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Sequel to: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record

Time has passed, and Rainbow Dash has finally gotten her hooves on a spell to free Alex from his stone imprisonment, through her work as a Captain of the Royal Guard.

During that time, she's made enemies, and she's made mistakes that she only hopes she can be forgiven for. But, Finally, she gotten a lucky break, and finds the spell she can use to bring Alex back to them.

Now she's ready to resume her old life, no matter what is thrown at her... But, things always tend to get complicated, don't they?

Cover art by: JinZhan. I commissioned this, and am REALLY happy with it.
Also, there is a tiny bit of editing still to be done, but that's coming.

Chapters (2)
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Got this copied into LibreOffice. Will read later.

BRAVO~! BRAVO~! this has touched me in very inappropriate ways.

"she was able to simply able"
Get rid of the second able.

"He was clad in nothing but a golden suit of armor that was built to shape his build"

Hoof plural: hooves

"Dash wasn’t totally sure what the meant,"
I changed the to that.

"The two simply looked up from their places next to each other on the floor, enjoying the way the roof was decorated with consolations, planets, and nebulas."
constellations and nebulae

Gskar #4 · Oct 19th, 2013 · · 1 · Return ·

Boy am i happy i stayed up late to read this :pinkiehappy: Just read it
a second time just for the epicniss :rainbowkiss:. Keep up the awesome work dude and looking
forward to more of your stories and updates.

I have read other stories on this site and a lot of books, and yet this one had my emotions in constant flux, from happy to sad to shock to depression to anger and to relief.

Oh and by the way....

WHAT?!!!!!! Alex was- :pinkiegasp:

I look forward to more :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by ZombieMan deleted Oct 19th, 2013

So wait... ENDING ON A CLIFFHANGER?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! Still fav'd though :pinkiehappy: Plz continue this... It's all that really makes me excited nowadays.

Dat image O.O. I cannot stop looking at it... Will read later :D
EDIT: Holy crap, 26.000 words.


Good huh? I was blown away by it when he showed me the finished product.

3370176 I am literally trying to start reading. But I can't close this DAMN IMAGE TAB.


Sorta makes me fall in love with her a bit.

3370183 Now, now. Don't go stealing your main character's newly "acquired" girlfriend. How rude


I could just write a breakup... But i guess i kinda did already.

Not a Self insert, I'm a horrible person in real life!

You'd have to change that then. And show us how horrible you are IRL (If you actually write a breakup it'd be enough, don't worry)


I have too many plans to break them up. So i'll just have to leave her with him.


3370234 Actually reading now. I'll yell at you when I'm finished

Will we see a continuation of this since you ended on a cliffhanger? Does Alex get back together with Rainbow? Do they have an epic fight with the changelings?

3370234 I am midway throught this story. I hate you so much right now

3370234 Correction. I don't hate you.
Please kill yourself. KTHXBAI
EDIT: You really are a horrible person :/

Excellent start. Like I said earlier, I have this in LibreOffice as the start of volume 2. Looking forward to more OTR.

Just one question though: Was it Alex as Speed?

Luna is best pony in this story lol

But my god man, what the hell i did not see that coming, i mean my lord you are like the twistiest of twisty twisted writers (twistedspectrum doesn't count lol) my brain was on a merry go round when that little alpha is alex thing popped up.

Question though, Alex AKA alpha X chrysalis? oh fuck no that would never work


And this is the part where I yell.

Toss Spike in the way!

Is this Friendship is witchcraft now?

fester into a brain tumor or

Dude. That is not how you spell Windows 8, at all

So, it got tossed in a bucket in her office.

Raise palm. Apply face. I actually did that.

I must say, the first time I saw the armor guy, I though: "Man, he must be either Alex or Dax"

WHO THE FUCK CALLS HER SON SPEED?! IT IS THE NAME OF A DRUG, FFS!! Freaking unoriginal authors, before you know it they throw something at you like "Rarity Belle"... Grumble grumble grumble

Dash wasn’t totally sure what the meant,

What the meant?

God dammit, I saw the image again. How do I disable this??


pop out a few kids

Dat mental image/scar.

that a raised myself

Is twilight southern now?

You killed him, Alex

Awkward moment is awkward

My thought when reading: "Why would Alex be so mad? This isn't like him! What? What? ... WHAT THE... He kissed Twi? No Noooo Noooo. Nooooo. Nooo. ... .... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Oh, wait... :

I’m not going to tell her, Alex. Because you are

That was brilliant." You have to imagine me, alone at home, being 3am, yelling things like: "NO!" "Oh god why" and "FUCKING BRILLIANT" (True story)



“Right here!” He said, somewhat anticlimactically, pointing to the pony beside him.

