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Vinyl Scratch is a connoisseur of music (and mares). She has a great job as a DJ, and fun co workers. But one day, she meets a talented Earth pony named Octavia, who intrigues her in more ways than one. And so, she explores her interest with this pony; she is not one to ignore her curiosity.

This fic will NOT have clop at all, but will be a bit mature

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great story, plz keep it up

I really do like this one, and i would LOVE it if you kept this one going for as long as possible, even after everypony is happy :3 if you ever need any ideas or a Beta reader, I get on alot :) but either way, dont stop writing!!

humm seems promising I shall have to keep an eye on this story as it's looking good:rainbowdetermined2:

A different twist on one of my favourite pairing. Looking good so far so I'll keep a close eye on it. Now I just need to find a story were Vinyl's mute and than I can say that I've read all possible ways to ship Vinyl and Octavia.

I implore you to write more.

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