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This story is a sequel to Hey Batty, Batty

It's been a great 3 years with your girlfriend but when someone you not taking a liking gets involved in your relationship you slowly start to get fed up.
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[Second Person]
[You X Dash]

After spending most of your life doing to same routine over and over again you felt like you needed a change so you bought a ticket to Ponyville. What will happen?

This is the rewrite of my story Your Little Adventure because I felt like doing it because the original felt like it was to fast paced

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[Second Person]
As you were running away from some thugs you end up breaking your leg and passing out in the streets. When you wake up you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. You also find that the thing that saved you was a Bat Pony. What will happen as your leg heals.



A/N: WHAT! My first 200 likes on a story?! that awesome, cheers everyone

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[2nd Person]
You're just a homeless 6 year old who has no family. But all that changes when a pink party mare takes you in to a ginger bread barkery shop.

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The sequel to Your Little Adventure
[2nd Person]
After you left ponyville 3 weeks ago you return back to your home in Fillydelphia. After another normal you get an unexpected visitor. Now you're faced with the decision whether or not to go back

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I'm doing this story because I'm SO original. release your hatred upon me

[2nd person]
You get into this fancy new college (surprise surprise) and a friend of the family is the headmaster, but that doesn't get you any special treatment. You're roommates with Lyra (It's not rainbow dash WHAT THE FILLY IS GOING ON HERE) shes the headmasters daughter and was one of your childhood best friends. You meet some new and interesting people .

You're not very good at reading girls

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Grammer and spelling mistakes are in this story, You want any explanation go to This chapter

[2nd person]
You were getting tired of living the same old routine and living in a big city. You decide to move to a whole new place. What lies in store for you there?

Your Name is StarGazer

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