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well it has been a wile... · 11:03pm Jul 14th, 2013

i wasn´t expecting this just afew hours ago a fellow brony posted on my userpage that he wanted to see more (or in this case read more) of a story that i haven´t touched in years i´m not going to lie i am going to eliminate the story to start a new one from scratch i don´t know what i am going to make it about i just know that it will be a displaced story, not a conventional one but still a displaced story

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2421527 I've actually been looking for an artist to help with that, but no luck so far. I'll post a blog when I have anything to show.

2421512 not a problem i actually likes it very much but iwould like to have an imge of jekyll of how he looks normaly to have an idea of how he look... wow i was very redundant back there

Thanks for the favorite on "Monster is as Monster does"

Thanks for sticking with me and favoring Dusk Shine Rising. Just a few more introductory chapters and the actual story will be ready to start.


Applejacked is all roughed out. Finished. Nine parts altogether. How long it takes for the next part to get done will depend on the reaction to this introduction.

I was actually motivated by Fall to try my hand at creating a world with sex slavery, but with a lighter tone, and with characters who choose to enter into slavery for what they think are good reasons. Don't see any reason why the characters in a sex slave relationship can't also have affection and love for their partners.

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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