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A mysterious dream. A powerful artefact. And a great ocean, filled with strange experiences and stranger folks.

The sky is wide and the sea is boundless. Applejack sets sail, and nothing can stop her in her quest.

Preread by AFanaticRabbit. CoverArt by Shaslan.

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So excited to see this out!

Glad to see it is here. ^^

Nice cover art!

It's finally out? Nice!


I'm hooked. Seriously can't wait to see where you take this one.

Wealth, fame, power. Celestia, Princess of the ponies, attained everything this world has to offer. And so, many ponies head for the Grand Line to find the great treasure she left behind, the One Piece. The world has truly entered a Great Pirate Era! Wearing the straw hat sworn upon her by the great pirate, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack Apple heads out to the sea on a journey on the road to becoming Queen of the Pirates!

I get that I'm severely missing the point of the story, and that the tone is lighthearted, but I can't help but be distracted by the idea that the source has infinite power, and yet everyone just immediately agreed on how to handle it. I imagine Applejack in particular would have thoughts of resurrecting her parents (then everyone would have their own deep dark motivation to get control of the source and it would tear them apart etc etc). But the ponies are probably just too altruistic to use something so important for their personal gain


That's an entirely valid point. Obviously we don't know too much about what it really can do yet, but for sure every pony might have their own personal (even if considered altruistic) ideas on what to do with it.

Sure, maybe Applejack will want to use it for her parents, or making the farm self-sufficient... but she promised to retrieve it and bring it back without use. We'll just have to see if her honesty is more powerful than her wants. Usually, in the show, it is.

Poor Applejack. You'll get those sea legs eventually!

Queen’s molding moltings

That's a wonderful changeling curse.

“Oh, Luna’s lights, what’ve I gotten wrapped into?” she moaned, head starting to hurt.

“Pirates,” Captain Keelhaul answered, tapping the map.


So a beard trimmer is the closest thing they have to a doctor, huh? That's actually kinda historically accurate: back in the old days, one of the most important positions on a pirate ship was that of the carpenter. Aside from the obvious need to fix repairs, this was also because in many cases they also had to fill the role of the doctor on board the ship. Yeah...


No no, Mangy Dog is not the doctor! Marrow, the Diamond Dog, is the doctor.

(…dogtor? 🤔)

Whoops, my bad. I guess that makes more sense. Going to the doctor can be a real b*tch sometimes.

Ginger for seasickness! I like it when authors use folk remedies as Equestrian medicine. Chewing on willow bark is so much more interesting than just "magic painkiller". (Except that, technically speaking, ginger isn't a folk remedy for seasickness, since it really does work. But oh well.)

Ponies waste all their time and energy being dramatic!

That's an understatement.

I wonder if the Croupiere is going to give chase or cut the Infiltrator off some other way.


One of the fun parts about writing this story is doing deep research into how folks lived at sea, and then translating that through a series of filters: 1. There’s magic! 2. Only some creatures have hands/claws! 3. Ultimately it’s fanfiction!

So where I can be accurate I intend to be, but where I either can’t or to accommodate the accuracy to pastel ponies would be ridiculous I just… ignore it!

I think it’s a fair trade off.

I've been really enjoying this story so far


Thank you, that’s very encouraging :D

AJ is my favorite pony so this story is already got a plus in its favor from me. I'm really hoping she gets along with the crew enough to do some work on the deck with them. She's happier when she's active and she has the strength to be a plus when lifting and dropping the sails. Go AJ!!

Gee, that Powder Keg seems rather grumpy. Oh wait...

I forget when this is taking place but if it's after the Pony Movie the AJ has totally met pirates before! They were sky pirates, but they still count!

You know I wrote this before I saw the movie so that’s totally my fault.

I guess this is sometime post Season 6, but before the movie (which is after Season 7… right? 🤔)

All else fails, just call it an AU I guess =P

I totally agree with the rules of AU. :twilightsmile: Good story, keep it up!!

It's been a while since I saw the movie, but when they met Celaeno & Company they were essentially employees of the Storm King, which makes them more mercenaries. And then they were asked by Princess Twilight Sparkle to turn against him, which definitely ought to count as the verbal equivalent of a letter of marque. That makes them privateers, not pirates.

They were pirates first. Then conscripted by the Storm king. After that you can call them whatever you want.

I've been waiting for AJ to get more comfy with the crew. She's a work horse so hopefully soon we can see her helping out around the ship.

“If she decides to join the crew, teach her about knots,” he said, before chuckling again.

Did you forget that Applejack is a rodeo champion specializing in the lasso? Also old fashioned manual farming has countless uses for rope and AJ is an enthusiastic camper. The only knots she probably doesn’t already know are likely super specialized and obscure.

I recognize the translation. Ominous.

I don’t know what it is about that message but it always strikes me with a sense of awe and reverence.


Glad that the consequences of unlimited power are being explored here. now to translate that greek

I wonder. What could the modern ponies use the source for that these precursors wouldn't have thought of, that wouldn't end badly

The disrespect lmao

Other than being horrible at lying I think AJ could make a great pirate!

That back in time bit was written excellently. Honestly, all around, I've adored this story so far.

I really enjoy the narration here, the little details of each segment, really help pull the reader in.
I do love me an adventure and it almost feels like Luna is calling to AJ, to go on this journey. However, I could be wrong.
Pacing for the first chapter also feels grounded in what it is setting out to do, by establishing AJ as the main character, and that this is gonna be a long ride, and I'm here for it.

Oh, Twilight you are such an egghead. I am just sitting here imagining her going through her head, to all the possibilities, that it could be.
The Source huh? Interesting. I'm pretty sure it's gonna to drag Aj and Twilight off on some grand adventure...
Really enjoy how you portray AJ here, reminds me of me in a way. Keep up the good work. :twilightblush:

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