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Brony Chronicler

I am brony chronicler, I chronicle the tales of the bronies (as well as write some of my own). If I like your story, I might read it on my youtube channel.


I'm a huge fan of My Little Dashie, I like it even more than the original source material My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I've written here a couple of fan fics of events that the original story DIDN'T cover. The stories are independent from one another and are all stand alone.

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:fluttercry: Are you happy? You made me cry!

Great story though! Dem feels!:twilightsmile:

Ok... Ok:applecry:
Time to man up and be a boss reading this!!!!:flutterrage::rainbowdetermined2:

in this world we have a show about mlp. do u think there in the mlp world has a show on us humans

Oooh! I love that fic! I shall give this a read!:twilightsmile:

Edit: Read it! It was awesome! So carefully written and the grammer is perfect! Except on the Halloween chapter when "Freightful" was used instead of "Frightful" Anyway, this story is beautiful! I loved the part when he got her Soarin'...it was so cute! SoarDash is my 2nd favorite MLP pair, anyway! This is awesome! If you plan on writing more, I hope you do!!

Comment posted by ScooterFiction deleted Dec 24th, 2012

1845046>>Yes, I'm happy. Glad you enjoyed the story.

Im sorry that everyone thinks your another MLD rip-offer and you are but this is different. this is GOOD! i love MLD and your stories. all i can say is screw what other people think. your the one who likes it. thats all that matters. you an come from fucking mars and i wouldnt care as much as i should because your you and thats all you need to worry about and dont take this as a 'i dont like having freinds' coment because i do like having freinds but if they dont like what youve done and only explain what you did wrong with 'it just sucks' fuck`em. they dont deserve to be your freind and your better than that. you deserve a day with the guy who wrote MLD in the first place and share your thoughts about it. your style of writing near-matches his and you would be happy. (i dont say that lightly dude)

on the whole good work and keep it up. id love to see what else you pull out


1903354 Truth is I've already put these on DA and youtube where they've gotten warmer reception. I'm actually putting them here to pave the way for a new fan fic which I'll be putting up soon.

1903354 Also, I've actually run into the guy who wrote MLD (on DA) and he liked sick day.

This story is great. You my friend have done an incredible job representing MLD and the great bronies who wrote the series.:rainbowkiss:

I hope you continue on with this story.

why don't people make stuff like this? Technically, it's not a total rip-off. Just some side-stories in the original MLD,:derpytongue2:

MLD is the pure definition of awesome. There's a movie going to made about it, can't wait to watch.

...rambling, sorry. Have a mustache.:moustache:

2017070 I will if I can come up with more

poor RD :(
i was almost crying :fluttercry: :raritycry:


yeah me too
IM NERVOXITED :twilightsmile:

:raritycry: So sweeeeeet. THE FEELS!

Freddy Krueger is best movie character. Ever. If you say otherwise, your opinion is wrong.

Please tell me the dark tag was only for the Halloween chaper... I've fallen in love with this story and I don't want to find myself crying at night having a nightmare. :applecry:

My god, I love this story! Please don't leave dead :scootangel:

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