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haha rainbow machine go brrr


It's only natural to want to clear a bad flavor from your mouth. Spitfire just isn't sure why Dash is doing this in her office.

Thanks to AFanaticRabbit and Flutterpriest for prereading, and applejackofalltrades for the cover art!

User Skijarama did a reading of this story, which you can find here!

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Quick but fun... and rather hilarious! Good job on this one :twilightsmile:

“...When flying, Dash?”


Gotta be a blow to the poor 'ling's ego, though, if the first thing she has to do is rush to get alcohol.

Well, then. Reminds me of the time when I was grading papers between periods and one of my students stumbled into the classroom, didn't notice me somehow, and opened up my supply closet, where I kept a small stash of candy for myself when I've had a hard day. Didn't know anyone knew about it. Didn't even tell my wife. In any case, he was halfway through a Snickers when he finally noticed me.

It was awkward.

He got a C- on his next test.

I could be lying about every word.


Rolled a crit fail on his perception check

Is there a reason you're drinking that particular bottle, Dash? :trixieshiftright:

10815448 You COULD be lying about every word, but I highly doubt it. Things like that happen more often than people think they do.

/\ /\

The more I read, the more I felt that Rainbow behaved like Blackjack with all the drinking and And then the ending!!!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
You have no idea how happy reading this made me, nostalgia kicked in

"Swallowed a bug"
Dare I let my imagination run?

It was a funny story and I liked it

Completely random for me, but it certainly was an enjoyable, amusing, fun oneshot.

Seriously excellent work AuroraDawn.

I think everyone has been in rainbow's position at least once, be that the a bug in the mouth or having to accompany someone you'd rather not.

I think most people haven't had a bug in the mouth in quite the same way Rainbow did.

You got me there. But I certainly can sympathise with Rainbow's position and spitfire's, if to a lesser degree.

Cute and funny.

Well, the taste of ding-a-ling might have been a bit of a shock.

I accidentally got a seed bug on my lips once. It was in the mailbox and I grabbed the letters and put them in my mouth (wtf was I thinking?) so I could extract a package that was further back. It got me with something foul and nasty and gross and BLEAHHHHH.
I’m guessing Rainbow didn’t make the screaming fuss that I did and the Apple Rum was what killed the flavor completely. I understand COMPLETELY.
Kudos in the story :rainbowwild:

As it turns out, in spite of their colors, Changelings don't taste like skittles.


This is my favourite comment so far. 🤣

Given how some of those would taste like pure burning, I am impressed it took that much.

"What a twist!~"
M. Night Shyamalan

I can't stop laughing


I mean, I'm super sorry, King Thorax-.

What am I sorry about? Uh... life? In general?

*runs aways to laugh, wheezing*

hahahahaha brilliant twist!

p.s: Fireball wiskey is the shit!

Small nitpick: Unless I severely missed something, no narcotics here. Alcohol isn't.

Unless the joke is Changelings *are*

That comment's almost as funny as the story itself.

From the tag descriptions:

Narcotics - Stories containing abuse / heavy use of narcotics such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Light, casual usage is generally fine without a warning.

That's a little bit crazy, because by definition alcohol is not a narcotic. But if that's what the tag descriptor says I guess?

Ahhh, it's good to know that, after all these years, I'm still not too old/mature for a punchline like this. :rainbowlaugh:

Well-written, short and to the point, and I really enjoyed the little aside about the lockpick and the mouth that produced it.

Comment posted by Mother3Forever deleted May 16th, 2021

According to other comments, it's apparently referring to changeling. Specifically, parts of changeling that would require different tags on this story than currently exist.

And this is how Dash found out that she’s a lesbian

Hmm, not bad, but begs the questions to be answered: why, how, where, when, and, again, WHY?!
Did it just flop out and she slipped under him while singing a high note that turned into a gurgle before she realized what was happening?

Thorax: "Gee, Rainbow, you've been under me for a couple minutes, is everything okay?"

Rainbow *Gulps*
"Yeah, Twilight said give you the Royal treatment, and all, but I've gotta take a minute to freshen up. She owes me for this one. Applejack's gonna be so weird when I tell her about this."

Ps, that cover art is da bomb, yo.


I’m thinking of writing a prequel! ;P

This reply is the scariest thing I’ve read all day.

Wait, Rainbow... your hairs are stiff enough to pick locks? Dear lord, what kind of shampoo are you using?!

Well, regardless, didn't see that ending coming, kudos.

Thorax makes his owes.

Yeah... I ended up washing my mouth with a Cruzan Raspberry after I've done that before too...
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  1. a drug or other substance that affects mood or behavior and is consumed for nonmedical purposes, especially one sold illegally.

Usually when people think narcotics, they think of opium, heroine, or just illegal drugs in general. Narcotic is a broader definition though, kinda like how a tomato is technically a fruit, though depending on the conversation and context, the meaning can be adjusted in that scope. You're not the first to get side swiped by the technical aspects of language and you won't be the last. Have fun!

Comment posted by Mother3Forever deleted May 16th, 2021

Mares before stallions.

Damn! Dash really showing "what that mouth do"!

"swallowed a bug" ... Is that what they call it when kissing a changeling? :trollestia:

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