• Published 3rd Jan 2012
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My Little Dashie : A Threequel - EpicBG

A sequel to a ty500600's sequel of ROBCakeran53's classic story 'My Little Dashie'

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Smushed Cupcakes

It all happened so fast. I was flying home with Dashie, we had gone out to pick up some cupcakes from Sugarcube Corner. Dinner simply wasn't enough, and we both wanted something sugary. What better than Pinkie's cupcakes? We were nearly home, I could begin to make out the homey wooden cabin that bordered the Everfree Forest. I fell out of the sky, the pain in my wings suddenly being too powerful to handle and all coming back instantly. I fell. Twisting, turning, down…I could hear the whistling wind around me. ‘If I die…’ I couldn’t finish my thought.

“I’m coming, Pops!” She screamed over the wind noise, I heard the click of her unhooking the saddlebags. Out the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of them plummeting out of the sky, as they dropped to the ground she bolted off towards me.

I struggled to get back into the air, but I couldn’t do it by myself. I heard that infamous boom. I forced my neck to turn, nearly breaking it in the process. I saw a cyan blur speeding towards me, leaving a rainbow in her wake. My grey feathers falling out, one by one, as I plummeted. The plucking and pulling pain was horrible, I felt individual feathers begin to get yanked out. The next thing I felt was like a speeding bullet hitting me in the chest. Dash wrapped her forelegs around my chest, struggling for both of us to land safely. Her powerful wings barely able to hold my weight, as well as hers.

I extended my wings in an effort to try and help her, my wings wouldn’t cooperate. I blacked out with the ground getting smaller every second. I remember waking up with two ponies trying to carry me, I don’t know for certain who they were. Just seeing a glimpse of those bandaged, blue wings and tattered sky blue saddlebags was enough to know Dashie was safe. I closed my eyes and fell back unconscious, reassured that we were both still alive, albeit injured. I woke up warm, covered in blankets. I opened my eyes and saw that Zecora was standing in front of me. I sat up, only to be pushed back with a hoof on my forehead.

“You mustn’t dare, that drop gave us all quite the scare.” She said, I agreed. I looked around for Dashie, she wasn’t there.

“Where is Dashie?” I asked in a combination of rage and confusion.

“Rainbow is out in the Everfree, so do not be angry.”

“Is she okay, Zecora?”

“Do not worry, Dash is fine, she’s quite a strong equine.” I nodded best I could while lying down, feeling pride.

The door slowly opened, revealing Apple Bloom first, then the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They each held a basket in their mouths, there were small pieces of cloth over each so I couldn’t peek inside and see what was in them. Following behind them was Dashie, she also held a basket in her mouth. She had bandages around her wing, blood was seeping through them.

“Dashie? Your wings…” I tried to sit up again, yet again I was pushed back down.

Dashie placed the basket on the floor. “I’m alright, Pops. You on the other hoof…” She trailed off. My grey feathers were in small piles around me, they had all been bent in one way or another. There were large spots missing in my wings where feathers were supposed to be. Pink flesh was in chunks all over my wings, the cool breeze of the Everfree stinging my weak skin. The Cutie Mark Crusaders dropped their baskets at Zecora‘s hooves, they then trotted over to me.

Apple Bloom was the first to speak up. “What happened?” I shrugged.

I told her what I understood happened, Zecora nodded her head every so often to show acknowledgement. “Your wings seem to be shedding, It looks like now is the time to be acting.” I knew exactly what she meant, I just didn’t want to accept it. She began poking my wings, turning around and testing me. I winced in pain, every time I did she moved back to the cauldron. She grabbed one of the baskets off the ground, she placed it on the small table on the side of her hut. She removed the cloth, revealing some kind of flower or herb. She placed it into a pestle and mortar and began crushing and mixing it. She scraped out the fine paste, and placed it aside.

I closed my eyes, resting my head against the generous amount of pillows underneath my neck. When I opened them Apple Bloom stood in front of me, holding a vial in her mouth. With a flick of her neck she tossed it over to me, I caught it in my hands. Behind her was Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, they each wore a smile. They each turned their necks around, looking towards their flanks. They all sighed simultaneously, their grins turning down into frowns. “You’ll get them eventually.” I reassured them. I pulled off the cork that closed the vial, getting a whiff of the fishy liquid. I steeled myself and drank it. It slid down in chunks, that only made the taste worse. It was difficult to keep down, but I managed.

The pain disappeared, but I couldn’t move my wings. They stayed outstretched. I managed to limp home with Dashie’s and Zecora’s help, the Cutie Mark Crusaders following close behind us. We trekked through the forest, getting spooked along the way. Zecora wasn’t phased by any of the sounds, yet the rest of us were. I thanked Zecora as we arrived at my cabin, she left to bring the Cutie Mark Crusaders safely back to their respective homes. I opened the door, still waving back to everypony. I had a helluva day, I just wanted to sleep.

Dashie fidgeted with her dirtied saddlebags, she held out a hoof towards me. “Cupcake?” she asked.

I grinned, and took the cupcake. They were smushed, frosted, sugary lumps of dough. They were still amazing. Pinkie had really outdone herself, as always.

Author's Note
I would have had this out earlier, but I was up all night watching MicTheMicrophone’s emotional breakdown last night until 2:20AM, EST. (February 8, 2012. Never forget…the epic striptease.) For those who missed it...

Sorry for the short, and rushed chapter. The next one will be longer, and better. I promise!

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