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I just wanna do a thing, make it cool, and get better at it. Input, critical and otherwise, is always appreciated.

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When a memento is the past presents itself, Spike finds himself reflecting on what once was. And how it lead him to now.

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Chrysalis hadn't expected her Canterlot wedding to be interrupted, but she could handle that. She is after all a powerful, cunning, and well fed Queen of a changeling hive. Her plans were too perfect and too far along to fall apart because of one small hitch in the script.

Or so she thought.

She really hadn't expected the second interruption. It made things a little awkward.

A.N.- Special thanks to Thebes for prereading.
Edit- Featured 07/19/2021 Woo hoo! Thanks everyone.:pinkiehappy:

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A surprise visit from Twilight prompts a conversation about Celestia's unusually long life, and the implications for the young Alicorn.

But immortality comes at a cost, and no immortal would wish it upon another.

6/15/2019: Oh my goodness. Featured. :yay: Thanks all!

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A collection of short stories written during various writing competitions. The contents of stories are varied.
Note: Any and all constructive critiques are appreciated

Alive and Wubbing It - Random, Comedy
Between Adventures - Slice of life
Futility - Dark, Alternate Universe
Gone Fishing - Comedy
On Your Wavelength - Comedy

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