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Suggestions for S.W.A.C · 10:21pm Apr 12th, 2019

I’m curious to know, what would you guys like to see more of when it comes to this giantess fetish story?
Cause Speculore and I have been having trouble on what else we could do, so some suggestions could do some good.


I need O.C · 10:49pm Mar 8th, 2018

So I’m gonna need some characters for a flash back scene that’s coming for the next chapter.

If anyone would like to suggest one or a few then please drop down in the comments or D.M me about there information.

And please no over powered O.C’s. I mean it’s fine to have one but I wouldn’t make any sense storyline wise... granted I’d just take away there powers anyway... but you know It would make life a little easier at least


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Ask Me Stuff · 9:01pm Jul 17th, 2015

I'm kinda bored and got nothing to do. So why not do a little Q and A!!! you can ask me ANYTHING! and I mean ANYTHING! ASK AWAY!

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IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! · 4:07pm Aug 29th, 2014

Story update
I've started of the first chapter of Hey, Hey Batty 2 and I'm now letting you know that I am writing it and halfway through it WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT!!!

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Something Different · 3:52pm Jun 28th, 2014

So here something fun and new I'm working on a new story. But the thing is that It won't be told in Second Person it will be done in First Person (Hence the title of the blog) I'm not gonna give anything away that the moment.

But I am going to need and editor for this upcoming story, so If you want to be the editor shoot me up.


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ASK ME STUFF! · 5:12pm May 6th, 2014

I'm board and I want to answer some questions. SO FIRE AWAY DON'T HOLD BACK!!!
also feel free to ask more then one question

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UPDATE!! · 6:04pm Mar 24th, 2014

Yeah so I know that I haven't been updating much on my stories. That's only because college is getting me to do a whole bunch of shit. So yeah there probably won't be any chapters coming out anytime soon.

I beg for your forgiveness and I hope your not too mad at me


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Stuff Regarding Your Little Adventure Re-Write · 1:17pm Jan 12th, 2014

Yeah so I said late last year that I've finished the first chapter of the story and it's all edited. I know that 10 days ago it's been a whole year since the story was uploaded. Now I'm not going to make some bullshit excuse on why I haven't posted it yet and here is the reason. I just can't be bothered.

But here a question I need to ask.

Do any of you want to re-write to be published. If you don't then I won't. If you do then I'll publish it as soon as I can


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WTF!! · 6:16pm Jan 7th, 2014

I was gone for 22 hours and I come back to this??

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New Story Plan · 5:27pm Dec 26th, 2013

So I got this new story planned. but this time it's going to be an 2nd person romantic anthro high school story. It's set in Cloudsdale who you can probably guess whose going to be in it ;). But Rainbow Dash and Gilda are going to cause some trouble for you because your the new kid and somehow managed to get on there bedside.

I haven't deiced who 'you' are going to fall in love with yet so I'm going to let you decide.

Chose here ---> http://poll.pollcode.com/4725938

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