• Published 3rd Jan 2012
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My Little Dashie : A Threequel - EpicBG

A sequel to a ty500600's sequel of ROBCakeran53's classic story 'My Little Dashie'

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No, really I thought. “Let him get some bed rest and when he wakes up try to get him to the hospital. He’s in stable condition as is right now, I'd try to help more but I can’t do anything for him with this menial travel equipment.” She shook her saddlebags. The Nurse left the library shortly after doing a few more things to Dad, and suggesting to fix his shoulder before we get him to the hospital. Pops rolled around in his sleep quite a lot, I guess sleeping with wings you’ve never had before is uncomfortable. Twilight had decided to take a closer look at Dad’s injuries, she did something with her magic and then I heard a sickeningly loud and grotesque pop coming from his back. She must’ve taken the Nurse’s advice and tried to relocate his shoulder blade, because when I heard that crack, Dad woke right up and screamed in agony.


I awoke from the blackness with an indescribable amount of pain coming from my back, for the second time today, yet it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first. I shot upright and slammed my head into Twilight’s, which left a big bruise on my forehead from her horn, thus intensifying my already throbbing headache. Thank Celestia Unicorn horns are blunt and not sharp, or that would’ve ended a lot worse, but regardless it still hurt a lot. She fell backwards on her haunches and blushed, I guess I startled her. She was rubbing her head and mumbling under her breath. I felt the pain in my back intensify once more but it soon faded as I moved my arm around. She must have done something with her magic to fix my arm; to this day I still don’t understand magic, and I probably never will. Dashie was standing at the entrance of the library talking to somepony that I couldn't see, she said thanks to them and waved them off. She walked back into the library with a bandage around her hind leg. ‘What did she do now?’ I thought. Dashie tends to get hurt a lot when doing her stunts and showing off but she’s always denied bandages and special treatment from anypony, even me. I've known Dashie long enough to know that she much prefers to patch herself up.

“’Sup, Pops. You okay?” she asked me. I really wanted to reply sarcastically but something inside of me decided against it.

“No.” A simple enough of a reply would suffice I thought. Twilight stood back up and helped me to my feet from the cocoon of a makeshift bed that I‘d been kept under. Twilight and Dashie told me all about what happened while I was knocked out. Dashie breaking Twilight’s door, the incompetent Nurse, and Twilight relocating my shoulder. I thanked Zecora over and over. Twilight said goodbye to Spike, and for him to watch the library while she was gone. He nodded and continued reorganizing the library as per Twilight's instructions. Zecora went home to her hut in the forest, and we left on a trek to the hospital. With the assistance of both Dashie and Twi, I got to the hospital in one piece.

Twilight opened the blue curtain with the red cross on it with her telekinesis, then guided me into the waiting room section of the medical tent. There were sick foals, caring parents, ponies laden with gauze bandages and broken bones. Coughing and the occasional sigh or groan was the only ambient noise in the room. Twilight walked up to the secretary and informed her of my apparently urgent situation. I felt fine, and sure, I could feel pain and everything but it was down to a bearable level. As I walked into the hospital I felt it dissipate as a sort of tingling replaced the pain where my injuries were. I asked Twilight about it, apparently hospitals have some sort of magical aura that cleanses air and releases it with a mild pain killer spell. How many times have I emphasized magic? I love this world. Modern Earth medicine doesn’t have anything on magic!

We were guided by one of the many nurses to talk with Miss Redheart. She was busy doing something else in a different room and talking to other injured ponies, so Twilight, Dashie and I were brought into a smaller room that had only a few beds with some hurt ponies on them, and four or so wooden chairs. I took a seat on one of the unoccupied beds as Twilight magicked two chairs to the side of the bed that I sat on while waiting for Nurse Redheart. Dashie jumped up onto the bed behind me and inspected my back while humming. She began to dig the corner of her hooves into my back, my wings shot out through the holes in the fabric of my sweater that Twilight had made with her magic.

She took my primary feathers in her muzzle and began preening my feathers for me, it felt really good. Sort of like a back massage but better. It’s hard to explain what its like having different appendages considering no human has ever had wings before, but bear with me. Twilight had brought a book with her, I couldn’t make out the title over the purple magic that shrouded it, but she seemed enthralled in it. After a few minutes, another nurse, not Nurse Redheart, came into the room and looked around for a second, saw me, and trotted over to us. She had a cylinder of clean gauze in her mouth. She asked me in a garbled voice to hold still and for Dashie to stop preening my wings for a minute. Once Dashie hopped down the nurse began wrapping the gauze around my right wing where the bone that I’d broken was, then adjusted the sling on my left arm. She grabbed a second tube of gauze from the far side of the room, removed the spent gauze that was around my head, and re-wrapped my forehead with the fresh bandages.

Soon she left and Dashie resumed preening my wings, Twilight was still reading her book, and I was falling asleep. Finally after about an hour and a half, Nurse Redheart arrived with a unicorn stallion. He was a rather generic looking doctor with thin wire frame glasses resting against his nose, he was sporting a white lab coat, and had a black stethoscope wrapped around his neck. “Mister Brian Dash, I presume?” he said in an official sounding voice. I nodded, and shook his extended hoof. Nurse Redheart handed me the clipboard in her mouth, I had to fill it out a sheet of basic hospital procedure paperwork, which I did as quickly as I could with my one functioning arm. Once I was done I handed the clipboard back to Nurse Redheart and she walked back into the larger waiting room part of the tent with the clipboard clenched between her teeth.

The doctor instructed me to stand up and not to move, his horn began to glow blue, then a sliver of cyan light scanned my body head to toe three times up and down. He then looked at a wall, blinked a few times and projected the x-ray onto the cloth wall as a spark emanated from his horn, similar to the that Dashie told me Twilight did. He motioned to the image with his forehoof, on the image where my skull is and began talking about the concussion. He mentioned that I was lucky considering I had no brain damage or amnesia. He tapped my right wing in the image and highlighted the bone that I’d broken in a red LED like glow, sort of like on the board game 'Operation' when you'd touch the metal part with the tweezers and the big guy's nose would buzz and light up. He then zoomed the image in and focused on my arm. There was one large and distinct crack about half way down the ulna, and two smaller ones on either side of the radius. He rotated the image around and showed me the back side of the image. He explained how my wings had grown out from my scapulae and that my skeletal structure had actually been changed to allow a second, albeit smaller, pair of shoulder blades to form where my wings connected into a ball and socket type joint under my normal scapulae.

My wings were made out of solid bone in the x-ray. The doctor explained how the potion that I’d ingested increased my calcium intake by an unheard of rate and that my body used the 'Celestial', as he put it, amount to form the wings proportionate to my size. Needless to say, I looked like a fallen angel. The irony of the matter made me start to giggle, then it turned into full blown, hysterical laughter. The doctor looked at me as though I was insane at first with a tilted head and shifty eyes, but he soon began to laugh with me. Then before I knew it Twilight and Dashie were cracking up, then the entire medical tent, including staff, patients, everypony, was in an uproar of laughter! You know what they say about laughter, right? It’s infectious.

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