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My Little Dashie by ROBCakeran53 left many wondering 'What happened next?', ty500600 took the initiative to give the story an ending, to grant closure to all those saddened hearts. The ending gave closure, as intended, but still left the readers with many questions, myself included. I have taken the liberty to answer some of those questions in this epilogue/story.

Note: In this story, ty500600's Epilogue is only true to a degree, yes it happened but it happened differently.

Dad has been in Equestria for five years now, but what has happened during his time there? What will happen in the future?

This story was initially going to be just an epilogue but I've put some thought into it and I wish to continue the tales of Dad and Dashie.

My Little Dashie : http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1888/My-Little-Dashie

My Little Dashie : A Sequel : http://www.fimfiction.net/story/5284/My-Little-Dashie%3A-A-sequel

My Little Dashie: First Bath : http://garuuspike.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4ckqll

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Ahhhh....that was good. Very well written indeed. I was a particular fan of how similar some of our points were too! Thank you for making him turn down Celestia's offer to make him a pony :pinkiesick: so over done, event though I made him one in his dreams :trollestia:. Very good, very, very good. I would, if you would like, add this as an extra to mine and link it to you? If not that is fine as well, I will be sure to add something for you in a blog post or something of the sorts. I would even recommend picking up a sequel to mine if you would like. Based off your writing style that I see here, I think you would make a very succesful sequel if you so choose to. I have NO idea what you would write about, but whatever you chose, I'm sure it would be great. Thank you for writing this, from both Athanix and I.

106278 Go right ahead, do whatever you wish with it. I was thinking about a sequel to the sequel, all the fun adventures the two of them could have in Equestria is nearly unbounded. Thank you for writing a sequel to the original, both of them made me feel feeling I didn't even know I had, including but not limited to crying manly tears multiple times.

You really pulled it off. I like the similarities between your epilogue and ty's epilogue. Shows that you guys both had the same idea making the epilogue, not making it stupidly happy ending, but a reasonable and definitely a tearjerker ending. :twilightsmile:

106332 I didn't know fourteen year olds could squee up until about ten minutes ago, Thank you.

Nicely written my friend! You've earned yourself a watch, in the hopes you write more stories as good as this one :twilightsmile:

Yes, I was just about to say that. :pinkiehappy:Continue the sequel, because this is a little too much of a cliffhanger.:pinkiesick: Don't kill off mr. Daddy soon, though. If you do...:twilightangry2::flutterrage:


106382 I am a sir.

As for the rest of these incredibly kind comments, my inner child is currently having a field day on the jungle gym that is my mind. Coming home from another boring day of high school, after a week's long vacation might I add, this made me happy beyond words, so here is some emoticons. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

106300 In the worlds of Rarity (kinda). "You must create!" Def. gonna watch you (i hope that doesn't sound creepy :P).

Another happy ending. For only being 14 you have alot of talent, I'm 24 and couldn't possibly think about writing something on this level. I tip my hat to you kind sir.

*Automated Voice* Standing Down Orbital Friendship Cannon. Celestia removed from Target Acquisition

(Me) ..*mumbles* That's what I thought. *grunt*

great short read man! like others have said please continue making storys and make them :rainbowdetermined2:

Confound these cliffhangers, they drive to me to press F5
:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Ah, yes, it has been continued!

109619 bwhahahahah that was funny i agree with him or her.... <_< >_> :moustache:

Reading this from my ipod! Woot! I'm really happy that some closure will be brought to the story, though I wish the original author would write it. Can't wait for chapter two! :rainbowkiss:

Reading this from my ipod! Woot! I'm really happy that some closure will be brought to the story, though I wish the original author would write it. Can't wait for chapter two! :rainbowkiss:

aww this is beautiful :rainbowkiss: even though you could use a proofreader and some commas and periods :twilightblush: oh, and theres only 7 BILLION people, not trillion. thatd be a crapton of people and we'd probably all be squished. :pinkiecrazy: either way, i loved this. it's got that same feel of the original, in a way. the 'i really am getting old' was one of those things that wouldnt normally make it into a book, but it definitely works with this sort of style. i hope you know what i mean cause im not articulating it very well. and the lyra bit made me crack up. i can just picture her seeing mr daddy for the first time and being like Pinkie Pie when she sees ANYPONY for the first time, times three. and yeah ima read the next chapter now bye!

