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A humanized version of The Great and Powerful Trixie is chased out of Manhattan, she takes refuge in the dangerous Everfree forest.


I got an incredible opportunity in my English class, the assignment was 'To write your own Greek Myth explaining a natural phoenomenon, origin myth, odyssey...' Well, on the brainstorming packet where to put your name, it says 'Written By The Great and Powerful _____' That's where I got the idea for this fic, it explains the origin of the Ursa Major constellation that we occasionally see in the night sky.

.../> EDIT: I got a 25/25 (100%) for this. :yay:

Ahead of time, thank to everypony for reading and commenting!

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Comments ( 8 )

Personville... heh.

I find this a bit interesting of a story. Only complaints I have are:

1. Use of it's
I noticed that you messed up between its and it's. You might want to go through and correct those.

2. Use of commas
I think you may have put a bit too many commas in this. Some of those sentences could be split up into two and not be together by a comma. A few others were spliced up too much by commas. This is a common problem among writers, believe it or not.

I believe I had some more to go over but I can't quite remember them right now. So, other than those two issues, it's fine.


You did that for school......AWESOME!!! I did something like that for school too, I got a pretty good grade. Nice fic.

So what did your English teacher think of it?

386824 I still haven't gotten a grade for it... nobody in my class has yet. :ajbemused:

Wow, this story was really good. Poor Ursa Major, he deserves that for playing with his food xD
If you let me ask, did your Teacher already grade it :derpytongue2: ?

467381 She did. I got a 25/25. Turns out she graded it but didn't tell us unless we specifically asked.

467598 Congratulations, you got a well deserved Perfect Score :twilightsmile:

Never got the chance to read this. Now that I am procrastinating my next chapter, I did. I got to say this was awesome Epic. I also liked how you wrote a story based on MLP for an English assignment.

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