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haha rainbow machine go brrr


Derpy’s flying, which is normal. It’s the whole “without her wings” part that has Time Turner interested.

Written in 50 minutes for the Quills & Sofas Speedwriting Panic, where the prompt was “A Creative Use of Superpowers”, and where it came in first.

(Out of two.)

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Derpy is truly a mastermind. A genius. And also a very silly pony. Love it!

That was so sweet that I think I might have diabetes now. I just love this couple so much

“Yes please,” he answered, before she finished the question.

Can't blame him, it's not everyday someone is born with a literal bubble butt

Ooh, clever and devious, yet still a bit ditsy. I like this Derpy!

“You gave up the power to read minds or turn invisible just to get an ability you already had, purely to catch my interest. You can be a really silly pony sometimes, Derpy.”

Well, to be fair, the abilities to read minds or turn invisible aren't really as cracked up as you'd often think they'd be, given a number of various downsides. So I suppose that earn Derpy another plus for instead considering which of the options presented to her gave her more upsides than downsides, at least in her mind. :trixieshiftleft:

Pfffft that was so cute

Also not to be a pervert but like...
The view must be great for Time Turner down there... :rainbowwild:

This was the most heart tendering story about butts I've read in a while.

I love it, I'll take your entire stock!

This really does feel like a thing Derpy would just do.

Derpy the silly genius is always a treat. :derpytongue2:

4 Little butt hurts all in a row

:moustache: Did you hear what Derpy did to the Doctor?
:duck: No Precious Scales what she do this time?
:moustache: It took 22 minutes and was more than PG....Some thing to do with bubbles
:duck: PG?
:derpytongue2: Pony Grade, Silly
:trollestia: Derpy's best silly

Derpy is a very clever pony.

Ah, Derpy, the silly genius, lol. Cute story, thanks for writing and posting. :derpytongue2:

I kinda want a sequel to this. Maybe one that's rated M :rainbowwild:

Best Pony doing Best Pony things. What's not to love? Thank you for this.

This is a very cute couple. Pretty cute story, and Derpy just being a silly pony is hilarious.

You’re not just sitting, Derpy. You’re flying.”
Derpy stretched her wings out and preened a single feather before nestling the pair away onto her back. “I’m a pegasus, doc. That’s what we do.”
“But you’re not using your wings.”
“Am I supposed to?”

I wonder what Rainbow Dash would say to this.

He dropped his head into his hooves and groaned. “That’s the generally accepted method, yes,” he grumbled through them. He loved this mare, but she could really be trouble some days.

Technically it is you who is making all the trouble.
I mean, she is literally just sitting around.

He recovered his composure and snapped his head up, ready to give her a stern talking to for her to immediately quit breaking the already-loosely-enforced laws of physics.

Within ponyland those laws are actually more like loose guidelines, with lots of wiggle room.

“Derpy, please come down,” he asked through a chuckle.
“Sure thing, doc,” she said. A moment later she began to descend, though otherwise continuing to sit perfectly still.

With the appropriate sound effect, I hope?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

One thing though:
What happened afterwards with Jeanie and her house?

Derpy has thicc-ness. dangerously thicc.

Great story, why no romance tag?

“You gave up the power to read minds or turn invisible just to get an ability you already had, purely to catch my interest. You can be a really silly pony sometimes, Derpy.”

Aww, so cute! This is the first Derpy/Time Turner fic I've ever read and I love seeing Derpy's reasoning for her crazy decisions. She's such a sweetheart <3

Adorable Derp story with plenty of derp. :derpytongue2:

plus she can make Twilight Question Reality

He can eat her out while she just floats there too

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