought those were lost forever!”

Oh neat :moustache:

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