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Family is a word Octavia has long linked to emotional pain. And it is that pain that drives her music to the heights it has. For music is both easing balm to soothe, but burning salt that irritates as well, for Octavia has never allowed herself to heal.
Now, a letter from her Mother threatens to reopen barely scabbed wounds... but will her friend Vinyl Scratch be the key to finally bring closure? Or will new wounds open before the old one can mend?
(Cover art thanks to the incredible mod of Ask Lovelace on tumblr)

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So Octavia is an Apple? Well that's a twist that I haven't seen before.

Dude... you wrote it. When you said you were gonna I believed you but didn't expect it this soon. Loved it.

On the story itself, I saw a few mistakes but it was mostly clean. The humor wasn't (how to put this) too much in the wrong place or overused. Subtle but not too little. Loved the magazine conversation. And Octavias food-moods.

Hope the next one comes out nice and quick, too.

Wanderer D

This is off to a good start! :pinkiehappy:

Genealogy is always fun. Keep this one going, it looks like it should turn out great.

My one criticism, in the letter, you had a semicolon where an apostrophe belonged:

Your grandparents are looking after her, but still the poor dear won;t be able to make it to this year's Reunion.

Nice start, I look forward to reading more of this. There was a few mistakes though which I can't really type out on this iPod, but the main of them is that you have a fair amount of dialogue that starts with an ellipsis, after that ellipsis it is technically the start of a new sentence, and so the first letter of the following word should have a capital letter.

YOu have to keep going with this. It's a take on Tavi I've never seen before, and I love it.

Granted, I've always loved the ring of "Octavia Phillharmonica" (My personal preference for her last name) But considering the premise for this story, that's not possible here, so I can't complain.

Also, mood foods. Brilliant.

P.S. This needs more coverage. It's not getting enough attention.

Great first chapter, this is one I'm really looking forward to following now, quite a bit of potential. Keep it up, mate!

any story with Vinyl & Tavi is a good one :pinkiehappy:

My Little Musicians: Shipping is Irrelevant :rainbowlaugh:

Thumbs up if you came from Wanderer D's post. :twilightsheepish:

I'm enjoying this. And yes, it's because of Wanderer D that I ended up reading it. Great job though :twilightsmile:

has potential. you could add more to it.:twilightsmile:

*grabs x-large popcorn and a 2-liter Mnt Dew* This is gunna be gooooooooooood! :yay:

She goes from Octavia Pie to Octavia Apple...
How about Octavia Apple Pie?

That would require marriage into the Pie family or being born of an Apple and Pie pairing. Feel free to make that a story of your own ^^

There's something wonderfully appropriate about using farfalle to coax Octavia out of her shell. Also, Stomach and the Taste Buds sounds like a great name for a band. Waffle Level Emergency could be their hit album.

Also, all Apples having huge appetites and food-based emergency levels is now my headcanon. Especially after the "mowe apple fwittews?" flashback.

I'm definitely looking forward to more of this, especially since this is the first story I've seen to associate Octavia with the other Mane Six earth pony's family.

Well, this is interesting...

Have you ever been texted a youtube video, when you have a "dumb" phone? Same thing happens.
Ever been texted ten videos in a row?

Nerd moment here: back when that one episode of Naruto came on, the one where Kakashi's (I probably misspelled that XD) face was finally going to be revealed, I had a simple flip phone, you know, the brick phone? Well, when that episode ended ("Behind this mask is.....*dramatic pause* another mask! Isn't that neat?") I close to fifty texts come in all at once. My phone literally started smoking and screeching at me. My parents were freaking out. I thought it was bucking funny as hay! :pinkiecrazy:

Anyways, awesome job so far! I can't wait to read more! :twilightsmile:

Very nice chapter. Didn't really note any errors that I'd be able to point out. I loved it.

This is beautiful and you are beautiful. Although I might be biased, since in my own story the Apples are bootleggers and Octavia's an enforcer to an Applejack who tried to make it in Manehatten.

Apart from Octavia being "Brina Apple", I have no complaints about the story. I know it can only make sense if she IS an Apple, I prefer Philharmonica...

:pinkiegasp:*GASP!*:pinkiegasp: IDEA!

Philharmonica could be her "pen-sur-name" :3
No, I'm not expecting you to put that into the story, I was just talking with myself on a comment xD

You said that Octavia's parents never used strings... but a piano is a string instrument. :rainbowderp:

considering i love stories with octy and vinyl in them this one might just make my top 5 here is a moustache :moustache:

... Buck yeah. 100th Like. As Deleteh's most faithful minion, I hereby declare this fic to be a success!

Dude great chapeter. Octavia tellingher story was well written and nearly brought me to tears. And whille I don't do stuff from a Vita, I do it from an android. It can be a bitch.

You have something good here. Don't lose it. Please.

This should be interesting:eeyup:

Awesome. Someone used my suggestion for the name! :rainbowkiss:
...sorry. Had to gush. Gonna read now >_>
edit: read now. And this looks very fun! :D

Quick question: who's the romance going to be between? It's looking like an OctiScratch so far, but I'd like to make sure.

I wonder the same thing with the romance:rainbowhuh: is it going to be Braeburn an Vinyl:rainbowderp: that would be an interesting ship:eeyup:

Well, i don't have any constructive criticism, just basic word of praise. I'l loving this story. I am of course one of the many who immediately wondered why there was an Octavia double hanging out at the Apple family reunion. Same cutie mark and all. Keep up the good writing and I will happily accept your reality as my own. Good stuff! :twilightsmile:

May I safely assume from the character tags that Fiddlesticks is not the focus of the story?

Great job on this chapter as well. Thanks for writing it, I really appreciate the effort that was put into it :twilightsmile:

The moment I saw that band during the episode I was like "THERE IS AN APPLE OCTAVIA VERSION".
And I knew it wouldn't be long before something like this came up.

:fluttercry: Them feels.

A wonderful chapter. Exposition and emotion in an exquisite balance. I look forward to more.


So Octavia is an Apple? Now this is new. I know that the fiddler pony was estimated to be Octavia before, but I personally believe that they are two separate ponies. I call her "Fiddlers Green" personally.

Oh man the feels. Awesome storytelling.

considering i lost my grandad to lung cancer when i was 8...yeah, this one hit me kinda hard :pinkiesad2::applecry::fluttercry:

So she's a romantic eh? Well this should be an interesting reunion. :twilightsmile:

Commence read.

Harmony Greensleeves Apple. Alright.

i am just imagining octavia's reaction when she finds out that she has three nieces and that her twin sister is actually a mother

loo0ked over Greensleeves.

"And we didn't hear nothin bout no sister Mama, nope!" Cinnamon groaned at her sister's choice of words, while Sweet decided to make her displeasure known with a swift hoof to the back of the head. "OW!"

I may have been misreading somewhere, but wasn't it Cinnamon that was talking at that point?

Great chapter. Was asking the universe when this would update yesterday and what do ya know! Hope your new computer is good. Can't wait for more of this amazing story. I was kinda expecting it to be third-person limited focused on Octavia for some reason. Don't know why. O vell. Keep it up.

P.S. Have my eye.:ajbemused:

Fixed, thanks for catching it!

Hmm... Greensleeves' a mother, eh?
Octavia, you're slow :P

celestia, luna if your hearing this, for greensleves sake please let vinyl not do something stupid!

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