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haha rainbow machine go brrr


When Rainbow Dash is tasked to help Fluttershy trust others more, she finds herself struggling to help her friend understand the lessons. She finds herself struggling even more, however, when her life depends on Fluttershy coming to terms with them.

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Well This looks intresting:pinkiehappy:
I'll read it later:twilightsmile:

I have but one question: Why?

Pretty good work! Always happy to see you release new fics! ^^

(Whoops, accidental double comment, my bad.)

Comment posted by Autumn Wind deleted Mar 18th, 2013

2284619 Because of the reason.

2284655 I was just wondering what her insperation was for writing this.


The image inspired it, and I had to get it out of my head.

I write anything I get a good idea for because I enjoy it ^_^ No ultierior motives.

Woo. AD wrote more non-dark. Sweet.


I do that some days! =D

Aww, that was nice :pinkiehappy: I'm not a big shipper, and even then, it's not sexual in any manner, but I really like seeing Flutters and Dashie paired together. The way their personalities clash is interesting to watch

Wait, so RD's plan was to fall to the ground on purpose at the cost of her and FS getting injured? What's the surprise at the end, I don't understand it. :duck:

I'm also questioning this. The story works so much better as a genuine accident, especially considering Dash's final response. I really, really don't see her putting Fluttershy in peril just to prove her point.
On an unrelated note, the tying of Rainbow's wings certainly works, but does feel a bit contrived. Dash most likely does stalls, freefalls and the like on a regular basis, long enough to have learned to suppress that survival reflex without the need of pinioning. Trying to write about Dash falling like an earth pony is quite the challenge (I would know).

So I'm not the only one that just goes -
*Starts Writing*
? :derpytongue2:

It's quite fun to write that way, but usually it doesn't become more than a oneshot.


Yeah, but what's wrong with a one shot?
Rainbow Factory was a one shot XD

Nothing's wrong with a oneshot, I just said that those lightbulb ideas rarely ends up amounting to more than a few thousand words...

And please don't remind me of all those gore stories :pinkiesick: I can't take it.

2287579 Why is most of your writing dark?


I'm not sure- I'm actually a pretty positive individual.

If I was forced to answer, I'd have to say that the universe MLP provides us is so well formulated, yet so empty at the same time. Think of it like a sandbox. To me, the front stage presented to us by FiM *must* have an unexplained background, a history, and a culture.

For some reason, dark secrets behind the scenes are fascinating to me, and I get more story ideas that revolve around that as a result.

I mean, I think?

2287873 I was mostly asking about this one in particular. The others were perfectly fine.

Comment posted by Shrek the Ogre deleted Mar 19th, 2013

2288043 Sort of. You make it seem like they die in the end.


No, they just pass out, shock and whatnot.

If they had died I wouldn't skirt the issue.

Whoa, an AuroraDawn story that ISN'T gore? What is this madness?
(Actually, I know you've written other stuff, I just haven't read them yet.:rainbowwild:)

Derpin around at 22:00 hrs, readin the latest fanfics, and tryin to write my own fanfic. Where the fuck did I go wrong. Well, I'll read more of ur stuff tomorrow, since I stay home tomorrow.

P.S. Wuten may actually get the role of Dr Atmosphere in the Rainbow Factory SFM adaptation, hooves down.

2284734 Yeah, I often times do the same. I began writing in October or November, and comparing my stuff now to, say ur writing or my friends writing (he's been writing for a fuckton of years, and he got as good as you about two yrs ago) I say I'm pretty damn good. Sometimes, I just don't trust what I wrote. That's my problem. I trust very little, and those few things I do trust, I don't invest too much trust in.

Oh well. Have am awesome day everyone!
Now go, take stupid points from teeny men! Come, take them back!

2287873 I agree with that, I mean the FiM universe seems so perfect as a show for children so I've always wondered if there was some form of, reality I suppose, to the show and when I first read your rainbow factory story it gave me some kind of satisfaction that there very well could be some kind of logic behind some things.

P.S. sorry if any punctuation was left lol I always struggled with that haha also enjoyed this story too nice way to end it

Spectacular, as always. Dat Character Evolution. Mm.

aw... i thought there were going to be moar chapters... it seemed kind of open-ended at the end. or was that just me? :unsuresweetie:

Excellent read the characters were true and the ending was perfect.

Had there been trumpets, there would have been a fanfare.

These aren't trumpets but are awesome as well :rainbowdetermined2:

Always waiting on new fic from you. I personally think what you write keeps me interested in reading.:pinkiehappy:

So to try and get Fluttershy to be more trusting, Rainbow decides to hositalise her? I can't see how that can backfire!

Anyway, I liked this, it was nice.

I wanna know what happens next!:raritydespair:
I demand a sequel!:twilightangry2::twilightsmile:

Sonic Flutter boom

Your picture is upside down :p

“I thought I paid taxes so the Royal Guard would do that for me. I even paid extra this year! That way I’ll be sure they’ll help when things get dark again.”

Fluttershy you're just...you're just the cutest l'il thing.

This was wonderful. It was sad how Flutters has so little faith in herself and touching how far Dash would go to help her out. Exciting end.

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