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Plain and simple Brony. (Loves Ding Dongs. (The chocolate kind(Not the weiner kind (Unless I'm in a good mood.))))


Side Story of: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record

After starting their mission to bring peace between the Hive and Equestria, the Elements of Harmony and Chrysalis find themselves split in to groups of two inside a world of chaos, with no recollection of how they arrived there. Working together in their groups, everypony must face a unique set of hurdles to overcome.

Working against them, the Hive Zodiac Council, who want nothing more than to control Chrysalis's armies, and take over the world, even if reaching that end means committing regicide.

The world of chaos they're trapped in, however, is not a product of the Hive Council. it was made by two Elements of Harmony, who both lost control of their bodies to chaotic beings within them.

These groups will fight it out for the victory, which one will come out on top?

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Having finally gotten her hands on the Element of Magic, Sunset Shimmer transforms in to a being of powerful magic. And with the brainwashed students of Canterlot High behind her, she won't be stopped by anyone, on her quest to take over Equestria.

Dax just has a few words to say first.

Not canon whatsoever.

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Side Story of: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record

After finding out a horrible secret concerning Rainbow Dash, Alex loses face, and makes the decision to run away back to earth, in hopes of recovering from the pain he had been caused, and so he could catch up with the family he had deserted four years before.

However, while studying to finally finish the high school he had skipped out on, he finds himself being dragged back to that magical pony world, and the pain it now represents to him.

The inner conflict boils down to a tug of war between his feelings, and his duties.

Also, it doesn't help that he has a jackass in his head that won't stop talking.

But, sometimes you need to smile through the pain, and think about the people that need you. Plain and simple.

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Off shoot of: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record.

After several nights filled with horrible dreams, Rarity comes face to face with the dark side of her soul in her sleep, as it attempts to convince her that she is truly a horrible pony on the inside.

During this battle within Rarity, the entity that once controlled Princess Luna takes notice of her momentary weakness, and decides to use the opportunity to seize one of the Elements of Harmony, as to guarantee her safety from being sealed away once again.

However, the overflowing dominance from Rarity and her dark side, starts to crawl into Nightmare's mind, making her question whether or not she should continue with trying to conquer Equestria, or perhaps take a different route.

Cover art here! It was money well spent!


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Sequel to: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record

Time has passed, and Rainbow Dash has finally gotten her hooves on a spell to free Alex from his stone imprisonment, through her work as a Captain of the Royal Guard.

During that time, she's made enemies, and she's made mistakes that she only hopes she can be forgiven for. But, Finally, she gotten a lucky break, and finds the spell she can use to bring Alex back to them.

Now she's ready to resume her old life, no matter what is thrown at her... But, things always tend to get complicated, don't they?

Cover art by: JinZhan. I commissioned this, and am REALLY happy with it.
Also, there is a tiny bit of editing still to be done, but that's coming.

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Off shoot of: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record.

Alex and Spike, along with the Mane 6, are sent to a new, luxurious resort, named 'Haven Station,' under the pretense of enjoying a relaxing week off.

Unfortunately, things aren't quite what they seem, when everypony suddenly vanishes, leaving Alex in a dire situation.

Not knowing who he can trust, Alex, has to cut a deal with the pony he hoped he'd never have to work with, in order to save his friends.

Will they work together and save everypony? Or will the rivalry between Alex and himself, spell doom for the Elements of Harmony?

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Going back in time, The Doctor takes his companions to the early years of Princess Luna, and Celestia.

On the way, they see the defeat of Discord, The destruction of the Crystal Kingdom, and the eventual transformation of Luna, into Nightmare Moon. All the while, they're searching for the answers to the Elements of Chaos, and the role that they played in these events.

And in the end, everypony will see the Princesses in a new light.

Offshoot of: Off The Record


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Off shoot of: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record.

Alex is teleported 3 months in to the future, where he finds that winter has passed, and Rainbow Dash is gone.
Now, he and Spike must set out to Manehattan in an effort to make things go back to the way they used to be.

On the way, they meet all sorts of new ponies. From a cheeky butler, to a creepy middle aged pony named Cuddly.

Can they catch the Rainbow before they run out of time?

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[General Description At the Bottom]

Omnipotence was truly… Beautiful. But the 'holier-than-thou,' attitude sorta ruined it for him.

“Tell me,” She asked, her tone nothing but condescending, as she leaned toward the face of the entrapped pony in front of her, “You think yourself important?”

“Important?” Alex asked, scratching his chin as best he could inside the levitation spell that held him in place, “Maybe?”

“Truly an impressive answer,” She scoffed, an ugly scowl plastered across her face, “You assume, that slightly altering the chain of events in a universe, could ever make you worth something? Pathetic.”

“That hurts!” Alex half-grinned, feigning shock to her, “Between the time travel, the split personality, and the big wedding, I think I’ve made some sort of impact.”

“You couldn’t be more wrong,” She laughed, squinting lightly at him for just a moment, “Dust in the wind, was it?”

“Great song, but inappropriate use, if you ask me,” Alex smiled, unsure if her prodding through the events in his head was something he should praise her for, “But, if you’re so sure that I lack importance, you need to start from the beginning. Not when you showed up last week. Not when Scootaloo and her friends saved Equestria. Not when King Sombra was turned to dust in front of his old subjects... Not even when Discord was freed from his stone imprisonment, and tried to take over Equestria again. The very beginning. Nightmare Moon, and the return of Princess Luna.”

She gave him a sick smile, entertaining the idea. Perhaps it would be interesting to see things from such a... puny perspective. To see the series of events unfold. Of course, it could also be a waste of her time…

“Fine.” She said, slowly placing him on the ground, and resting her horn against his, “Let’s start from the beginning.”

“Get ready sweet heart,” Alex said, licking his lips and winking at her, as she closed her eyes and focused deeply, “It’s one heck of a trip.”


Basically, a guy goes to Equestria to episode 1 of the series, and he changes the whole playout of the series, adding a bunch of side stories and different paths for some characters to take.

And, he's an alicorn OC.

Yeah yeah, I get it.

Off you run and cry about it. I've heard about it twelve million times. Literally. Not Hyperbolically.

If you insist on calling him a Gary Stu, and a self-insert, I'll assume you're flirting with me, and calling me perfect, since a Gary Stu tends to have no flaws .

So unless you plan on taking me out, and maybe getting some wine in me, don't go calling me perfect.



Cover art was done by Famosity! Here is a link:


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