• Published 3rd Jan 2012
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My Little Dashie : A Threequel - EpicBG

A sequel to a ty500600's sequel of ROBCakeran53's classic story 'My Little Dashie'

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Psychologist Sparkle

Twilight magicked a purple psychologists couch and a small, pink recliner out of thin air, similar to the way that Rarity would pull a couch out of nowhere when she‘s all melodramatic. Twilight took a seat in the recliner and levitated Dad, who was struggled to get free of the magic, onto the couch. He tried to sit up, only to be knocked back down with a magic screen. She began asking Dad questions, at first he didn’t respond but he started to open up to her with time. And by ‘with time’, I mean once she spawned and began slowly tightening magical restraints around him. She began with word association. She would say a word like ‘wings‘, and ask him what the first thing he thought of was.

For wings he replied “Pegasus.”

“Blue.” she said second.

“Dashie.” I replied almost instantly.

“Walk.” she said next.

It took a few seconds for me to answer this one. “Cardboard box.”

Twilight began to ponder deeply, tapping her fetlock against her chin, while she Looked up and hmm..’d out loud. We soon went back to the word association, she would say a word and I would say the first word that I thought of. It went on for a few more minutes, we soon moved onto something else. We moved onto an inkblot test. She began forming images on scrolls with her magic, wiping them away, once again with magic, and creating entirely new images in a flash of purple. The inkblot test went on for a while, significantly longer than we did the word association for, probably because it took me longer to think of whatever it was the ink blobs looked like.

She began loosening my restraints with every passing second, soon I could move freely, but I didn’t want to. I felt safe with Twilight, a sort of solace. Eventually the test came to an end with Twilight closing her eyes and dozing off into sleep, her clipboard and quill crashing to the ground waking her up. She shook her head, her hair coming undone from the bun, and the hairpin that kept it styled flying into the corner of the room, colliding with the sleeping baby dragon‘s forehead.

“Huh, wha…” Spike fell back asleep after rubbing his eyes and mumbling something about ‘Mommy‘.

A blush formed above Twilight’s nose, she tried to play it off casually but we all knew that she was embarrassed.

“How about lunch, I‘ll pay!” She announced, breaking the awkward silence. My stomach decided to rumble in response. The entire room, especially Dashie, burst into laughter. Twilight levitated the sleeping dragon onto her back and began to gallop out the door of Sugarcube Corner, Fluttershy followed closely behind. Rarity had woken up with a high-pitched groan, the sound of the front door slamming shut having woken her up, with a crack of her neck she stood up. Applejack had stood up from the beanbag chair that she’d decided to rest in while waiting for Twilight to finish her therapy session with me.

Soarin’s face was muzzle deep in a pie, an apple pie at that, and was enjoying it apparently from the slurping and ‘nomming’ sounds he was making. I asked where Spitfire was, Soarin’ replied, through a full mouth. “She’s practicin’ …mmm outside, or somethin’ - I dunno.”

I began to make my way to the front door, as did Rarity, Applejack, Dashie, and Soarin’, once he wiped his mouth off.

“Hey, Soarin’?” He nodded and hmm’d, raising an eyebrow. “How did you get inside the bakery last night? Dashie and I were out there for a while and when we came in you were inside. Is there a back door or something?”

He simply laughs. “You obviously haven’t known Pinkie for as long as I have.”

“You just used a back door that Dashie or I don’t know about, didn’t you?” A smug smirk forms across his face as he makes his way outside.

“Hey, speaking of Pinkie, where is she?” I asked, everypony shrugged. I decided to go look for her while everypony trotted outside, “She has to be in the bakery somewhere.” I mumbled under my breath.

I began my walk upstairs, looking for Pinkie’s bedroom. Shortly after starting my trek I heard extremely loud and indolent snoring. As I continued along my walk, I felt a clarity of mind, my headache was gone for the most part but I still didn’t know what caused that nightmare. It was bugging me to no end, I knew the medicine may have helped inducing it, but what could have caused it? “I can ponder over it later,” I thought. “I’ve got a pink party pony to find.” I arrived at the moving fuchsia door. I slowly and cautiously moved my hand towards the knob, once my hand made contact with the brass knob, the door exploded open in confetti, streamers, and whatever else it is that Pinkie loads into her party cannon, as well as the wooden remnants of a part of the door.

I was knocked onto my butt, I looked up and saw that the door had a large hole in it. The sound of giggling that emanated from the room soon turned into maniacal laughter.

“Pinkie. What are you doing.” I said, in a tight and emphatic voice.

The laughter only continued, and if anything got louder. I stood up and made my way into Pinkie’s room. There on the floor, like I had expected, was a giggling pony.

“C’mon Pinkie, we’re going to get some lunch. Aren’t you hungry?” The laughter resumed. I decided to pick her up and sling her over my shoulder, she was laughing so hard that she couldn’t even move. All I could do was sigh, at least I didn’t get hurt. I made my way down the stairs with the still chuckling pony on my shoulder. I was greeted with the sight of Spitfire and Dashie leaving through the front door, talking with each other. Amidst their chat I could have sworn that I overheard “Flight lesson.”


We had all decided to go to ‘Clover‘s café‘, I didn’t have much choice in the matter considering I’ve never eaten pony food, and was skeptical to do so. It was a short walk from Sugarcube Corner, as we got there and were quickly seated at two different tables, Spitfire, Soarin’, Dashie, Pinkie and I at one table. Twilight, Spike, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity at the second. The white earth pony dressed up in a fancy vest asked us what we wanted to eat, everypony else ordered their food. I had no idea what to get, but was persuaded by Dashie to get an order of hayfries, she said that they were awesome. I don’t remember what everypony else got, the only reason I remember what I got was because it was the first time that I’d eaten pony food.

I’d taken to eating apples, fish, eggs, and whatever I could harvest from my tiny garden and the forest surrounding my house. I envy the ponies, they can graze on grass whenever they want, I, however, can not. Believe me, I have tried. I thought that the grass could have contained some kind of magic or maybe…Actually, I don’t remember what I was thinking at the time, truth be told. I shouldn’t have been hanging out with Berry Punch. Regardless, the point that I’m trying to make is that starvation is nearly non-existent in Equestria, a problem that has plagued Earth for centuries. The hayfries tasted …well, they weren’t bad but they were food and I didn’t get sick from them so they were alright, edible to say the least. They tasted like baked Brussels sprouts, but covered in batter, and over salted just a bit too much.

“You gonna’ eat that?” Pinkie said, peeking over my shoulder.

“Weren’t you just on the other side of the table…?” I asked, still confused as to how Pinkie does whatever it is that she does. She blinked with heavy eyelashes, to which I rolled my eyes and sighed in digression as I pushed the plate towards her.

Dashie and Spitfire looked at each other and nodded simultaneously. “Hey, Pops. Want to learn how to use those wings?” I heard Dashie say over the sound of Pinkie’s eating. I could only nod with big grin plastered on my face in response.

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