• Published 3rd Jan 2012
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My Little Dashie : A Threequel - EpicBG

A sequel to a ty500600's sequel of ROBCakeran53's classic story 'My Little Dashie'

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At some point in the night Dashie must’ve fallen asleep, because that night we shared another mutual dream. I was saved from the nightmare I was having. A nightmare in which I was inside of an enormously large and indescribably dark space. I was alone, everything was black. All I could see was myself, I radiated with light amidst the darkness. I walked around inside of the void, looking for a way out. Eventually I found it; A pair of giant wooden doors. Something you’d see on a stone medieval castle during the middle ages. There was light seeping out of the crack in between the two doors. "An exit: Freedom", or so I thought it was an exit. I begin walking towards these enormous pair of doors. I look to my left, over my shoulder behind me. I see my that I still have my wings.

"Good," I think within the dream. I extend my wings and begin flapping. I’ve mastered how my wings work in these dreams, yet In the real world I can’t even hover properly. I begin flapping. Harder and harder. My lungs are on fire, my wings are aching. I could feel the throbbing through my sleep. After a difficult flight up, I eventually reach a pair of steel rings, one in middle of each door. I reach both of my hands out and attempt to pull one of the rings in an effort to open the door. I touched the ring and found myself blinded by a white light. I ‘woke up’ on the ground, laying on my back. I stood up, with the help of my powerful grey wings, and began to look around for another exit. I looked everywhere. Everywhere but down.

I looked down, wanting to rule out the chances that the doors are somehow under me. They weren’t. What I saw instead was black tendrils growing out of the ground, they began wrapping themselves around my ankles and pulled. I got free of them easily enough. For now. I began flying, I didn’t know nor did I care where I was going, just as long as it was away from those...things. The tendrils caught up to me and surrounded me in the air. They wrapped around my arms and legs, squeezing tightly as they did so. Then they got around to my wings. They pulled and yanked at my wings. I tried to fight it as best I could but I knew that they’d overpower me soon enough. I felt a pain in my back. Then there was a sickening crunch. The blackness began tightening around my wings.

They wrapped around my wings. Tighter and tighter. The pain was, once again, indescribable. I can not put into words what I felt at that time. It began twisting and pulling even harder. Yanking and turning. Ripping and tearing. Crack. Pop. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I began to convulse. The tendrils had snapped my wings in half down the radial carpal bone in the middle and pulled the other remaining halves out of my back, all very slowly. It knew that I could feel it. It dragged me down to the ‘ground’, knowing that I was helpless to fight it. I made impact with the floor with a thud as I began to sink down. My bleeding back holes began to drink in the black liquid. I felt it flowing through me with every breath that I gasped and fought for.

The liquid got to my neck, I was still struggling, shouting, and convulsing through the pain. The blackness went into my mouth as I screamed out in pain and desperation. I reached my hands up hoping to grab anything, anyone, anypony. Then I felt it. Something solid wrap around my arm. It pulled me up out of the darkness. I opened my eyes. There was a pair of rose rimmed eyes staring back at me. Dashie‘s eyes staring back at me. Longing for me. She pulled me out of the void. The scenery instantaneously changed itself again.


I pulled him out of this black liquid that was he was drowning in. I saw him struggling from a few hundred hooves away, I flew as fast as I could to him but by the time I got there I could barely see him. His pale hand was the only part of him that I could see, even that was still struggling to get out of the black lake. I pulled him out, it was difficult but I did it. I wouldn’t let some stupid water take my Pops from me. I pulled him out slowly, he slid out with a pop as the blackness gurgled up at me. His one arm was around my two fore hooves as I struggled to get him out all the way. He was covered in black and his wings were gone. In their place was bloody holes covered in black.

I dragged him through the air, towards the door that I’d came from. Behind it was a room of pure light, and nothing else. That’s where I’d ‘woken up‘ the first time. I had began to search around, knowing that Dad had already fallen asleep before I did. I saw a pair of huge doors. I flew up to them in a jiffy and touched the large iron rings and was surrounded by blackness. I ‘woke up’ again in blackness. The same blackness where I found Dad. I began to search for him, and after flying around for some time I saw him sinking down into the darkness. When we got to the door, I slammed into it. It didn’t budge. I flew back and tried again, even harder this time. Nothing. I didn’t know what to do.

We hovered there for a few minutes, not knowing what to do. Dad was bleeding out. Fast. Then I remembered that we were asleep! “It’s all a dream. Pinkie wake us up!” I screamed, it echoed in the darkness. The door opened, revealing a white fog. In the fog I saw two things that looked like Pops, they stood upright like him and wore clothes. I couldn't make out much more than that, they were just silhouettes to me, but one of them was a bit taller than the other. The fog seeped out of the door and surrounded both of us as we returned to reality, the two things watched us from afar.


Dashie and I awoke gasping for breath and struggling to stave off shivers. We were sweating profusely yet had horrible chills. I looked behind me to check if I had my wings. They were there, and the pain they emitted was very real. I reached into my pocket and popped another pill into my mouth. Then re-read the label. ‘Do not take within a half hour of sleep, may induce nightmares’ “You. Are. Kidding.” I said, all very slowly, putting emphasis on every single syllable. I took a deep sigh and cupped my head in my hands, my palms resting against my cheek bones and my fingers running through the front of my now graying hair.

“A’ y’all alria’t?” I heard a deeply accented voice call out.

I lifted my head from my hands to see Applejack looking up to me, everypony else was in a semi-circle behind her, looking at me and Dashie with confused faces.

I shook my head ‘No’.

“What’s up sugarcube?” She said as she rested an orange hoof on my shoulder.

I didn’t know what was wrong. I just had an incredibly graphic nightmare. ‘Why? Nightmares only happen when your subconscious is trying to tell you something, that something is wrong or something needs mending. What is that something? What is it? WHAT IS IT!!!’ I screamed in my head, over and over. I began running my hands through my head, trying not pull at my hair. The hoof on my shoulder moved, the pony that hoof belonged to walked backwards slowly. I hear another pair of hooves moving on the floor, walking towards me. I opened my eyes again and saw Twilight, her hair in a bun and a levitating clipboard around her, as well as a red quill with an ink pot. Resting against her nose were some grey glasses.

“I - What...?” She looked ridiculous, yet adorable at the same time. I tried to stand up, only to be forced back into the beanbag chair by a screen of magic.

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