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It's never easy taking care of a loved one lost to addiction, especially when the rest of the world is so quick to leave them behind. Luckily in Ponyville, there's always a light left on in case some pony has nowhere left to turn.

Written for the Feb 21 2021 Quills and Sofa Speedwrite contest, where the theme was "Psychadelics", and the prompt was "Only Option Left".

Prereading/editing by Red Parade, and coverart by Snow Quill!

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FUCK there are real tears in my eyes wtf wtfw tf

wow i wow FUCK

Damn it
You made me cry harder than the last episode of MLP

Bruh! the feels :applecry:

Short but heavy. Amazing work! :heart:

Oh man that was pretty heavy stuff man 😢

Yep, I know this one too...

My parents have a similar story - only it was a car accident "down the road a ways"...
They had just moved into their house in deep farm country - about 10 miles to the nearest decent sized town, about 3 dozen miles to the nearest city. The farm was on a fairly major thoroughfair, but otherwise? Complete middle of nowhere...

Of course - they had their young family in this new house, middle of nowhere, didn't know who was knocking in the middle of the night, etc. They didn't answer... Turns out it was a survivor from a car crash about three quarters of a mile up the road. Sadly, there had also been a fatality...

So yeah, until they moved out of that house; they ALWAYS kept the porch light on, and answered the door no matter the hour...
...and yes, more than one storm-tossed survivor wound up sleeping in the front room.

The only request they ever made was "don't thank us. Just pay it forward and help someone else"


Living in a rural area myself, it’s the type of story that everyone at least knows someone else who went through it. You gotta look out for your fellow man when you’re so far away from help, and sometimes we learn these lessons with a heavy hand of guilt -_-

Ouch. Short but brilliant.

As someone who's been there before, in both situations that Applejack described and is in, this hits hard.

A friend of mine was your typical "druggy". Snuck pills from his grandparents, did pot, smoked, drank, anything he could do to get that high. He called me real late one night asking if he could come over for a minute. He was trying to quit and his dad, a drinker, wasn't helping. It wasn't until about... the tenth time he called that I finally answered my phone. I'd gotten up to go to the bathroom and came back to my phone vibrating on my bedside table. Checked the CID, saw it was him, let it ring figured he'd leave a voice message. One of those phones that tells you how many voice mails you have. I have nine. He might have called more before and not left messages but at the time I didn't care. It was one of those old phones that you pay for the minutes on, and all I could figure was he was wasting my minutes by butt dialing me while he was on a bender. He didn't leave a voice mail, just immediately called again. I answered, he said he needed someone to talk to, I told him it was 3am, everyone's asleep and I had work in the morning. If it's that important, he can call me in the morning or come see me at work. Hung up. Next day, nothing. I call his phone, voice mail. I leave a pretty mean voicemail, the gist of which was if he was going to waste my minutes by calling a dozen or more times and then not answering his damn phone when I call him, then I don't want to know what it was about. About an hour later, his phone calls me. It's his mom. He OD'd. They couldn't bring him out of it.

I'll stop my little story there because the other one is pretty similar to AJ's situation in this fic, only it was a girl and her big brother instead of a pair of mares. Big Brother was the party freak, girl was my friend who wanted to get help.

This is a really good story.

Good story, but just for further reference: If dyspnea manifests in a person with suspected overdose, you head to the ER immediately, better yet let the ambulance come to you.

This was a real tear jerker, like... wow.

I'm actually surprised this exists, and I really want more of this type of story... The tears are so prominent, this makes me wanna cry.

Yeah I was about to say, you really don't want to wait until Big Mac wakes up. She should have went and got him up as soon as she convinced Octavia to bring Vinyl to the hospital. That shit can be the difference between life and death.

I've known a few people who have overdosed who I wished I could have helped more so the story hit hard though. (I know my BoJack persona might make it seem like I'm role playing but I'm actually serious.)

Wow. Applejack is a good friend, esp because she's willing to be such for ponies she hardly knows. This was a wonderful story, and thank you for writing it.

This story was beautiful! The reading by fire rain really brought all the emotions to front as well 😭

Like one thing that kind of bothers me is that it was never mentioned who AJ lost, and it bothers me because my first thought was rainbow Dash keystone in the show having addiction decided I really hope you intent wasn't it to be rainbow Dash but I also don't know if we're supposed to infer who the pony was

Not Dash. My intention was to keep to canon, and not kill off any named characters.

Thank you for clarifying that because I am not good with major character death at all especially for sure I really like and My Little pony is my current special interest

As an EMT, I approve of this message.

Author Interviewer

I had kind of been anticipating/hoping it was one or both of her parents c_c

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