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This story is a sequel to Chrysalis Comes for Nightmare Night (Featuring Fluffle Puff)

After their return from Ponyville, Chrysalis just wants to relax and enjoy the company of her fluffy little pet. Of course, she soon realizes she won't be alone in that department since Big Sis has dropped by for a visit.

Featuring characters from FluffyMixer's Fluffle Puff Tales.

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Snrk. Hahah, pink bedchambers.

Nice fic. And Marksaline generally seems to treat Chryssie as family, or a younger sister she loves to tease and creep out.

Awesome! So squeal for this one?

1000 word chapter. 900 words total?

This should be interesting...

Gets better and better. I'm going to enjoy the fear Marksaline will bring. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for letting this chapter get enough attention to become a popular story.

hhhhhmmmmmmmmmm think this should be slightly longer, even if it is supposed to be like small episodes.

Not bad, the first one was my favourite and I still try to decide if I like the second or the third one more.

7656725 nonono those are downloads

Bout time Marksaline gets in a fic.

now i want to know what happens on canterlot :D

This could have been another chapter of the first story Oo

“My Queen! My Queen!” a generic changeling drone buzzed over in front of its queen. It bowed before her.

Huh. Now that's kinda racist lol
I bet it's Steve. The best changeling

I like it. Also, sequel would be nice.

Hopefully not Necromorphs.

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