Greatest thing in the history of ever

You’re right. I was joking.

And no fucks were given that day

Talk to a rock about it

Wooooahhh... OWND!

And then he says he wants time alone. At this point, the paper where I was taking note got a huge "WHAT" written in it, along with a few insults, and I woke up my sister.

And in this case, it was to march on Equestria, the single most love-filled place on the planet, and take it over

Because everyone knows, the best way to gain love is through Stockholm Syndrome.

to be easily exited

I'm not even gonna think too much about that one (excited?*)


Light over Everfree: Nothing could possibly go wrong

Funny thing, I am Spanish and know quite a lot of Martinez...s

Was that racist?

And that is how I lost my teeth

During the immense plot-twist at the end my brain entered meltdown and my note taking paper became a lot of senseless scribbles. But something along the lines of "WTF IS THIS OMG I CANNOT BELEIVE YOU SAVED IT HOLY CRAP WHAT AN EXCUSE FOR A PLOT DID I JUST SAY THAT I THINK I DID WTF JUST HAPPENED OMG..."

“Bro…” Alex said softly, stifling a smirk, “True love.”

Do you even love?

tell my sister that it was I who saved us?

The next morning... "Huzzah! I saved Canterlot from a changeling invasion while you slept!" "Of course, Luna. Of course."

WELL. That was amazing.Congrats. I cannot say anything else. Keep up the great work aaaaaaandddd... change the image. Too distracting. (Disclaimer: I don't hate you anymore. You saved the day)

So...was speed actually alex...you know but with an invisibility spell on his horn?

Awesome. Simply awesome.

Congrats on this getting featured so quickly.


It's been up for hours actually. I'm pretty happy about it.


In comparison to other stories, which are usually up for a lot longer before getting featured. Still, congrats.

Jesus Christ that cover image
my heart


It was well worth the money, that is for sure.

I fucking love that plot twist.:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:
Good job my man!Good fucking job.:ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by KingThunder01 deleted Oct 20th, 2013

:pinkiehappy: OMG man im so excetd for read this.......................................... starting reading...... NOW!:pinkiecrazy:

Seems good I'll read it later

Edit: actually i was 100% right at the start cause of the use of the nickname but then i lost what i was thinking about

How? Just... How? How are you able to be give us that big of a mind fuck all the damn time?:pinkiegasp:
I mean I still remember the switch between Dax and Alex in Haven Station but still! Now you have Alex turn out to be some type of... secret indoctrinated general for the Changeling army?:rainbowhuh:
Bravo man, just... bravo is something I'll say right now. I can't wait for more to come. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

So...that's it then? Rainbow and Alex are over?

Look, nobody can blame Alex. He has every right to be upset. The fact is, the Mane Six don't seem to be taking his feelings into account. I understand Rainbow is heartbroken but just because it was one "lapse in judgment" doesn't mean he should instantly forgive her unfaithfulness. Something will need to happen that will really put them together. Unless you've decided that they are over permanently.


...did you finish the chapter?

3371833 I've been rereading it to make sure I hadn't missed something and now my brain's fried. I can see that Alex and that changeling had switched places but...what about the whole Speed thing? Did Rainbow Dash still sleep with some other pony or what?

This was great, but very confusing at some points. I understand that they switched places, but how?

That was a tottally mindfuckk!!!! But it wouldnt end here right? Because i wanted to know more abaout waht will happen between alex and dash.... And that explain everything why alex frustated the plan of rainbow and the lart of alpha not givving any affection for rainbow and kiss twi THIS WAS A mazin chapter!!


The changelings had the ability to free Alex all along, and they did it about 18 or so months prior. They then replaced him with Alpha in Alex's form, as a way of repenting for his disobedience at Haven Station.

So, Alpha was turned to stone for more than a year, while they used Alex to foil Dash's ability to rescue their own operative, so they could have time to plan an invasion of Canterlot, since the royal wedding had been postponed by the loss of Alex.

Wait don't forget the plot twist. Oh ... never mind I found it.

3371923 I'm with you now. Thanks for clearing that up :)

"“No!” He growled, “This is an invasion! We’re not in some children’s story, where everypony is best friends!”"
The irony here is the absolute best part of this sequence. :twilightsmile:
I am certainly looking forward to more.

lol, this is so much heresy.
still it is moderately entertaining.

It was good, but all of my what towards the end. So much mindfuck... You seem to like doing that.

I can't remember the beginning.
My brain is now full of fuck.

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