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haha rainbow machine go brrr


It doesn't take Rainbow Dash long after her promotion to the upper Rainbow Factory to figure out just how tough the work really is. There's a lot to learn about weather manufacturing, a lot to learn about the culture of where she works, and a lot to learn about herself in the process. Her most important lesson, however, is the value of songs and those who sing them.

Much thanks to Holtinater (<3) and SunlightRays for editing, and Silent Whisper for inspiration and the cover art.

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[TVTropes Article]—No Reading Available—[Playlist of Songs that Inspired the AU]

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Ouch, poor Melody.

I don’t really know. We had a falling out years ago that we never recovered from, and the Elements themselves stopped responding to us.

Wonder if that'll ever be elaborated upon.

All in all, good fic, though I'm still hoping for seeing what Dash's early days working with the failures were like, not just the Factory as a whole.

I really got into the mood and atmosphere here. Absolutely wonderful, and the final song gave me chills.

The last song is a parody inspired by The Chemical Worker's Song by Great Big Sea.

A person of culture and impeccable taste I see. I was thinking of Great Big Sea's Process Man cover when I read the title, and imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw your parody

Oh ouch, that hit right in the feels...

That was really powerful story.

what perfect timing for me to sneak a peek back to this site. the writer that brought me here to begin with posts a new thing. let's see what this is.

Giving the musicians lyrics, this time around, eh?:twilightsheepish:

I love this origin story. It explains more about the factory than we’ve ever seen before. I like seeing firsthand all the dangers in the factory, and I loved Melody.

Also, I love seeing Work Songs getting represented in this story, I do like myself a few of those. In addition, I wouldn’t worry, the songs are so old that they’d probably be in the public domain,

I like this way better then the original Rainbow Factory (which I notice you also wrote) Both have an equal amount of gore and heartache, but this one has more of a soul.
But in some ways, it feels like they're telling the same story.
Exploiting down on their luck pegasi to make Rainbows...

For a story that short, and a character we barely saw it really hit me much harder that I have expected.

It did not take Rainbow Dash long to come up with her answer.

Oh honey. Look what you got yourself into.

Anyway. Noooo, Melody! This one hurt. Hurt in a way I didn't expect. Damn, Aurora. Pain. Although, I do wonder what kind of falling out the Mane Six had? i guess it doesn't matter. Jeez.

idk if it was intentional, but the way rainbow has a warped perspective on work and loyalty and the hints that she'll go on to rainbow production is very haunting. This is a great prelude to the occult horror we think of in this AU

I'm tearing up, man.

Melody was the beacon. The beacon was snuffed, allowing Rainbow to fully descend into the darkness.


Even knowing where everything leads, I still feel for Rainbow and her crew.

This was brilliant. And thank you for sharing the music as well.

The second you introduced Melody, I knew shed die. Kill the cutie and all.

Thought I’d go the Rogue One route and leave the question as to how they die instead of if they die

This is one of the few franchises that gets better instead of worse with each sequel also I never realized how many characters where made for this universe I’ll ad a list of them below I’ll hide the text to avoid spoiling people however it should be noted I could be wrong about some of the characters and as I’m writing this I haven’t read Pegasus Device Reckoning

Rainbow Factory
Cloudsdale Weather Factory
Manager Rainbow Dash
Director of Water Production Snow Quill
Director of Lightning Production Doctor Hide Atmosphere
Director of Rainbow Production Cirrus
Director River
Doctor Test Tube
Engineer Gentle Butterwing
Engineer Gauge
Engineer Contrail
Engineer Pipe Wrench (Deceased)
Security Guard Tulip
Worker Melody
Worker Blaze
Worker Runt

Carriage Drivers

Scootaloo/Absentia (Deceased)
Aurora Dawn (Deceased)
Orion Solstice (Deceased)
Cloud Cover

Snowflake (Deceased)
Inversion (Deceased)

Flight Test Winners
Daisy Fields
Faraday Spots
Holiday Shine

Snow Crystal

I don't know if you ever had it in your plans, but I'd love to see a direct follow-up to this story. Exploring how Rainbow was introduced to the process of rainbow production and how she was able to integrate into it. I know it was briefly touched on in the "Pegasus Device" story, but I'd love to see how she went from this still pretty noble and idealistic character into the character she becomes later on down the line.

I think a part of the reason this one stuck with me is that I relate a lot to the drive and ambition that Rainbow has in this story. That whole section of Dr. Atmosphere talking about her ability to work well on a team and her efficiency at tasks reminds me of how my employers have commented on my work in the real world i.e. I'm such an effective manager that on my team and I often complete tasks far ahead of schedule and the company has to find more for us to do (which I don't mind because we all get paid more for it and I get more leverage with the company).

Having said that, another great addition to the lore of this alternate universe you've built up. Atmosphere continues to be my favorite character in this series.

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