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Sombra pays Starswirl an overdue visit.

Written for the Rare Pairings Pillars Shipping Contest.

Thanks to Snow Quill, Holtinater, and Shaslan for prereading and editing.

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Thanks for the submission! We look forward to reading this piece and wish you best of luck in judging!

I thought this was an open invitation... anyway, beautiful story- it made me emotional at the end.
Starswirl and Sombra used to love the other and their conversation, filled with regret and sadness after declaring his plans to harm countless ponies... this was well written. I just can't help taking out more than what the author put in.

Not only was this well written but it conveyed the emotions and feelings of both Sombra and Starswirl extremely well. This is a story that could easily be expanded upon and made a much larger story, the fact you chose to make it a single chapter actually surprises me. You did this so incredibly well that if you wrote more I'd read it without hesitation.

I don't know; I kind of feel like this one chapter is all that it really needs. We can fill in the rest ourselves, and we know how things ultimately shake out. The story has been told, maybe not entirely, but completely.

The only thing I would be looking for in either a continuation or sequel would be what happens after Sombra is brought back by Discord. Maybe nothing would happen; everything in here as far as the farewell is concerned feels very final. Maybe there is nothing to happen. Sombra's influence reached far, but maybe not that far. His destruction was, itself, pretty final, so maybe that's the answer: There is no more story to tell.

This was simply amazing! Would love to hear more (mostly lore and like another said what happened when Sombra was brought back by Discord) but do I need to know more for the story to be brilliant? No. This was beautiful and an excellent read just as it is. The main reason I would want to know more on the lore part is I love reading about what people do for the Umbrum. They are an interesting species.

Pretty good story! I feel like you got the right level of buildup, tension, and implied baggage between those two done pretty well. It's short but sweet, and left me wanting to see more.

As a side note, it's a damn rarity to see any stories involving older gay dudes. This isn't a spat between recent lovers or young people; this is a relationship that's had history. That is a pretty rare topic, and I think you did a good job on it here.

Into The Ocean still fucking puts me in tears. Great album! great story too :heart:

“I suppose a kiss is out of the question?”

Surprised pikachu face

You know, I saw the “sad” tag, but I still hoped it wouldn’t be as such. I don’t usually like angst, but this is just the right amount I think. Now I need more of this ship.

Wow, what a powerful, haunting story; it breaks my heart all the more for this pair. I want them to have a happy ending! :raritycry: Wonderful job!

Liked this one. I think the dynamic between Starswirl and Sombra here is super interesting and unique. You build a great world with a ton of implied history between these two fairly enigmatic characters. You set up a bunch of implied history that's woven in between canon, comic canon, and maybe headcanon. I wish you just went a little bit farther and explored some of the concepts you raised because it's all really interesting! Either way, this is great groundwork for a possible future endeavor. Thank you for participating!

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