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This story is based off of My Little Dashie by ROBCakeron, ty600500, and EPICBG. They're My Little Dashie's stories were the best things I have ever read, so now I bring all you Twilight fans, My Little Twilight.

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Don't see why there was a dislike. It's actually a pretty good start to a My Little [insert filly pony here].

Hmm... has potential.

... Okay. I can appreciate this and all, but I gotta ask, if your making something to try and be similar, or at least have a feeling like a story. Then shouldent you take more time?

My little dashie was all about the emotional experience, about how his life was horrible, and he needed a reason to continue, yours just kinda... Drops a twilight on your bed and says "I can do this!" There is no build up, no suspense, nothing. And not to mention your character himself is a little... Plain, he responds like a robot, there is no feeling.

Sorry, im being an ass. But I just cant do this story... My little dashie was a damn good story, and yours has potential, but if feels like a blatant, watered down ripoff.

Sorry. I wont rate it because its neither bad or good.

You know I already wrote a story with this name, right?

Check it: My Little Twilight

247286 I am sorry for this, but I did not know. I do not plan on reading your story to copy ideas, neither should you copy some of mine. I am also sorry to one of the readers that life was horrible, but it gets more into that as it goes on. I was writing chapter 2, but my stupid laptop deleted all of it. I am now re-writing Chapter 2. Again, I am sorry for having the same name as your story, but there is no need to :raritydespair: over it, as I will not copy idea's. Chapter 1 was very short, but I am going to be working on Chapter 2 for at least 2 days, so it will be a lot longer. Twilight is my second favorite character, and this is why I chose her. Dash is my favorite, but if I copied the My Little Dashie name I would probably be banned, as there are already so many My Little Dashie's that ROB has approved, but I would not want to waste his time and ask him for permission. Anyone who says this story is horrible obviously hated My Little Dashie, and the new chapter will be up soon for this story.

Tracked and liked. Now to go track and like the other story someone mentioned. ...What? I like Twilight.

On checking, I DID read the other story. ....This story and that one are TOTALLY different. Stop complaining Zoby boy and enjoy the ride. Relax. Etc. To this author? You will score points for mention of the Last Unicorn book, movie, or, better yet, both. I imagine Twilight loving both of them once she gets old enough. But that's just me rambling.

that is to cute. please continue :pinkiehappy:

I didn't really mean it as a complaint, I was just pointing it out. (And taking the opportunity to plug my story!) :twilightblush:

And yes, they are indeed totally different.

247385 Don't worry, I am definitely (God I still forget how to spell that word, thank god for Auto-Correct) continuing. To Zobeid, I was very mad when I came home earlier, so I am very sorry if the old comment was a bit rude. Thank you to everyone who likes this story, chapter 3 will be up tomorrow, and I am planning on spending another hour on it, like I did this one. To Traveler7, I am very thankful for you tracking and liking this, and to others who like and/or have tracked it. I am taking requests for chapters through PM, but only ideas. The creative part of my mind was small when I started writing this earlier, but after doing 1,401 words in Chapter 2 it got 20 percent bigger, and another 20 percent when I read all you guys comments. Again, I thank you all SO MUCH for reading this, and it will have at least 18 chapters. I will work on it every single day, and most chapters will have over 1,200 words. I have a huge bunch of ideas for Chapter 3, and probably will start writing it earlier, but might not be done until tomorrow. I need to think up more ideas, and I have to build a map for a person on a game I play, so that kind of cuts in with this.

Your doing good. I honestly like the idea this story portrays. Someone who read the My little Dashie Fic ending up in the same boat just seems fitting.

247497 Thank you, and to everyone who is reading, my brain just went black when I was playing Blockland. Chapter 3 might take a while when I work on it later to tomorrow or tomorrow altogether, but after writing 2,044 words in a day I might need to take a break for a couple of hours of so. :twilightangry2: I want to write more, but with my mind just going blank like that, even blanker then a blank flank, I think I am going to start writing down ideas. Chapter 3 may be delayed, and I'm sorry for that, but will definitely have it up tomorrow. :twilightsheepish: I think I might use my Zephyr Dash avatar from a forum I go on for my profile now. I love writing this story, and now instead of 18 chapters, it will probably have over 20. I might drop off some times at chapters, as I usually get writers block just when I'm about to write a new chapter. With over 20 chapters it will probably be done in 4 months. I will probably make a Sequel, but that cannot be confirmed as of yet. In the 3rd and maybe 4th chapter Twi will probably stay a baby, but getting into the 5th she will be about 7 years of age.

I don't understand why the dislikers didn't. Sure some aspects are similar to My little Dashie (Getting choked up just thinking about it...) but for the most part, it's pretty different.

