• Published 3rd Jan 2012
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My Little Dashie : A Threequel - EpicBG

A sequel to a ty500600's sequel of ROBCakeran53's classic story 'My Little Dashie'

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Once the laughter subsided and everypony, excluding the doctor who stumbled away chuckling, caught their breath, Dashie once again resumed preening, and Twilight picked up the book she dropped when she began giggling and consequently lost control of her magic, from her frantic shuffling through the book apparently she also lost the page she was on as well. We waited another half hour in the small room before I was discharged from the hospital by the same blue and green nurse that had come to Twilight’s home while I was unconscious. I left with a large orange bottle full of purple pills in my hand, the label said my name, under that it said the medicine‘s name, which I couldn‘t pronounce, and the dosage ‘50 MG’, under that it said ‘Take 1 tablet 2 times a day every 12 hours by mouth for 1 week.’ I turned around the canister in my hand and continued reading.

‘May cause drowsiness. Alcohol intensifies the effect. Use care using machines.’ There was a sentence under that restating that it may cause drowsiness, under that it mentioned that if you’re pregnant or trying to becoming so to talk with your doctor, yada yada yada, blah blah blah, I’m a man I can’t even get pregnant! Or can I? Magic… yeah, maybe I can, I don’t know. Even further under that said the date it was filled and when to discard it by. The last thing on it was a description of the pill. ‘This is a PURPLE, OVAL-shaped TABLET imprinted with BWPR (Broken Wing Pain Reliever?) on the front and 198 on the back. I asked one of the nurses for a glass of water, she came back a few seconds later carrying a plastic cup on her back. I thanked her and popped one of the pills in my mouth, swallowed it and pocketed the bottle. I left the hospital after taking the medication, but not before thanking that Doctor and Nurse Redheart one last time for their hospitality.

On our walk home, Dashie asked how I wanted her to meet me at Twilight’s if I was unconscious. My plan was to surprise her with a party for us if I could fly, if not we were just going to have a party anyways, something Pinkie had been asking me to let her do for a while. “…but, on my flight to Sugarcube corner to talk with Pinkie about last second preparations and final touches, I screwed up my just-barely-working flight pattern and ended up falling out of the sky and landing near Twilight‘s library. Twilight must’ve heard the sound of my head hitting the earth and brought me inside to make sure that I was still alive.” Twilight nodded. It was at this point in our walk that we reached Twilight’s library, Pinkie Pie was screaming into the library from the place where the wooden door once was. Her hair was deflated and lost some of it’s bright pink hue.

Spike came outside from the library and began talking with Pinkie, amidst their conversation Spike pointed behind Pinkie towards Dashie, Twilight and myself. Pinkie’s hair instantly gained back it’s curls and color. She then skipped over and hugged the life out of us all.

“Pinkie…You’re…Choking…ME!” Dashie managed to squeak out. I tried to talk but the only thing that came out was an exhale.

Pinkie let go of us a few seconds after Dashie said that, Twilight and myself fell to the ground first, and Dashie, who tried to fly in place but couldn’t from the immense pressure of Pinkie‘s ursa hug, last. We all caught our breath, and saw the pink pony skipping in circles around us. Pinkie stopped hopping when she noticed that I was all bandaged up, she tilted her head and opened her mouth then took a deep breath. I cut her off before she could even begin. “Long story, let me tell you on the walk to Sugarcube Corner.” Spike looked at Twilight intently and she winked, Spike ran out of the library and jumped onto her back.

I told Pinkie everything that I knew on the walk to Sugarcube Corner, and she listened without interrupting me even once. She’s a really good listener, despite her garrulousness. I told her about the plan to acquire wings, the visit to both Twilight and Zecora, the pain of growing wings, the pain of falling a few hundred feet and landing on my head, the pain of getting your shoulder relocated by magic, the tediousness of sitting in a hospital for two hours, the dullness of filling out paperwork, the awkward laughter that ensued before we left the hospital, she giggled at the mention of laughter. I told her of the walk back to the library. I also mentioned the medicine and flashed the orange bottle, Pinkie grimaced after she read the name of it.

“These are really bad, well good, sort of, in weird way! They can do craaaaaazy things! Like this one time at a party, I -” Twilight cut her off with a hoof into the mouth.

“Okay then, Pinkie. Hey look, we’re here!” Pinkie skipped into the bakery, we all followed her into building and got comfortable with some punch and snacks, I noticed that Rarity nor Fluttershy were inside the bakery waiting for us when we arrived, so I decided to ask where they were.

“Rarity is filling an order from Fancypants for a super fabulous suit" Pinkie posed as if she was a mannequin. "...and Fluttershy is taking care of bushels of brand-new bouncing baby bunnies." She hopped around in small circles on her hind legs. "Rarity might come later though if she gets done soon, and Fluttershy might also if the bunnies aren‘t being too difficult.”

"How about Applejack? Will she be here later?" Pinkie shook her head and frowned.

"She's probably tired from a hard day's work on the farm bucking apple trees, but maybe she'll come later. I dunno." Spike jumped off of Twilight and made himself comfortable on one of the smaller beanbag chairs and rolled up into a ball, he fell asleep without a word. I saw that Dashie was getting comfortable on a pink beanbag chair, I took a seat next to her on a slightly larger green one and asked her about what happened during her cloud duties, her face lit up like the day she got her cutie mark.

She flew up out of the beanbag at break neck speed and smashed her head into the ceiling. I tried to make sure that she was okay but she shook it off, rubbed her head, and began telling me about what happened.

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