:rainbowhuh: So let me get this straight. MLP gets a fanfic called My Little Dashie, Which then gets a fanfic called My Little Dashie: A Sequel, correct? Now that in itself gets it's own fanfic called My Little Dashie: A Threequel? sometimes, I am simply amazed. I'll be watching this fic to see where it goes.:scootangel:

I do hope that nobody minds, but I'm trying to give some identity to Dad. I'm giving him a name but not without reason to back it up, the image 'My Little Dashie' was based on, 'Happy Birthday Rainbow Dash by Oppositebros on deviantART', has a second part whereas Dad dies, presumably. The newspaper says "Brian Sykes, Age 34, has suffered from a heart attack. Today, a light blue pony sat by his side the whole day." Dad took care of Dashie for fifteen years, so he must be a responsible young adult. My guess is around his early twenties. Fifteen years passed, he's in his mid thirties. Dashie is taken back to Equestria, the sequel written by ty500600 takes place over the course of about three months, give or take. If not three months, it's no more than a year. In my Epilogue, Dad has lived in Equestria for five years, so he is in his forties.

So, we've got age and a name so far. Once again, in the image 'Happy Birthday Rainbow Dash' the person holding a filly Rainbow Dash appears to be Caucasian, the only bit of skin that is seen is his neck. So Dad's a forty year old white guy named Brian. Most white people have brown or black hair, so I think it fitting that Dad has brown hair and brown eyes because Dad seems like an average guy. But ponies don't commonly have brown eyes, they have bright colored eyes. Therefore in the dreams when Dad is a Pegasus Dad has blue eyes, one of the more common colored iris for ponies. Ponies do seem to have brown manes so that doesn't need to be changed, but a brown coat and brown mane with blue eyes wouldn't look as appealing as a brown coat with a black mane and blue eyes, so I decided to change it to the latter.

Most white people have brown or black hair - black? this is kinda new for me :P
well i hope this sequel of the sequel will settle it...

i don't approve of the idea to give dad a name, age etc.pp, but it's not in my area of responsibility, or let's say rather possibility.

110023 I'm sorry you don't like the idea of me giving Dad an identity, I only will go as far as I went in the prior comment. There is still a lot of anonymity in Dad left up to the reader's imagination, for instance his childhood. We readers have nothing to go on when thinking about his childhood, he could've had a great childhood and amazing parents, it could've been crappy, we don't really know. Much about Dad is left out because the author of the original 'My Little Dashie', ROBCakeran53, wanted people to be able to think about it.


Its an epilogue of an epilogue! Epicepition! :twilightsheepish:
Could keep reading this story forever. Brilliant continuation, good sir :moustache:
I like how the epilogues are somewhat similar. I could imagine them weaving together.

Also, will there be moar? :scootangel:

*Reads My Little Dashie :applecry:, Reads sequel :pinkiesad2:, reads threequel :fluttershysad:*

I believe its called a trilogy..?
But hey, I'm not complaining, I want moar!

I believe its called a trilogy..?
But hey, I'm not complaining, I want moar!

109999 That;s recursive fanfiction for ya :rainbowlaugh:

I'm curious to see where this will go and how it will compare to the other two.

If Equestria was real, and I had a chance to live there forever, I would go I really would I would abandon everything on earth and live on Equestria if I had the chance. To bad I'm a planet sized robot.....


It is good but My only regret is that you had it be five years after Brian got here. It would be good to read about what they did immediately after getting here/

Please stop with these MLD spinoffs for Celestia's sake.

