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Before the destruction of planet Vegeta, King Vegeta's third son Leek was born. The king took noticed of his son's less then warrior like skills. He didn't want him to bring shame on the royal family, so he sent the child away to a distant galaxy to perish.

The Story Begins Now

(Not a fan of the griffons or alot of death, then check out the alternate side Friendship Is KI: A Hero's Path............Spitfire is main pony)

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You don't need to put spaces for these marks. Example: " He is a worthless piece of trash, I say we throw him to the darkest part of the universe! " <--- Do not put spaces before and after what characters say. Best Example: "He is a worthless piece of trash, I say we throw him to the darkest part of the universe!" <----- A lot better. I like where this is going, so have an upvote and a favorite!

sayins are so cool yay:yay:

The plot
The story
The idea
The lack of any idea what happens in the description
The grammar
The spelling
The text that matches my background perfectly.
Good lord

Definitely NOT a self-insert.:twilightsmile:

2621363 Is that good?

This is for renegades only.
Renegades 4 life

-Kiryu :moustache:

2621794 In this story Leek is a renegade/anti hero.
But in the other one he's a good guy but with a mouth.


2620728 hey roarin thunder i should of known that you would come to this db crossover like all of them

2629730 If it's good, I'll be there! If it's bad, I'll tell it off! If it has great potential, then it's beautiful! And I helped with names for this fic. :D

hey are you going to use my idea for the leek and spitfire story?

2660598 Um what was the idea again?

2660754 the one where rainbow dash makes fun at leek because she sees him as a animal doing tricks and she doesnt know but she is talking to spitfire. Spitefire is leader of wonderbolts leek is second in command and sourin is third.

2661948 I plan on using it. Also thanks for the watch.

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