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Rainbow Dash is still competing, but she is not the racer she used to be. After her sixth consecutive loss to an old rival, she faces an unthinkable choice. Her old strength is within reach - but at what cost?

Written hr for the Psychedelics Contest, for the prompt ‘The only option left’. Came in third.

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got to admit you subverted my expectations by having spitfire be the bad pony

This was really good. A very smart use of the premise and the characters.

Pegasi aren't meant to get old. They're supposed to die in battle and stay forever young in memory. Poor Spitfire. And Rainbow. And even Lightning, sooner or later.

The future of rainbow dash making it's last Sonic Rainboom.


Pegasi aren't meant to get old. They're supposed to die in battle and stay forever young in memory.

I suppose in peacetime, drugs are a reasonably efficient method for achieving that.

I'm surprised Lightning Dust is in such good shape, after a life of risky stunt tricks.

The real answer is to quit racing -- or better to have quit while she was still barely winning. As for pills, she shouldn't race with them, but she could FLY with them assuming they didn't have bad side effects. She has nothing to prove, just a reputation to ruin should she compete with them. Might as well dye her mane at that point.

It's certainly odd that Lightning would be in much better shape than Rainbow, given that they appeared to be pretty much the same age.

Edit: Unless, of course, she's using the same drugs Spitfire was offering.

Exactly! This story is intended as a spiritual prequel to my story Going Out With a Boom

Ohh, now this, this is the Good Stuff.

I'm a big fan of stories that explore those kinda "what would happen if this pony were put into a situation where they feel their only options are morally questionable".

It's also a pretty spot on depiction of the kinds of situations that make folks turn to drug use in the first place. I think Rainbow's life could go a lot of ways from this point on, but I have a feeling Spitfire is the embodiment of the most probable outcome here. Wouldn't be surprised if the shakes were more from the abuse of what I assume to be stimulants rather than pain and age. But that's just kinda how I read it.

I also just generally enjoyed the characterization, felt very grounded and accurate. Right now I'm going after Alex but if it makes you feel nice one of my other buddies always goes for your counterpart :joy:a

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