110117 There will be MOAR.

110136 What's wrong?

110275 I would too. Life here on Earth sucks.

110308 That was taken into thought, I will put some back story into what happened during his time in Equestria.

110343 Nah. :ajsmug:

Also, everybody else, please don't down-rate my story because you don't like the premise, down-rate it if it needs improvement. Not hating, just saying. Last night I had a nearly perfect 4.8 rating, now it's a 4.5 Somebody is down rating my story without reason. I'm just confused as to why, If I need improvements please by all means do tell me in a private message, comment, or Email. I also have no proofreader as of yet, and the cover art is just something from Google images. If anybody has an interest in either of those positions as proofreader or cover artist, you will be given full credit for your work.

I could just kiss you for this! :rainbowkiss: But I won't...

Athanix is a sucker for sob stories.

Keep 'em coming.

The manly tears cascading from my relieved face will not stop for awhile, I think. I am quite happy right now.

Well I can only find one thing wrong, the whole dash has been in equestria for 5 years now means that Brian is 3,175 years old on Earth and still kicking. Remember that in Rob's story, a day in equestria was a year on earth. Other than that I can't wait to hear more. :eeyup:

[3 years later]

My Little Dashie: A Fiftythreequel. :facehoof:

IDK what's wrong with me, a 24 year old man just squeed when I found out he had a name :pinkiehappy: :facehoof:

excellent job btw. Let me help you with those missing stars:raritywink:

111545 So when Ty decided to leave the story open ended it was a good idea! Awesome!

Make sure to message me when that comes out!


111543 I did a 'bit' and by 'bit,' I mean a fairly decent amount of math in the matter a while ago on the sequel.

Dashie was with Dad for 15 years, correct? Twilight said that Dashie was gone for "About 15 days." That's all we have to go on. Let's get started, shall we?

Earth Time Equestria Time
15 years = 15 days
1 year = 1 day
1 year = 12 months 1 day = 24 hours
1 month = 2 hours
1 month ≈ 30.5 days 2 hours = 120 minutes
1 day = ≈ 3.93 minutes because 120 / 30.5 = 3.934426...
.93 = 93%
1% of a minute = 0.6
0.6 * 93 = 55.8
180 + 55.8 = 235.8 seconds
1 day = 24 hours
1 hour = 9.825 seconds because 235.8 / 24 = 9.825
1 hour = 60 minutes 9.825 seconds = 9825 milliseconds
1 minute = 163.75 milliseconds because 9825 / 60 = 163.75
1 minute = 60 seconds
1 second = 2.72 milliseconds because 163.75 / 60 = 2.729
1 second = 1000 milliseconds
1 millisecond = 0.00272 milliseconds because 2.72 / 1000 = 0.00272
0.00272 * 1000 = 2.72 microseconds
1 millisecond = 1000 micro seconds
1 microsecond = 0.00000272 microseconds
0.00000272 * 1000 = 0.00272 nanoseconds

My logic is that time passes at the same speed in both Equestria and Earth, but time itself is different. It's hard to explain, but let me attempt to do so. Say you're drinking a cup of coffee on Earth, it takes you five (5) minutes to drink it, on Equestria that would be 818.75 milliseconds. But if you're in Equestria and you're drinking the same cup of coffee and it takes you the same amount of time, five (5) minutes, it will feel as if it's the same exact amount of time but in actuality it would be different because the worlds are in different dimensions. It's extremely difficult to explain but makes sense in my head.

If anybody else can find a better way to word that without as much verbiage, I'd be grateful.


The only physically possible way for what you're implying to be true is if Equestria had an outer speed of 99.9^20+% the speed of light. If it did, to prevent inner objects to exceed the speed of light, time is slowed down to just about nothing whatsoever, yet the inner objects/people/ponies do not notice a difference whatsoever.

So, are you saying that the pony planet itself is going at a constant speed of 299,792,457.99999999 meters per second? If not, then this story is irrelevant.

That count as a better way?

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