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This story is a sequel to Daughter of Discord

A series of one-shots detailing the adventures of five fillies on a quest to find what makes them special and earn their cutie marks.

Prism: the flightless pegasus overshadowed by her Wonderbolt parents and her talented older siblings, eager to prove herself to her family.

Gemstone: the spoiled yet slightly absent-minded unicorn hailing from Canterlot, seeking out friends who will accept her for who she is.

The Tri-Pies (Blueberry, Raspberry and Cherry): the energetic triplets, joined at the hip since birth (not literally), but cannot seem to handle themselves individually.

Artwork courtesy of Nstone53

Stories (no real spoilers, just brief synopses):

A New Beginning: Prism is tired of being picked on for not being able to fly and for being a blank flank, so with the help of her Aunt Scootaloo, she gets her best friends Blueberry, Raspberry and Cherry to form the new generation of The Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Odd One Out: Gemstone wants to join the Cutie Mark Crusaders, but Prism won't let her.

Trial and Error: The new Cutie Mark Crusaders spend the day trying new things and will hopefully discover their super special talents.

Words, Words, Words: Gemstone isn't doing so well in school and believes herself to be stupid. Will her friends discover her secret?

Three of a Kind: The Tri-Pies are very special fillies and are able to do all kinds of things, but for some reason can't seem to get their cutie marks. Even though they are triplets, are they truly as alike as they think?

The Secret Admirer: It's Hearts and Hooves Day and Prism gets a beautiful card from an anonymous pony. Who is her secret crush?

The Strange Case of Cheese Sandwich: Blueberry discovers that there was another stallion in her mother's life and is determined to find out what happened to him.

April Foals: Prism's prank on the Tri-Pies leads to unexpected results.

Weekend at Uncle Discord's: Days One and Two: While Scootaloo is away, the Dash siblings spend the weekend with Discord, Fluttershy, Screwball, Mothball (Screwball's changeling boyfriend) and baby Zany. During this weekend, Prism is determined to prove to her older brother and sister that she would be a better older sibling than them. Her wish comes true, but not in the way she had in mind.

Weekend at Uncle Discord's: Day Three (completely unrelated to the plot of Days One and Two): Gemstone and the Tri-Pies come visit Prism at Discord's castle for a play date. They decide to explore the many rooms there in hopes of earning their cutie marks, but there's no telling what lies behind each door in the Castle of Chaos.

Weddings: At their Aunt Twilight Sparkle's wedding, the CMC ask their parents about their weddings.

Until We Meet Again: Rainbow Dash and Soarin are going to Afghanisteed, and Prism is worried that they won't come back.

First Crush: The Tri-Pies have always been inseparable, but a cute new colt in class causes friction between them.

Baby Boo: Gemstone's new baby sister arrives, and Gem is determined to be the best big sister ever. However, with her family handling everything, she feels useless. When Nightmare Night comes around, she gets the chance to prove herself.

Politically Incorrect: Friction develops between the CMC when it is announced both Gemstone's and the Tri-Pies' fathers are running for Mayor of Ponyville.

Compromises: Lemon Drop gets into a fight with Raspberry. Is this the end of their relationship?

White Swan: Cherry and Gemstone work on a school project together and become closer friends than ever. When Gemstone wants to hang out with some pony else, Cherry starts feeling icky and she doesn't know why.

Rock Pies: The Tri-Pies receive a visit from their cousins from the rock farm.

Lonely Apples Club: Cherry gets crush advice from an unlikely source.

Whinny Land: On a day trip to the amusement park, Cherry and Blueberry seek to solve an urban legend, Gemstone and Raspberry play matchmaker, and Prism runs into an old friend.

Gift of the Raspberry Lemon: While making Hearth's Warming cards, Raspberry makes a startling discovery about her coltfriend.

Stories: For Hearts and Hooves Day, the class must write a report on how their parents met. Raspberry worries her report is going to sound exactly like her sisters'.

El Tango de Triángulos: At the Hearts and Hooves Day party, Raspberry decides to help a friend with a romantic dilemma while Blueberry helps Cherry with her own. Unbeknownst to them, another pony has their own little romantic scheme cooked up.

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A few things:

Couldn't Cheerilee have confirmed Prism's story? Looking back, it doesn't look like you mentioned her being there, but her husband and daughter both were. So I find it hard to believe that she wouldn't know all about it.. Actually, that's the sort of thing most of Equestria, or at least Ponyville, should have been aware of.

"...hereby pledge to be loyal, caring, respectful and honest to my fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders."
"...hereby pledge to be loyal, caring and honest to my fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders."

They left out respectful. Was that intentional?

are you writing more chapters? :rainbowhuh:if so, i cant wait for next chapter!!!:pinkiehappy:

The nostalgia with that four-square game.

Also, Applespike. Apple family strikes again with their creative naming skills.

3563060 Whoops.:derpytongue2: Fixed that part.
As for the saving Equestria and no one believing them thing, that's going along with what seems to be a running gag in seasons 1 and 2, that even though the mane 6 saved Equestria a thousand times, no pony recognizes them (if you'll remember Sweet and Elite)!
Though you're right about Cheerilee. I thought about that, but for some reason I didn't incorporate it.