Few fics pluck at my heartstrings like a harp, but reading about a wittle filly member of the M6 (Primarily Dashie and Twilight, followed in order by Rarity, AJ, Pinkie and Fluttershy, but I digress) never fails. They're JUST. TO. FRIGGIN. CUTE! And this story is no exception! Tracked!


if this makes me cry li my little dashie then I think ill like this story :twilightsmile:


I'm going to regret this. I'm going to horribly regret this. But you know what I'll read this anyway. Better get my stash of tissue papers AGAIN. Oh I hope this doesn't make me cry too much :raritydespair:

Chapter 3 is released! PM me if you want a spoiler about the next chapter! I hope not, cause you'll all be surprised. :derpytongue2:

ah when I read this it makes me think back to my story 'Father Night', I think im going to go cry in a corner now...

250809 I'm glad you like it! Chapter 3 was hard to write. The idea of Twilight sick was a wee bit stupid, but I'm glad it worked out. Did this story make you cry? It's not complete yet, btw. It's still got MANY more chapters to come. I am thinking about what to put in the next Chapter, but I don't have any ideas yet. I do have ONE idea and it is confirmed to happen, BUT. I am not spoiling it. Definitely not spoiling, as it may be the best chapter yet.

250816 i am interested. let me know if you need a hand. and the thought of whats going to happen made me cry, cant take my own advise it seems lol and yes i did like it

250821 Sorry Godmode, I'll take ideas, and put at the start of the chapter the ideas and who came up with them, but I don't really need any right now. Whats going to happen will probably make a lot of people surprised.

My reactions
:pinkiesmile: then :pinkiegasp: them :fluttershysad: then :yay: then :ajsmug: and in the end :twilightsmile:


I sense more ad'awwableness in the future :yay::heart::rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile:

Im...Im just going to lay down and cry for a little bit..That was just soo cute :pinkiesad2::heart::pinkiehappy:

250928 I'm so... happy it has that effect on people. I didn't think this would make people sad, I thought people would hate it. A whole bunch of bronies proved it great though, and I thank you for that. Without you guys I would have stopped making it. :facehoof:

'Scuse me for a sec. *ahem* D'aaaawwww! That's so damn cute!

I also disagree with the no-one likes chicken soup part, but I digress.

Erm... good story mate, hope to see more in the future.


Sorry, but that was just SUPERDUPERCUTEEEE! :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::heart::rainbowkiss::raritywink::scootangel::twilightsmile::yay:

I'm coming up with ideas for the next chapter titled "Second Birthday" but so far it's not coming along very well. I was going to write some last night, but usually every Friday is game-night for me and my friends. When they had to go, I played Minecraft, but it kills my laptop. My laptop has an Intel Pentium Dual-Core, but it sucks. The other PC I have has an AMD Athlon, which is MUCH better, so I might continue writing on the laptop, but game with my other PC. Still don't have any idea's, though, chapter 4 should be up tomorrow or on Monday.


This is good. I do like the more day to day life of raising a cartoon pony instead of year long time skips.

Of course, nopony likes to eat chicken soup, ponies are vegetarians!

Ahh! need 4th chapter!! :pinkiecrazy:

306852 Chapter 4 is now released! When I saw your comment, I decided to write more onto Chapter 4, so I did! It's released now, so enjoy! :twilightsmile:

well i hope you can post the chap 5 tomorrow :), its good to see that this isnt a dead fic

Agreed with 315759 and his picture

315759 Might work on some later, not sure though. My head cold is HORRIBLE. My left ear is completely clogged up, right ear can barely hear, bit of a headache, and stuffy nose. Drinking slushie right now, it's actually clearing up the stuffy nose. :D

315988 oh i thought you already felt better from the cold, if thats the case just rest and take your time :)

i find funny that he cant afford pancake mix but he can buy a $400 wii along with two $60 dollar games, overal cute good and funny. this is godofwar88 the fanficfim critic:moustache:

316326 Well, Wii's aren't 400 bucks, they are now like, 100 bucks. The games weren't 60 bucks in it, either, they came with the Wii, so it was 200 dollars in the story. Oh and the pancake mix, can't explain that...

Awesome! get well soon fellow pony!!


Glad to see this thing is still alive. Hope you feel better man.

Tracked, though I find it a little bit annoying how you skip many events, such as skipping months or whole years while you are still so early in the fiction. Other than that, great fiction, can't wait for more.

I hate to be THAT guy but Dash didn't get a bath in ROB's story. It was in another fan-version by GaruuSpike.

I'm feeling better, the headcold is about 95 percent gone. :D Gonna work on Chap. 5 now.

Man, Im a sucker for all these kinds of stories :rainbowkiss:

Sorry, everyone. I asked ty600500 and epicBG if I could write the 4th My Little Dashie, and they said yes, so chap. 5 will be released soon, but I need to work on 4th MLD.

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