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This story is a sequel to Mane 6 Meets the Queen’s Pet

It's Nightmare Night and the whole of Ponyville is out having fun. However, Chrysalis decides to show up with her pet Fluffle Puff. What kind of mischief will they be up to tonight? Can the Mane 6 stop them? Why am I asking these questions? Please, read and enjoy yourself.

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:moustache: So she got away in a cloud of pink dryer lint?
:pinkiehappy: Like a cotten candy storm!
:fluttercry: It was so so... frightening !
:ajbemused: darn bug got away carrying a bald pink whatever
:duck: Lucky you had been spaired Spikey, the sight of a bald pony was so uncouth.
:twilightoops: but ponies are naked anyways
:raritystarry: It was more then naked it was quite rude exploded lint all over my outfit!
:moustache: I miss all the fun!:facehoof:


Don't worry. Fluffle's fur grows right back.

7648283 Everybody loves Fluffle Puff!

:rainbowhuh: Dancing on Rainbows? I don't think so...:pinkiehappy:

Cool a sequel! Can you make another one in which Celestia and Luna meet with Chrysalis and Fluffle? I can picture Fluffle makes a speech infront of a large crowd of ponies: either nobles, gathering or even an angry mob and with a few Pffts has everyone cheering for her.

Celestia: What do you see in someone like Chrysalis?
Fluffle: Pfft, pfft.
Celestia (Crying): That was beautiful. Such pure love!!

:rainbowlaugh: That's what you get for holding stuff that everyone does for nightmare night against Chryssie, girls.

Bug horse waifu best waifu.


Bug Horse Waifu is best. I mean, Chryssi does need a morality pet. I mean, Fluffle Puff just loves her so much. Chrysalis even sends changelings to get things for Fluffy.

Hey, what if next time Fluffle Puff visits Ponyville again.

That would be funny, maybe she and Chrysalis had a fight or Chrysalis thinks she's at her.

Still would like to see fluffle pffts somehow swaying someone to her side, like when Chrysalis shows up and she calms down a mob.

You could make it a mini-series of Fluffle sending a week there and driving the ponies crazy or just weirding them out.

I can also see Chrysalis who is afraid of losing Fluffle doing a romantic gesture. Like it/s night and raining while Fluffle attends a slumber party at Twilight's castle and Chrysalis is outside wearing a leather jacket and holding a boombox over her head playing the unicorns dancing on rainbows.

The Fimfiction site NEEDS a fluffle puff category or character tag

7654401 It'd be nice, but it'd still be special treatment for what amounts to a famous OC. It just creates precedent for people to lobby for a Little Pip tag, or a Button's Mom tag, or a slenderpony tag, or any (and every) other fan created character tag.

7798583 Maybe if get one of those signature things, and get enough, they could add a tag, like you get 10-20K signatures you could get a custom tag. It'd be a nice thought to get Fluffle Puff tags

This time it fet a bit short at the end, I kind of forgot that it wasn't a bigger story.

too bad it wasn't the marker scare


Tactical fluff incoming


“Ah, gag me! Come on! We got a party!” Rainbow Dash flew in with her friends following HER inside. Twilight was at the table with Starlight. Starlight was dressed as the general of an army and Twilight was dressed as a witch.

General? How fitting.
With those slick medals forming a = on the chest

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