This... is... awesome! More, please! :fluttershysad:

This universe is a great universe, and you, madame, are an excellent writer.

I'll check this one out later. The description drew me in and cover art sells.

I have a hard time imagining AJ with Spike... very little in common in the show and Spike should be about six years younger too. If I had to ship Spike with an Apple, it would have picked AB since they are a much closer age match and Spike has a history of getting mixed into the original CMCs' stories much more thoroughly than the mane6's.

Of course, I haven't read the author's other stories so I might be writing this out-of-context.

3569225 Well, I ship it because they have so many little moments in the show, like the almost-kiss in "A Dog and Pony Show" and "Spike at Your Service." And in this universe, they waited a while before getting married (a long while). I totally respect your opinion, but remember this is AU, so it's not like the pairing is etched in stone.

3569225 If you need a better explanation, read "I Love Ya to the Core" or "The Discord Dating Game."

This is very well done. No misprints, good sentence and paragraph structure, great dialog and characters and an interesting story. I'll be watching your work.

Dear Jesus, Pinkie had three kids?

Fuck it, it's over. The world cannot handle this much energy.

Applespi- WHAT. Applespike? Really? :ajbemused:

Anyway, the story has been off to a creative start so far and I hope to see more soon.

This... this right here. Dear god, continue this story. Everything was perfect! Five stars from me!

This chapter is really nice. The way you've written Gem stands out to me in particular, she has a unique personality. Some may expect her to be even more prissy from her sophisticated upbringing but you pleasantly surprised me. :twilightsmile:

3578821 Well, you'll be glad to know the next chapter centers on her.:raritywink:

Hurrah for friendshipping.

Love it all now imagine a game where they have to do everything today at the same time

And you blow me away with another chapter. This have my favourite story right now.

Oh, this was a great chapter. The Tri-Pies are my favouites right now. I love them so~

First, I cringed when Flash was set to marry Twilight. Or they were engaged. Second, this was a fantastic chapter. Having Gen have dyslexia is probably one of the most original and, in this case, most well written character traits I have seen thus far. It is unfortunate, though, that she cannot take the drugs that can help with her disability. My sister had dyslexia, and she took pills to help correct it. So far, they have worked.

Anyway, great chapter.

The Tri-Pies poked their heads in the pond.
"Gemstone?" they called, their voices altered by the water.

"Gemstone!" Screwball hollered as she pierced her head through the trunk of a tree.

"Gemstone?" said Discord as he peeked under a pebble.

:ajbemused: Why am I somehow expecting this?

Twilight started her search in the library.
"Gemstone!" she called, digging under her piles of books.

:ajsleepy: Twilight! Not you, too!

I enjoyed it! They only thing I didn't like is I'm homeschooled, and it's fun! Better than regular school! Although I understand she'd like to stay with her friends. :twilightsmile:

3596876 I didn't say it was bad. It's just not for everyone.

"Then how did you become so rich if you did bad in school?"
"For starters, honey, I was already rich."

Fancy Pants tells us how to be successful in life.

Part of this was inspired by an episode of Arthur

So you've gone from basing plots off of Disney movies to basing them off of Arthur episodes? Eh, why not? :twilightsmile:

Twilight agreed to tutor Gemstone and help her with all homework involving reading and writing.

Because princesses don't have anything else to do. Unless she really is the princess of books...

The one thing that really bothers me about this chapter is that it seems odd that no one had figured out that she couldn't read before this. I could see it happening if her parents didn't care about her schoolwork, but that clearly isn't the case.

There are also rather adverse effects involved with homeschooling. One of them is sociability. This isn't common in everyone, but homeschooled children lack the social skills a normal person would.


This is my second year. And I've made a lot of friends while homeschooling! :twilightsmile:

Indeed, and I've been acquainted with kids who were homeschooled. And you really shouldn't label people as "not normal." I mean what is normal anyway?:derpytongue2:


I find there's no difference between my two groups of friends. Some of them even know each other! :rainbowlaugh:

Discord, Fluttershy and Screwball?

um where is mothball he still lives with them right why didn't he look for gem too?


This isn't common in everyone


This is fantastic. I loved the whole story, but your dialogue was just spot-on. You've earned yourself another follower! Can't wait to see more!

Pumpkins like "wait you forgot your milkshakes! "

FINALLY I get to see Screw-and-Moth-Ball combo!
*even if it was just a cameo*
I was wondering when they're gonna show up.

Hehe, Screw-and-Moth-Ball.

3615540 No, there was a line break, meaning time had passed.

whats Bitsie and Vanilla based on?

3618309 Oh, they're based on [COPYRIGHT] comics!
Oops. I mean [COPYRIGHT]
They're just really popular comics we're not allowed to write fanfics about.

type it like this...

I support red shoes losing his :derpyderp2::ajbemused::moustache::twilightblush: mind by hearing news of pinkie being pregnant again. give them a son that can break the 4th wall, that's just my thoughts though

if you're curious, yeah I'm KdaAnimefan from youtube :B

"I'm willing to give you a second chance it you'll give me one."

I think you mean if

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